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After logged in, when I click the button for My Setting, My Profile, My Added posts…...on front log in area, it shows different pages. The page ID is not match.

How can I fix this? Thanks.


Hi, I’m not sure what you exactly mean. But this pages should be different. Make sure the pages assigned here have the correct page template assigned.

Also it will be goo if you can provide the link to your site to see if there is something wrong.

Thank you.

Thank you so much. My setting was wrong. Thanks again!


I’m lost too. I’ve just purchased this theme and want my site to look exactly like the Light Afternight demo (with the slider), but despite having made templates and selecting those templates in the layout menu, I’m still not seeing any changes. I could really use your help. Please respond. Thanks!


HI. If you want the site to look exactly as in the demo then you can import the content and the settings. In the purchased files you’ll find a folder ‘XML + import’ – you can find there the instructions about how to import content and options. If you don’t want to import our content and settings then in order to help you we’ll need some screenshots with what you have and explanations with what you want to have. This way it will be easier to understand what is wrong.

Thank you.

P.S. It is weekend and the respond may be delayed, hope you understand that.

Thanks for your help! I have one more question—-I’m currently getting an error for my Revolution Slider. It says “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias ‘pageslider’ not found.”. I’ve just made a new slider called “ohhi”, but I have no idea where to change the setting so that Revolution Slider uses “ohhi” instead of “pageslider”. Could you please let me know where to do this? Thanks!

Ok, the slideshow is inserted using a shortcode, and because you’ve imported the demo settings you are haveing the same slider name we used in the demo. To change it you have to open the Main template and find this row: . Edit it and change the shortcode:

“Whenever i make a portfolio post and choose the Video Template, add the url of a video, the theme automatically replaces my featured image with a screenshot of the added video, which doesn’t look good.

You had a custom featured image on a video post in your theme demo, (which is displayed before the visitor clicks the play button / image). if you could tell me how i can do this, i would really appreciate it.

It’s the 5th post on here:"

Just wanted to remind you that i still have this problem and didn’t get any support so far. It’s not answered in the theme documentation, neither can i change this with your template builder.

Hi, this is a bug for video posts. We will try to fix it. But a workaround will be to set featured image and not update the post after that. And if you’ll have to edit again the post after that , after saving the post set featured image again. Thank you.

Hi, I have two questions:

1. Are there any slideshows for the home page that have captions with the post title and that are clickable (because I can’t see this in any of the theme showcases)? 2. Can a728×90px banner be placed above the logo/title?


Thanks. Regarding the so-called wallpaper ad, can you please let me know when it is added, as I would want to buy the theme when that is enabled.

Sorry about the banner, you can add ads in the layout, using the template builder, and plate it above/below logo, before post, after post. The width can depend on the width it will have specified in the template builder when using more elements in a row, or with a width of 1140px when stretched to full width

I realize that, I was just wondering about the so called wallpaper ads which are outside the boundaries of the page template itself.

And two more question:

1. Can you display the post title together with the image in the square instead of on rollover, so that image and the title are both visible at the same time?

2. Can Facebook likes and Twitter shares be inserted in post template?


1) If you want to have title visible you can use grid view instead of thumbnails view – Or you can dig into the code and change it.

2) Yes you can enable social sharing and you’ll have this buttons on the post page.

I am hoping there is a solution for this because it’s not really anyone’s fault, but the client just went on a rant because the thumbnails on the blog page are cutting off the top of the image. I tried to explain the image is automatically sized and when you look at the full post you can see the full image perfectly, but he still is insisting on the whole image being shown correctly in the thumbnail. Is this even possible? Thanks . This template is superior and very easy to use.

It is possible, but you’ll have to make some changes in the code. You just have to decide for what view type you want to have resized images instead of cropped and modify the image size or create a new one. After doing all this you’ll have to regenerate the thumbnails , you can use for that regenerate thumbnails plugin.

You can find all the sizes for the thumbnails in \lib\php\image.class.php at the beginning of the file.

The for example if you want to change the size for grid view, you have to look in \lib\php\post.class.php and check function grid_view() In that function you can see that the thumbnail called ‘tlist’ (or if video post – ‘tlist_video’) is used. After finding what thumbnail is used, you go back to image.class.php and change the line that says:

'tlist' => array( 500 , 500 , true ), /* used for list and timeline view - crop */


'tlist' => array( 500 , 9999 , false ), /* used for list, grid and timeline view - resize */

For other views you should do the same thing.

