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When was the theme last updated? How do I tell if I’m running the latest version before I update to WP 3.5.2?

it’s http://www.davidevans.lu


Will the current version work with WP 3.5.2 anyway?

Yes it’s worked with WordPress 3.5.2 version.


Hi Indonez,

i have some question: how and where do i modify the code so that the testimonial will show more lines of text? How do i tell the services box on the sidebar that i want to see only 2 lines of preview of the text (mine is showing 3 preview lines in the first 2 items)?

And somehow i can’t change the footer appearence. I changed the style.css but it wont change any color etc.

And i have on some pages a huge gap between the content and the footer (like here: http://www.villarelevadores.com.br/wp/?page_id=47). How do i bring the footer closer to the content? Thanks alot in advance!

I have replied your questions in our support forum


You must have been mistaken, but you did not answered my questions in your support forum. I just checked.

I am waiting now for 2 weeks to get help with some problems i’ve got and still nothing. Your support was really good some months ago, what happend?

Hello, I have a problem with your template. In the editor boxes in the short codes indicates undefined.

Best regards.

Hello, The short codes problem was an incompatibility with the plugis Seo By Yoast. But I have several problems. - No icons appear on the lists. - I’ve set the latitude and longitude and the map did not appear at the contact page. - I modified the text of the copyright and is not shown. Keep showing template copyright. I have recently installed Wordpress 3.6.

Thank you.

He cambiado a Wordpress 3.5.2 y sigue sin funcionar muchas funciones.

Hello, be sure you have installed the latest version of agivee theme, you can download the latest version from your themeforest download link, if you still have a problem try to deactivate your install plugin first, for next questions, please submit your questions at our support forum http://support.indonez.com/categories/agivee


I prefer to leave my problems here for the record Install Wordpress 3.6 template and seeing that it was not compatible, I installed 3.5.2 and then 3.5, but the problems remain. I disabled all plugins so it’s not imcompatibilidad problem: - No icons appear on the lists. - I’ve set the latitude and longitude and the map did not appear at the contact page - I modified the text of the copyright and is not shown. Keep showing template copyright - The slides links do not work. I’ve never had so many poblem with a template

I hope your help

I have replied your questions in your email.


So 3 weeks ago i asked for your help on your support forum and still not a single word or answer from you. Makes me sad…

Hi, sorry for delaying your questions, I have replied your questions in our support forum.


Hi, My wordpress is on version 3.6.1 and our slider (slideshow) is not loading the images — even in the small featured area below. The images will appear if I am logged into wordpress tho. Please help!



Thanks! I am not sure why I don’t have a “purchased” badge, but I do have a Receipt # — will this grant me theme updating?

How do I know what version Agivee I am on? Wordpress claims my themes are all up to date — is updating the agivee theme through wordpress not an option?

If you purchased the theme, you can download the latest version from your themeforest download link.



Can you tell how can i change our services short description

[link removed]



http://wp-demo.indonez.com/?theme=Agivee the description off webdesign for example

I dont need help i just discovery how, THX

ok great and glad it’s working now :)

Hi Indonez,

how do I add images to the slideshow?

I have this:


You can manage this from Slideshow => Add New, you can add as many as slideshow items, set your image at Featured Image box when you creating/editing your slideshow items, please refer to documentation for detail.


I am using the portfolio-category pages as individual pages, but for somereason you guys programmed the title of those pages to disply the most recent portfolio item title. Is there anyway I can change it so that the title of the pages is the name of the category?

Hi, please open taxonomy-portfolio_category.php and find the following code :

<h1><?php the_title();?></h1>
now replace with :
<h1><?php single_cat_title();?></h1>


Thank you so much!

Is there a way to take off the free quote and testimony on the homepage?

try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

#bottom-box { display: none;}




Could you please let me know how to add header image for all the pages.


Hi, not sure what you meant regarding the header image, could you please more detail regarding your question?


means now the theme is showing header slider in the home page only. But i would like to have that in other pages like about, contact, services etc…


I have raised a ticket in the support forum. Kindly please check and reply.

I have added the column short codes like

to have text content in the left and a image in right. But it is not working. Whether i have done anything wrong. Please guide me.

Live link: http://bit.ly/1byz53K

Waiting for your reply.


Hi, please refer to http://wp-demo.indonez.com/Agivee/?page_id=91 for columns shortcode, you can combine the layout from the available column shortcodes.


I already checked that, i have provided the columns like this [col_23]text content/col_23image[/col_13_last]

But the image is displaying only below the text content and not in the right side.

Kindly please help.


sorry there is a typo [col_23]text content/col_23image[/col_13_last]

Hi, When I on the homepage and go to another page and then go back to the homepage the slider can’t get past loading and never loads graphics. Can you please help? www.burginpipe.com

1) by default, all fields in contact form are require to be filled before sending process

2) did you tried to write your info address in on line? eg.

Hwy 19 At F M 71 N<br />Sulphur Springs, TX 75482


Not sure what you mean by writing the address? On what line?

Hi, I mean in Agivee theme options => contact info => info address box.


Hi Indonez, I purchased ur theme awhile ago but was wondering if there’s a way to add a video in the slider -perhaps adding a custom field value? Or does the rev slider plugin work with this theme?

Hi, to get theme support, please submit your questions in our support forum at http://support.indonez.com/categories/agivee.


HI it asks for a purchase code and I purchased this theme several years ago – w here do I find a purchase code?

You can find the purchase code from your themeforest download link, there’s a dropdown menu from your download item link.


How do I hide the slider caption and make slider picture full width?

Hi, you can use nivoslider as your homepage if you need full width image slider.


Hi Indonez,

I purchased Agivee in 2010. At that time Envato Themeforest did not have “License Certificates” and currently in my Themeforest download account I do not have a “License Certificate” listed for Agivee.

I have technical questions that I wish to post on the Indonez Support forum unfortunately I need to apply for membership and in the membership application I need to supply a purchase code.

What purchase code should I enter in the “Apply for Membership” form so I can ask a technical question.

Thank you.

Hi, you can find this from your Agivee theme download button from your themeforest download section.


Do you offer a new wordpress theme that is much like Agivee that is responsive?

Hi, please visit our portfolio at http://themeforest.net/user/Indonez/portfolio


Hello! I am working on the services page (which I have renamed to “Solutions”) and can’t figure out how to edit the text next to each services child page. I would assume that the text should be pulled from the child page, but it still shows the arbitrary text. Can you please help me with this?


Hi, when you editing your services child pages, please click “Screen Options” button that located at the top right of the page, then check excerpt option, you can replace default text placeholder from the excerpt box.


hi , after upgrading my theme on wp 3.8.1 slider stopped working. any idea what could be wrong ? i already check the 777 cmod etc..


Hi, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?