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Hi guys,

I wonder if you can help:

1) Blog: When I set up the blog page I created a new page called ‘blog’ and in the READING SETTINGS>Static Page>blog. But when I do this the page does not show the layout/template that I customised. The menu and sidebar that I designed in the template does not show up. In other words, the blog page have a list of all the posts but cannot get the design template even after assigning the page to a template.

I struggled to set up the blgo page. Individual blog post have no problem in accepting the template/design. It’s the landing blog page that I cannot set up. Can you shed some lights?

2) Where do I change the text size of the body? I use firebug but can’t seems to get the css to do it.

The theme is really good, but I seems to struggle with the more basics functionality. Thanks in advance.


Hi, 1) Don’t use the READING SETTINGS, leave it to ‘Your latest posts’ Then for your ‘Blog’ page you must assign a template that has ‘Latest posts’ and the view you want –

2) you can add this in custom css settings:

.excerpt p, .entry-content-excerpt { font-size:18px !important; }

It will affect grid/list and single content font size

Thank you


I just bought and installed this theme and I get the following error message when I try to visit my site:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Apache Server at Port 80

Please help ASAP.

Hi, I guess you are not installing the theme correctly. Please follow this instructions:

Thank you

Does this theme have “Follow” the author function like in FacePress theme?

We like the functions for following and see the author’s page style than the regular author archive page.


Hi, unfortunately this theme does not have the follow feature.

Thank you.

Is it just me or there is a problem at changing the menu? I can’t seem to change the default menu even thou i have created new navigation menu..

Make sure the menus you have created are assigned to a location in the theme and enable that type of menu in the template builder

Seems like that is not the issue… I have done these already but eventhou i click to “Save” nothing changes. I also tried to get a grip from “Customize Your Site” button in dashboard but nothing seems to help.. Apart from this problem awesome job thou :)

Hello, great theme.

What would be the process to switch media players to mediaelement js for instance. The media play used in the theme now uses flash, therefore it wont display on some mobiles and pads.

Thank you.

This will require some coding in the theme, you could use it as a plugin (they have one for WordPress). We are also testing it, but doesn’t look very promising, issues with the Chrome browser.

Hi, Great job.

Unfortunately I’m having some problems with the theme.

1. Is there a connection on in the Facebook social settings with Open Graph? Currently I have also the installed and I keep having errors:

Failed posting to Timeline. Error: {message to a member function getImageInfo() on a non-object”,type“


Object at URL ’...’ of type ‘article’ is invalid because it specifies multiple ‘og:url’ values.

2. I have the ‘Load more’ AJAX enabled for my homepage. When I click on the button to load more posts, they don’t always show up or not in full.

3. I’ve uploaded a banner and putted it on my homepage, but on none of my browsers I can’t see the banner, only a blue field with question mark (Safari). If I right click to see the image behind it, it shows the right image. Any idea what happens?

4. On my posts I always want to display the featured image, but in some cases the image shows in a small size (3×3). When I hover the image, I shows the magnifying glass to enlarge the image with Lightbox.

I hope you can help. Thank you. Regards

Sorry, but I have another question for you.

Since Facebook is an important factor in my site… Is it possible to have both wordpress and facebook comments enabled?

Thank you.

By default, you can insert only in the banners the theme has, the theme uses custom functions in some places to show the content, like in lib/php/post.class.php functions

function list_view
function grid_view
function grid_view_thumbnails
function timeline_view
depending on the view type.
For comments you’ll need to make similar changes like here and also enable facebook comments in theme setttings.

The file for comments change is single-content.php

Hi there!! Thanks for this great theme!! I have setup it in few hours and I’m uploading all my stuff now. I have two questions: 1. Can I replace the “Love It” with facebook Like it? I want to have more social results from this feature, not just inside my site. 2. Where can I add more form fields into the contact form?

Found it! It was hiden at “Screen Options” sorry to bother! Soon more questions will come. Thanks again.

One more! Why the slider Isn’t aligned to the main content? I tried different thumb views…

Forget it….!! My slider was wider then the page.. !

Hi, Nice theme! I’m thinking in buying it, and like to know if is possible to change the thumbnails format to rectangular?

Another question is, that in your demo homepage, when I resize the window and return to the full screen window, slider is slightly misaligned with the rest of the page (has less width) ... (Im using iMac 27 and Safari).

