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It says Facebook commenting. Well I can´t see FB comments in theme. Have I missed something?

Can I use Super cache plugin and some SEO plugin with the theme?

I have a lot of Galleries and found this Plugin ( would be blend with your theme ) Do you think it is possible?

Hi. You can have either standard comments or Facebook comments, one of them. About the plugin, we don’t know if it will work.

Do this theme include some shortcodes, just like tab, box…...?

The theme has the following shortcodes: Columns, Button, Simple Tabber, Vertical Tabber, Toggle, Accordion, Info box, Typography (Lists, Divider, Quote..), Contact form, Table.

Very awesome minimalist these, I love it! Are you able to have as many blog pages as you want?

Yes, on any page you can list the latest posts in different view type.

Aha dumb question, the demo obviously answers this :)

a second question, can i change “10 days ago” into for example “20minutes ago”??

Yes, if the post was posted 20 min ago it will say ‘20 mins ago’

awesome, will buy this theme. have you an idea how i can integrate captions at the gallery or slider? i have to add the photographer, because of the copyright

Hi, Cosmothemes..,

- Can the timeline view set as frontpage (homepage) ?

- Is like / unlike feature based on visitor’s IP address ?



- yes, you can have timeline on the front page - and the likes are based on IP and user ID if user is logged ig

okay, thanks for the information ;)

Awesome theme! Was wondering what types of ad sizes are supported with this theme and where? Example, can I use a 728×90 ad size in the logo section (above or below the logo)? And what about 300×250 & 160×600 ad sizes?

Thx, moi06

Hi, you can have ads everywhere in the header, footer and sidebars. And in the content area you can have ads before or after the content.

The height and the width of the ads depend of the container in which it is inserted. And the width can be easily modified .

For example banner from this page:

is inserted in a block that has 7 columns out of 12 –

but if you need a smaller banner you can easily make it 2,3 or 4 columns

I am loving this theme. I have a question. The audio upload is a little odd, is that the only way you can make a post an audio post? The only reason I ask is because this layout is for a club and they have very long mp3 sets, so I am curious as to how that upload would work , because right now I have been waiting over 30 minutes for my audio file to load, it’s 135 mb. I already have the file loaded on my server from before this purchase, but there seems to be no field or option to insert a direct link to the mp3 file without having to upload. If you have any suggestions that would be great.

i understand question still was not addressed, is there a certain size limit to the audio, because when i tried to upload a file from my LOCAL COMPUTER that was 135 mb in size in never resolved, the loading simple just keep spinning. Did you even read my question? If your not sure please let me know. I just need direct answers, this is for a client and audio is a large part of their site.

The file is very big, so it can take a while to upload. The limit for file sizes can be changed from your Wordpress settings, php.ini or the .htaccess file.

ok thanks!

Also, I am suddenly noticing bullets next to the meta info on the individual blog posts page. I havent touch any css or core files within the code so I am not sure why that is happening.

Well, I re-installed the zip file and the bullet is gone. It may have had something to to do with the imported files. I don’t know. I still need an answer to my audio upload question. Thanks


does this theme allow child themes?


Hi. We haven’t tested it, can’t tell if will work.

Can you let me know? The reason I ask is because if you do updates I don’t want to lose all my CSS customizations. Thanks

Awesome theme!

It may prove challenging to someone looking for an out-of-the-box theme. However for those wanting full control of all elements, and willing to take the time to read/explore the details to get that control, this theme is fantastic! So many possibilities!

Thank you @sweatypits

I would love to purchase this theme, but for some reason, it won’t accept any of my cards/accounts on my paypal. Any ideas?

Try to deposit some founds on your account. There is a option to use Moneybookers

The added color theme is so much yummy now, make it even better. A transparent image when hover over post maybe better.

You can check this similar theme site, some of their design is very good chinasmack[dot]com

Thank you :)

All I have to say is Wow.. This theme is ridiculous awesome.. Between the template creator, sidebar manager, revolution slider, and the minimalist design, this is one of the most enjoyable template I have used! Can I give it 6 stars?? Great Job!

Thanks a lot!

Hi there!

How easy is it to remove / hide the dates from all the posts?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. You’ll need to edit the files, as only the date can not be removed from a setting.

Great Design!

I noticed there is only import data for the light and dark versions of the theme. Is the import data available for the colored version of the theme anywhere?

Thank you.
Here is a zip file with the XML and the import file for the colored version

The only things i am missing is built in reviews and rich snippets support. However, i think i have to buy it. Great work.

That one is the featured image shown, you can insert more in the post content, or by using our gallery