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nice work, gud luck :)

thank you!

Great job, GLWS o7


great work, good luck :)

great job:-)

Great theme! Congrats! GLWS :)

Great theme!

Question please:

can facebook shares/likes be included below posts, can facebook comments be included?

thanks a lot!

Hi there, facebook share/like buttons & facebook comments are currently not included in the theme, but I don’t see why they shouldn’t be an option.

I’ve gotten this request before, so I’ll add some share buttons ( facebook, twitter, pinterest ) and support for facebook comments in the next update.

Shouldn’t take me more than a week ;)

Hi there, just an update on this matter. I’ve included facebook share buttons and facebook commenting in the latest update, it should be ready to download in a couple of days after it goes through the review process :)

For the facebook comments, there will be an option ‘Facebook Application Id’ that you’ll need to fill out to enable the facebook commenting system.

That’s great – Thank you!

is it possible to include a plugin that syncs with my youtube account and includes the latest videos posted there?

Hi there, unfortunately tumblr does not provide this kind of functionality for linking youtube accounts. However, there is a way you can accomplish this, but it’s quite complicated. It requires using a service called “If This Then That”, which you’ll need an account for.

With IFTTT, you can then use this existing ‘recipe’ to link the two accounts: https://ifttt.com/recipes/512-new-videos-you-upload-to-youtube-are-added-to-your-tumblr-blog

Good luck!

Hi there, I have tried adding a youtube link and it says an error has occurred, I have tried various youtube videos and uploaded one myself to youtube….