The images are resized to 500×500 (if the width is less, they will be kept at what they are).
About the second question, are fixing it, thank you :)

I have purchased this theme thru our company and added in all my content/images so far. I changed a color in the styles.css in the autoinclude folder, uploaded it using ftp and now the Afterdark templates do not work as far as ‘left, center, right’. I have also deleted the images it came with and added my own, not sure if this would have anything to do with the template layout or not. Can you tell me how to fix this?

Hi, I’m not sure what you are trying to do. If you are editing files make sure you know what you are doing. If you break the theme by changing the code, then there is not much we can help you with. Any way i need to see your website in order to understand what’s wrong. And if you need to change any css rules, try to not change the files – use the custom css settimgs

For now if you still didn’t fix it, install the original theme again and see if it works. Then you can add you custom css if you you want as I advised.

I edited one of the css files within the downloadable files, not the custom css settings. Do you have an email I could send the link of the website to?

Hello There.
Pre sale question: For thumbnail on front page, Is it possible for me to use feature image or first post image? Is this theme using timthumb?

Hi, the thumbnails are featured image. We are not using ‘timthumb’ , we are using the default wordpress functionality to do the job.

Hi, 1- I recently install the Afternight, and made some new gallery posts for testing, so I upload same photos. The images appear in the previews, on “my added posts page”, but not inside the posts… The galleries that I upload with the previous theme are Ok, but not the new ones… Probably I’m doing something wrong… I would appreciate if you could give me some help. Site: Post example (images on my added posts but not in post): 2- The post thumbnails have links only on text. Is it possible to have a link to the post in the entire square? Thanks.

I did exactly as explained on the screen… As I already said, the photos added to galleries are shown correctly in “my added posts” thumbnails, so they are there. You can even navigate through the gallery photos with the arrows in the preview thumbnail… Also videos, added to video posts, can be played from the “my added posts” thumbnails, but do not appear inside the video post. Tanks again,

As I writhed on e-mail: About the the photos added to galleries, and videos added to video posts, that are shown correctly in “my added posts” thumbnails, but do not appear inside the gallery, I discover that if I set any featured image, all image appear in the gallery… it’s suppose to be like this isn’t it?

One more: When I upload an image logo, I get only a “?” icon, and no image… Thanks.

I did exactly as explained on the scree, and I get only a “?” icon… Thanks for your patience.

can you email admin credentials at ?

I emailed you the credentials, Tanks.

i understand there is a documentaion pdf … can you post the link …


Great theme! Is it possible to use the Timeline view for the Events page?

Sorry if this has been answered already.

Hi, after the installation of the template my website has become very slow. Use wordpress has become almost impossible (after one click on a function I have to wait about 20 seconds before it opens the desired page) and the loading of web pages requires too time for the user. How can I fix this problem?


Hi. Please check if there are no conflicts with plugins, and if your WordPress installation is not corrupted/broken (might happen after a while, usually because of plugins).

My wordpress installation is clean and i not have installed any plugin. With other templates i don’t have any kind of speed-problems. What i can do? Thanks

Hi again! I setup many posts and now I’m ready to customize it a little more. Can I set a color only to the main body of the post or page? I found how to setup background colors and images, but the post itself is always transparent. There are or will have a away to have rectangular (2 squares width) and square posts in the grid view? I think it will look more organic and not to much a pattern. How can change the height of the menu that appears when we scroll the page down? Which CSS set it? Thanks again!

Love the look of this theme. Before I purchase, is there any way to place a side bar on the homepage?

Yes of course, you can assign sidebar to your layouts. Thank you.

1. On post archive, can i turn off icon of category/type, eg. club life, interview. It is very annoying and wasting space.

2. At the same spot, can i show the love & comment liike your new belief theme ?

Hi. By default you cant, you’ll need to make some tweaks of the code.
The love and comments also will need changes, since the themes are 2 different designs.

hi there, where can I change the “portfolio” slug in the URL to something else? thanks

Looks great but there’s no info on the Home page, just a Portfolio, so it’s no good to me. Great work though.

HI, what you mean there is no info ? We have presented just a few possibilities of what you can do with the theme.

If you can tell us in a few words what you’d like to have on the home page I’ll let you know how this can be achieved.

Thank you