Hope it will help you.

Hi, Nice website BTW… I have purchased it… I have some questions to get sorted out..

1) I need a registration form page for this site… 2) Then, Users can log in & can publish posts, Edit their profiles… 3) Premium Posts are available to those registered members alone…

Any help / plugins / tutorials could be a big fortune for me…

Thank you.
1. The theme has a standard form for login , registration , lost password
2. Front end submission can be enabled from theme settings, so user can submit posts: image posts, video posts, text (standard posts), audio posts, file posts.
3. The “premium” feature requires custom code or plugin. You could try some membership plugins, but might require some configuration anyway, or code optimization to work with the theme.

I’m so sorry to bother you, i understand that you are eventually very busy, so i really do apologize…just one last “thing” please. The site itself is almost done so far..

I license music and sell software instrument solutions for music producers, it’s a small one man business but too big to just use papypal payment buttons for each product, so i needed to integrate a e-commerce solution.

I tried all, wp-ecommerce, woocmmerce and jigoshop, they all cause the same problem on your theme which affects only the product pages and the shop page (the rest works perfectly), i purchased premium support on jigoshop just to find out that it has something to do with “Theme Wrapping” and i should contact the theme developer.

edit: my comment is too long, i’ll contact you via your support forum. :(

Hello and thanks for this great theme. I’ve got a question is it possible to use the “Grid view 3 columns” view with a sidebar and slider? I mean I want to put a sidebar on right side and a slider on top in the “Grid view 3 columns” view.

HI, it is possible to do that.

Thanks a lot for your answer!


I couldn’t find a contact page on the theme. Does this theme have a contact us page…

Yes, there is a shortcode that generates a contact form.


I want to give 5+ Stars to this theme. This is absolutely Top 3 among 100 themes that I have now.

Could you please let me know how can I add/delete/change the custom field(Date, Client,Services…...start, end…...) on Portfolio/Event pages? (Also which file do I need to modify)

I understand that I have to ask this to Wordpress, but it would be highly appreciated if you can give detailed information about this.

HI, email us please at with details about what exactly you want to change and we’ll try to help you.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for your email support. Really appreciate your great support. Your support is 5+ stars too!

Thank you :)

Just got the dashboard note re the update to v0.3. As there is no direct I am assuming it is manual thing; DL new files and UL/FTP to server.

Is there anything special that needs to be done? Just want to confirm that none of templates/layouyts, etc., I have created will be lost with the update.

You have to download the new version from themeforest and replace the old files. You won’t loose any settings.

Any chance you’d consider a fallback for the login? The js doesn’t seem to work on iOS devices, which account for around 40% of my subscribers devices.

Nvm – weird glitch after switching from dark/light – without console open I’m guessing the facebook button was hanging on the light demo

Hey – is this built on Zurbs Foundation?

Hi, yes the theme uses foundation for responsive layout.


Is it possible to have the Responsive Menu look like the theme: Bulteno – Responsive News/Magazine Theme by another author in

We bought FacePress before and really like that, and now seeing Afternight is Responsive which we are planning to buy soon.


Hi. Unfortunately, we can not change the initial design :)

How would I go about adding the event custom post type in the front-end editor? Ideally it would dynamically include the custom fields. Awesome theme – I’m already seeing a ton of possibilities with this as a starting point!

Hi, unfortunately only posts and portfolios can be submitted from front end.

thank you.

About Feature Image 1. Can i change the size of featured image, eg. 500×330 ? 2. Can i turn off featured image on single post ?

Hi. You can change how the image will be resized in lib/php/image.class.php for different cases that are used across the theme.
The featured image shown in single post can be hidden for all posts from theme settings, or individually for each post from its post settings.


We would like to know before purchase the theme, if it is compatible with translation plugins as WPML: We need to translate it to spanish and catalán.

Best regards.

Hi, we didn’t test this plugin, but it should work fine because we implemented localization support in the theme.

Thank you.

ok this sounds simple, but I spent hours trying to figure out where the BREADCRUMBS are. Can you help :)

When editing any template, in the header there is available the ‘Breadcrumbs element’. Make sure you add it in every template.