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Looks great, good luck with sales!

Hi, thank you!

Nice. Is it possible to display portraits without scrolling too much? I don’t like to scroll to view my images even for landscape. . Cheers !

Hi, thanks! It all depend on the height of your image if its short then you wont have to scroll ;) Cheers!

Is there a pagination or endless scroll feature for the portfolio? If not, would it be easy for one to implement into your theme? Theme looks great, Thanks.

Hi, for now there is an endless scroll but if you purchase the theme I can implement the “Load More” feature for you :)

Looks nice. Good luck with sales!

Thank You!

nice work!


Beautiful theme! I may consider buying & implementing it—a few pre-purchase questions:

How hard is it to mod the front page to display smaller images and make them all square? All my images are square, and I’d like them smaller so I can see more of them.

Could you please take screenshots of any custom pages in the admin area, and then put them in the Screenshots area? This gives me a very good idea of what kinds of tweaking you have built into the theme, vs. what has to be done by hand.

Is there pagination for the portfolio? Or does it simply display every item?

Is there a simple way to convert posts from an older WP site into portfolio items? I hope so. My site is all posts right now (with square featured images which I’d love to get on to the home page of your template).

Can you make the footer display by default? (i.e. not require the user to click +)?

Small comment: it’s a little unintuitive that once you mouseover an item on the front page, the only way to get to the content is to click the little link icon in the lower right. I’m concerned many viewers will click on the header or in the text area, not be taken to the link, and give up right there. Also, on the iPhone, that link button is so tiny it’s almost unclickable (easily).

Thanks! Sorry for so many questions. It’s wonderful…it just isn’t fully explained. :)

Hi, 1. There is an option to set the minimum width of each thumbnail, so if you set it to something like 100px you will end up with small thumbnails ;) The square thumbnails feature will require custom coding – but you will have to change only one line of code and I can do this for you ;) 2. Ok, screen shots coming with an update. 3. It displays every item but I will add the ‘Load More’ feature. 4. The portfolio items are posts but I guess you will have to copy it’s content or digg into the data base. 5. I will add this with the update. 6. I will add the link in a header with the update.

P.S Update will be hopefully today ;)

Wow, huge thanks for the quick, detailed answers and for being so responsive!

One small clarification question: on #4 you confuse me. You say the portfolio items are posts—but then you say I’ll have to copy the content or dig into the database. All of my projects are already WP posts, so I’m not clear why I’d have to copy the content.

What mechanism do you use to pull items for the portfolio? Do posts have to have a specific category or tag in order to show up in the portfolio? (Screenshots of your admin theme might clarify this when you post them.)

Really beautiful work!

Hi the portfolio is made out of posts like blog but those posts are custom posts, you have posts section for blog and portfolio section where you create posts for portfolio. Here is a screenshot how the portfolio section looks and here how a single portfolio post looks I hope this explains the issue ;) If you have any more questions I will be glad to answer.

Nice theme!

But the demosite doesn’t work coppectly under my Opera (the Opera on my computer is the latest version). I cannot push on the links on home-page, and the 3d portfolio sections don’t show the works (only descriptions, and under IE9 too – where are the photos and 3d effect there?) and also cannot open the items by click of mouse-button (under IE it works correctly).

The pre-purchase questions:

1. Does the theme allow some password protection for portfolio-items or galleries?

2. Is there the choice to make header invisible too (exactly as the footer now) in this theme?

3. May I have choose for the photos “fit to height” instead of “fit to width”?

4. Is there the lightbox in this theme for show images “as it is”, without of cropping?

5. If my slideshow contains 100 heavy images (300 kb each), how it preloads into browser? The visitor must wait until the last photo is download into browser, or can start to see photos after downloading some part of them?

Thanks for answers in advance!

3. I not sure what you mean, the portrait image don’t have to be stretched to width, just give it a background.

3. Please, look at here: This kind of ful-screen slideshow or gallery – that is exactly what I mean. I have choice – which kind of header will use, and I also can choose “fit to height or width” my pictures, for each of slideshow or gallery.

Ok, now I know what you mean ;)

Hi There, great Theme. Just One question pre buying: can each kind of page type or The Blog be the front page?

