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Hello! I recently bought the theme, but am struggling a little bit.

I find that I can only make posts show up if I make a new page (I am calling it Home), set it to portfolio no flip, and then make posts in my portfolio.

My issue is the wordpress iOS app only lets you make ‘real’ posts, not portfolio posts. Is there any setting I am missing to allow the theme to just use normal posts? When I go to themes->customize and select latest posts, it still doesn’t work and comes up blank. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, We are providing support only through our support forums

Hello, before buy your theme i would like to know if is it possible change the “typography” page by control panel. I wish it were without background image and full screen like the “contact” page.

Thank you M

Yes it is possibile.

On the ipad 3 it’s crashing, site is displaying for a few seconds, then it shuts down.

I will try to fix that.

Thanks, p.s is it possible to drop a link in the footer ? (text with a hyperlink on it ?) Can’t seem getting it right.

how can I remove the item “all” of the portfolio and leave only the visible categories?

How to change logo height? I upload 100px height logo. Shows only half. If i change “slogan” div in css, all menu on home page coming apart…

What does the background photos consist of?

Hello My friend How do I translate the theme, the thing here is that when I try to trnslate the file agera.po with the poedit it displays an error

Thank you

Hi, We are providing support only through our support forums

Hello. I have a few questions regarding this theme which looks very nice btw.

> Is it possible to activate and de-activate posts in the portfolio section? So once uploaded it will sit somewhere in an archive? > If in the portfolio section, you see the rollover (where image becomes layered with some text), my cursor (i’m on a laptop) seems to think the whole square is a link which is not really the case, only the heading or the link icon will bring you to the actual project. Is this something that can be fixed? I prefer the whole area being a link.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, all of those things can be fixed by custom coding.

Just wondering if there is a html only version of this template?

Hi, currently no but I am planning to make one.

Hey there!

Loving this theme, 90% sure i’ll buy it but I need to know if I can set the 3-d portfolio to be my home page. Also, can i change the .js so the flip action happens on click/tap instead of hover?


Hi, Yes and yes ;)

Hello, just have one question about this theme, is it possible for the whole square to be clickable apart from just the header text.

Hi, you can custom code it.

How exactly would I go about doing that? Is it a simple thing to code or quite complex?

Hi, if you have some knowladge of HTML & CSS you would be able to manage this.

The portfolio will only show the latest 10 projects posted…How can I fix this to show all the projects and continually scroll down?

Hi, We are providing support only through our support forums

Hi first of all great theme! Is it possible to create an youtube link for the footer? I don’t understand y u guys haven’t put it there

Hi, We are providing support only through our support forums

Hi, beautiful theme! Congratulations! I have some questions before deciding my purchase: In the Portfolio view, 1 – Is it possible to disable the 3D rotation effect? 2 – When I roll over an image is it possible to just fade/darken the image a bit so we can read the text on top instead of changing the image to a whole new color? 3 – Can I change the icons that appear when I roll over an image?

Thank you very much!

Hi, 1. yes of course :) 2. Hi, this will have to be custom coded. 3. This will also have to be custom coded but this should be hard.

Can home page be just a full screen slider instead of masonry portfolio?

Can phone number be added to menu bar or below next to social icons?

Hi, every page can be set as home. You will have to custome code the phone number but this wont be hard. You can always add the phone number next to the copyright from admin panel.

I’d like to see real working examples from those who have bought this template. MPC can you provide some websites to look at…..or for that matter….anyone reading this that has an agera template in production please share you site. I would prefer those that have the homepage as a slider. Thanks!

Hi, sorry but I don’t have saved my clients websites so I cannot really sho you any example, sorry for that.

Hi there, Really love the design aye. Will probably get it either way but I was wondering is it possible to include a video in a gallery? (so I could have both a video and some image slides) Thanks

Hi, no sorry flex slider does not support video.

Important question before to purchase:

The flex slider normally let you set if you want: —> full width (this is the case actually on your demo: —> fixed width —> fixed height

The full width looks good but photographer don’t really like to get their photos cropped by script, and I would like for a customer use portfolios to show series of photos with a fixed height, in order to respect original photo crop. It means that behind the photo, if will be white, and photo centered, but this is what I want.

1) is it possible? 2) is it manageable via admin panel 3) are other function of flex-slider available? (thumbnail etc.)?


Another question:

Can we remove the main full size header image of blog-pages? Can we set the right-sidebar like we want? in order ton include widget, likns etc. if it’s a sidebar…


Hi there, this is the perfect theme I have been looking for portfolio showcase. I would very much like to buy this theme.

Before buying, just a quick question about the portfolio item thumbnails. How easy is it to resize them to a square image instead of a landscape image? I already looked at the css and see that width and height is coming in element style (from a js file?) not from a css file.