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I’ve had the theme up and working but the images are now not working.


Im not exactly sure why, is it an issue with the code?


Hi, it looks like the timthumb folder permission is restricted. please set the timthumb.php file and the cache folder permission to 755 or 777


Thank you for a great theme!

Two questions: 1. How do I change the text “Latest Projects” into something else on the homepage? 2. I do not know how to make the nivo slider look like the one in the demo… I can use “latest posts” as front page and it will look the same, but if I use the nivo slider template it will look different (nav, text display etc..)

Thank you!



1. there are numerous “Latest Projects” text in the theme. so here is all the files and line number.

a homepage-kwicksslider.php on line 28 b. homepage-nivoslider.php on line 28 c. index.php on line 28 d. theme-widgets.php on line 431 e. theme-widgets.php on line 468

2. by default nivo slider is different then the default(demo) slider. it is there to give you various slider. so if you want the slider that looks like the demo , you could use the latest post slider

I have been using wptouch for making sites mobile compatible. I am stuck. How? Where? do i make your mobile compatible?

Thanks kevin

Hi, we haven’t tested it with wptouch, so it might not be compatible. we’re still working to make all of our theme responsive(mobile friendly) but it should take time


Hi Indonez, Are you planing to develop a responsive (mobile) version of this theme? I have been using it for the past 2 years and it is great, only issue I have is Google ranking went down and Google webmaster told me it was because the site is not responsive… That would be amazing if you could do something about it. Thank you

Hi, we’re still working to make all of our theme responsive(mobile friendly) but it takes time because we have a lot of items in the marketplace

Blog related question: I am using categories. When I click on a particular category, it only displays one post at a time. To see all posts for a particular category, I have to click “Next Entries” to view the next post within that category. Instead, I’d like to display all the posts within that category on the category page, instead of having to click the “Next Entries” button to view one at a time.


Hi, please PM me in the support forum with your detailed url http://support.indonez.com/profile/coltranism

Hello, It is compatible with the version of WordPress v4.4.1?


Hi, we’ve been using the theme with 4.4.1 with no trouble but and we have no report of any trouble with the latest wp.

but nothing is 100% save we might missed something. so if you found any trouble you can contact us and we’ll review the case


Website just got hacked for the first time in 4 years using this theme


it seems that you didn’t set a proper sidebar in the page editor http://prntscr.com/a58mak

I’ve set sample sidebar in http://www.davidevans.lu/what-we-do/

Ah ok – i wasn’t aware that we need to specify which sidebar to use per page – we were using the feature in Jetpack for that.

How do I specify a sidebar for the testimonials category? It used to have the 2 PDF download widgets in that sidebar before but they are gone. Now when i edit the category it doesn’t ask which sidebar to use…

Another issue is that on the homepage widget position 3 (the one on the right hand side) there used to be all 4 services. Now there are only 3 and i don’t see any way to configure that box. We had this issue years ago when we first installed the theme and you fixed that for us…

Finally, the /services page layout has broken – why is that?


1. for the testimonial category you can add the widget in the blog sidebar http://prntscr.com/a6zs36 I’ve put a test widget inside the blog sidebar so you know which one

2. in the index.php on line 31 you’ll find a function called agivee_servicelist in that function you need to change the 3 parameter to 4 http://prntscr.com/a6zts3

3. the broken layout was caused by different paragraph length of the service description.I’ve add a css to fix it http://prntscr.com/a6zxxn