Thanks Tee

Hi Tee, Yes the home page can be create from any page template :)

Sorry, one more question: Language Localization (.po/.mo) works?

Thanks Tee

Good to know! Pls. make sure it works in every corner. I have my (bad) experiences with translations not working. I’d rather wait another day or two. The sun is shining and it is Sunday :-)

Cheers, Tee

One more questions as above: Is there pagination for the portfolio? Or does it simply display every item?

Hi, if anything is wrong I will fix it for you ;) For now there is no “load more” button but I can add it. If you have any idea how would you like it to look please share.

Keep it simple: Either add a simple load more button or an auto loader when the bottom is reached or even better both with a choice :-)

Just make sure that it works on iOS, that’s all.

Cheers, Tee

Great Design !

ps Nic sie nie chwaliles :P


P.S Nie chcialem zapeszyc ;P

Nice design, I like it too. :)

Thank you!

hi i would like to buy it i have tried the theme from a mobile

i cant see from my iphone that there’s a mobile version

you can see the website but no mobile version as you specified

is there’s a mobile version to it


what i mean is that on your print screen you have on the iPhone a small menu which is a mobile menu kind of a drop down

when i go on the website from my iphone i see the main menu as it is on pc version

and not as a mobile device

Hi, I will investigate, which iphone do you own?

i use s4 just go into theme froest into the new theme you made and take a look

Very Nice ! I would buy it but I think it would be better, ergonomically, if each portfolio item opened in a popup/lightbox (over the mosaic) with few pictures and text ? (in fact, like wowway theme)

Hi, sorry but such popup is currently not supported. The goal of this theme to give the content as much space as possible and the popups are small…

Great work as always :)

Thanks ;)

Awesome work mpc!

Thanks ;)

Great job, wish you many many sales with this.

Thank you!


Really nice theme, considering it for my next project.

1) I want to use it including flash movies in posts / projects, instead of images or videos. Is that possible?

2) Is possible to have two icons in post/project: one for opening a lightbox, and the other for going directly to the post/project page (which already exists). ?

3) Is possible in this lightbox (or similar) to open the flash movie and a description?

4) Is possible also the secondary menu (with categories, under logo) to turn a select when there is no space? Exactly as the main menu.

5) Is there a pagination or endless scroll feature for the portfolio? Can we use several projects (more than 200) and several projects categories (more than 20)?

6) Like ddas, I would like to use square thumbnails for posts / projects. Can we reduce size of previews and obtain a proportional image?

7) Can you please provide screenshots of the admin area please?

Thank you!!

Hello mpc,

Gracias :-)

Regarding points 2 and 3.

I need you to explain if you are going to add the lightbox and the second button for me, or will be featured in a future release of your theme.

I’m not interested in customizations that are lost in a upgrade, sorry :)

I suggest a lightbox plugin that supports also iframes and html inline content, like FancyBox, PrettyPhoto or ColorBox. Don’t really know which one is used most in ThemeForest.

Please let me know your conclusions about this. :)

Thank you!!

I will include a light box with this or next update all in the upcoming week ;) I will try to realease it as soon as possible.

Thaankyou!! :-)

This crashes on iPad & the links do not work on safari on the Mac :(

Hi, what do you mean ceashes? I am testong it on ipad right now and it work good the same on safari. Could you specify?

First off, great theme. Almost ready to buy but have a couple comments/questions.

The mobile views crash on iPhone 4 and 4S using the latest OS (safari) as well the iPad. It loads and then whenever you try to scroll on the home page, it locks up…then crashes.

Also, the flipbook view…. how do you get to see this demo? Would be very helpful if there was a QR code for a quick scan on this page. I couldn’t seem to find it. Thanks :)

This issue will be investigated and fix right away dont worey about it, for sure it will be resolved :)

This issue will be investigated and fix right away dont worey about it, for sure it will be resolved :)

Awesome, saw that you uploaded a fix. I will buy soon as the new file is on there. Thanks so much. Excited about the theme.

I am on the new iPad – using safari & atom browser . It starts to load then crashes the browser. I tried it on iPhone 4 and 4s – it loads but when I click portfolio it crashes

Hi this is really strange it does work for me on iphone but as I said the update will be available tomorrow and will fix this problem, you don’t have to worry.