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Love this theme. It’s the closest thing to what I’ve been looking for. I’ve a few silly questions. 1. In Category view, is it possible to add a LIKE option (say, with a heart icon) to the meta where the date/category are displayed? 2. On individual posts, there’s a “LOVE IT” option. Is the text fixed or is it customisable? Can I also add an icon? 3. What kind of font options do I have? 4. Can I choose to DL my preferred social plugins instead of those in template? 5. Where the word “NEW” is on the top-right-hand corner of some boxes, is that a default function for new posts? Or can I change it to suit my purpose? Like “advertisement”, for instance? 6. Height of main header and slider — adjustable?

Thanks for your patience! Hear from you soon!


1. By default, it doesn’t have likes in the general views, only in single posts.
2. The text can be changed from theme settings . The icon needs some code work.
3. It uses “Helvetica”,Helvetica,”Helvetica Neue”,Arial,sans-serif, other fonts will require to be added from css.
4. You can disable the social sharing option included in the theme, and use your custom one (we don’t know wher ethey will show up, depends on plugin).
5. That is a label used for new posts, this feature allows to mark posts as NEW, and a expire time after they are set as default, the time and the label can be changed in settings
6. You can add empty space, or other elements, and the header will become bigger . For the slider, please check their documentation

Couple of quick questions;

1. Can I add next/previous buttons on the post page, as per your previous themes? 2. Is the revolution slider included in the theme package? 3. It is possible to add a user avatar but can this be used anywhere? Like showing it on posts or profile page?


1. The next/previous buttons are not present, you’ll need to add them.
2. Yes, the slider is included.
3. The user can add his avatar from front end settings page

To dig a little further…

1. Would these be an easy addition? If I was to look at the code from the Diggity theme (which I have) would it be similar? 2. Thanks 3. I know where the user can add their avatar, but where is it actually shown? I have not seen it on any posts, profile pages etc.

Thanks again

Best Theme EVER. PERIOD. :delicious:

Thanks a lot! Please don’t forget to rate it :)

I’m trying to generate the portfolio category menu as in your demo (portfolio items sorted by category) but can’t figure out how to apply a background colours – black for active, grey for inactive – to the category names.

Hello i try to install your theme and all pages , categories and posts are 404 not found. I had changed the permalinks to / category / postname / before. I tried to default without permalinks the same problem , 404. Please tell me what to do. In this domain i try to fix your theme


I see that it is working now. Can you tell us what was the problem ?

it works but without permalinks untill now :)

All are ok now. Nice theme!!!


Your sen mail this themes demo packet link to my mail adress pls.. ?

Hi. I didn’t understand your question, can you please repeat it? Thanks :)

I really love this theme—in fact all of your work is great. Ive purchased 4 of your other themes already :)

But I really like and want this one – Do you think it would be a large effort on my part to modify the single post layout? I really like, and its perfect for me, is the portfolio single item details layout – where the image/video or media is on left and then content is to the right (or vise versus left) – my articles have to do with the image when posted and its nice to have them side by side—:) Thanks and again good work!

Hi. It will need some work to be done in the files to change some of the layout for posts.
Thank you for your support

I have a similar problem with above comment.

1. I have a video site, the single post should have the video in the center position without sidebar. Can i do that ?

2. Can i show sidebar on blog archive and turn off sidebar in single post ?

1. You can make the post layout to be full width, so the video will look like this
2. Yes, like I did in the screenshot from answer nr. 1, and blog has another (individual) layout.

How to remove top menu when I delete it fills automatically with, home, concert, news,.

I dont need a top menu

Please remove the Top menu item from the template header

Can you explain to me what the “hot” posts are. There is zero info about it in your help file. When I tried to put the featured posts widget in the sidebar I just got this message saying , “Sorry, no hot posts found”. This site has dozens of posts and has been online for a few months. So I am wondering as to how it’s generated. Thanks

GREAT THEME, WOW!! Curious, as mobile/iphone view BIG deal for Me, any chance in updates maybe a Smooth Drop down Menu(s) could be designed/coded into (instead of the ol ‘Pop Out Bar’) Would SO compliment the rest of the gorgeous fluidity of your theme #winWIN THANKS -Sterling

Hi, we will think about that, but can’t promise anything at the moment. Thank you.


I just bought this theme and testing now and I can not upload the slide images to rev-slider. When I click “NEW SLIDE”, the pop up window(wordpress default media pop up window) does not working. And I change the theme to WP default theme, it works fine.

It seems that there is some bugs between your theme and Wordpress popup window.(I am not sure because I am not pro.)

Anyway need your help! Thanks.

Strange issue, Can you check the error log to see what could cause this? Check with the plugins disabled.

I am so lost! I read the documentation for hours. Your theme is beautiful. I created a template, layout. How do I get content on a page. So frustrated. Is there a video I can watch?

HI, there are no video tutorials for this theme, but you can check this videos: , they are for another theme but the template builder is quite similar (some elements may be different). If still will have difficulties let us know what exactly you are trying to do and we will help you.


Thank you for this amazing theme, it’s exactly the style i was looking for. Regardless i have one question: How can i disable comments on a page? It’s driving me nuts.

Hi, you can check this video:

Thank you.

Thanks a million.

Quite possibly the best template in terms of creativity and most of all, customization I have ever seen!! Worth it 100%

Thanks man. Can you do us a favor and rate it ? ;)

I did :) 5 stars

For the LIGHT AFTERNIGHT (the one in the middle embedded in the white tablet). I noticed all images are black and white, and I love that effect. However, did you use black and white images to create this layout or the theme converts colored images used to the black and white ones. All I am asking is for the LIGHT AFTERNIGHT can we mix b&w and colored images. BTW very nice stylish theme. Thanks, Anna :)

Hi, we used black and white image, the theme does not change the color of the images.

Hi, I was wondering if this theme can filter blog posts by category? Is it possible to create a page of blog posts for only a specific category? I am looking for something where I can keep 3 different categories of posts on separate pages. Thank you :)

Hello. You can easily do that with Atfernight.

Thank you

I have several questions to ask

1. How can we change the color of the Menu? I could change only sticky menu but not main menu (default color of the menu is white, i would prefer to use white background but couldn’t)

2. What is your preference for featured image size? since I need to look organised as your

3. check my once you click at the ”...” at the bottom of page to continue to see more posts, they didn’t show up. What should I do?

Please kindlt response

I’m sorry, another question.

Whenever i make a portfolio post and choose the Video Template, add the url of a video, the theme automatically replaces my featured image with a screenshot of the added video, which doesn’t look good.

You had a custom featured image on a video / portfolio post in your theme demo. if you could tell me how i can do this, i would really appreciate it.

edit: It’s the 5th post on here:

How can i do this?

Hi, this is a bug for video posts. We will try to fix it. But a workaround will be to set featured image and not update the post after that. And if you’ll have to edit again the post after that , after saving the post set featured image again.

Thank you.


I had deactivate all the plugins but media popup for rev-slide upload does not working. It looks like AJAX conflict. But not sure. I will test few more things and let you know.


Try a fresh, clean WordPress installation (a local one for testing) and check how it behaves.