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Hi There, I would like to purchase this theme but i have 2 questions. Can you move the main nav from below the image to above the image? Also can you easily add a carousel of logos horizontally? Thank you.

Give us a shout once you’ve purchased and we’ll help you out.

Actually I am working on a website for a client who has purchased this theme and I am in the process of building it out now.

Support is only available to valid buyers, so you’ll need to get the client to login and request support.


We are running the latest of your theme. There are two (2) things that our web team has not been able to resolve:

1. when the site loads, on the top of the home page a horizontal green bar appears with an ‘X’ on the top right corner.

2. when you click on any of the nav choices, it goes to the correct page, but its not aligning properly … the page title is covered by the graphics.

The URL is:

Thank you.

1. That’s a theme option, turn off the notification bar.

2. That is probably the content.

Hi there,

I would like to find out how to move the nav bar to the top of the page via css. Thank you so much.

To modify the position of the navigation, you need to modify the nav CSS in assets/css/application.css and also assets/js/application.js

What css and jquery in these directories would I need to change in order for the nav to be moved? Thank you.

That is classed as modification, which isn’t covered by Support. Your developer should be able to help you with that.

The magnifying glass for the portfolio items is not showing up. Any support is appreciated. Thank you.

I’ll need to see a live version to check it out.

Hi there,

Here is the live version of the site:

All I see if a square where the magnifying glass should be.

Replace the theme files with those from this ZIP:


Everything is working fine with the theme but I cannot seem to get the contact form to send mail to me.

I have tried gmail, yahoo and website email but nothing comes thru. I have check spam folder and nothing is there as well.

Thank you. Any help is appreciated.

I added the Wordpress plugin Easy WP SMTP and it worked perfect.

Your hosting must not allow WordPress’ default mail then.

I believe that is that case. Thank you for your help.

On the live version of my site:

When you click on the first portfolio item, Fusion, and you go to the details of the project, I see a less than sign to go to the next portfolio piece. I would like to change that to a greater than sign.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Edit the pagination file.

I would like to make the portfolio items open in a new window. What file do I need to modify? Thank you.


how did you achieve the moving menus in the live menu – i thought these were a part of the theme, do you use widgets for this? and the portfolio grids?

if so where do i access+install the widgets?

You need to edit assets/css/typography.css

i’m sorry maybe i was not specific enough: i am starting right from the bottom in terms of making these changes i.e. total n00b. In what section / program / app do i edit “assets/css/typography.css”? i can not find this anywhere…

Ahhh, you may be better hiring a developer then. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may actually break the code when editing which will break the theme.


epicinc Purchased

The captcha that you recommended above does not display on the contact form. Can you recommend another captcha that will reduce the amount of spam that we are getting through the form. Thank you.

Sorry, but it appears your Support package has expired.

Hello, how I can install the contact-form.php?? thanks

Use the contact form shortcode as explained in the Documentation.

Hello, when I imported the sample data the website did not reflect those changes, also it said a bunch of the files failed. Can you help me out? Here is my website after installing sample data.

Ok cool!

The only issue i’m having as of right now is that none of the icons on the site are working, could you please help out with that?