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Other quick question…On the mobile version the navigation at the top stays on top of all pages. When it scrolls to the portfolio pages, there is no way to continue scrolling..if you do, it engages the lightbox viewer..thoughts on how to address this?

Hey, thanks for the info. We change the bug and make the images smaller (thumbnail) so you have space to scroll! We fix the bug and change the portfolio in the next 12hours and update it. then you can download the new version! thanks, dk

Hey, the portfolio was change for a better scrolling. the update v.1.3 is now available! Thanks. regards, dk

This template is great. Quick question. How do I change the hover images in the portfolio? Thanks!

I mean the ”+” that fades in upon hovering. I can’t find the file in the assets. Thanks again!

Hey, when you select one image in the portfolio (double click, or tribble) ;) you can see on the right in muse the image in 4 styles (normal, rollover, mouse click, active) go to rollover and change the rollover effect (go to „Fill“ (muse menu) -> „Image” and select a image you want put in!) the same you must do in mouse click! hope this help. regards

The tablet template will not scroll. Have you got a fix?

When to click on a navigation button or scroll down the scroll does not work.

do you mean the top “navigation menu” on http://www.newmediaagency.net/tablet when I tried it here it works! we will see if we can find the error!

Yes the top navigation buttons do not work (they are linked to the correct anchor points) and the screen will not scroll. Both the desktop and mobile versions are OK.