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Great job, GLWS o7


Looks great! GLWS ;)


great work, good luck :)


Nice work! Good luck!


Nice…Might pick this one up.

Thanks. Glad you like it.

Pretty nice, but before buying it I have a quick question .. how easy would it be to have the same “hover” effet (text going up + changing color), but on the menu instead of the icons ? I find that the theme is pretty nice but the menu is not easy to spot.

Currently the same hover effect is applied to the icons and the menu. Hope this answers your question.

php contact form giving error, can you help please. —-Thanks it is working now.

If you have any future problems do not hesitate to contact me again.

php contact form giving error, can you help me

Can you please tell me what is the error you get? I retested the form and it works perfectly.

<?php //This is the email address that the contact form will be send to. Usually this will be your email address $to = "”; </section><!- End Contact -> //This is so you know what the email subject is about $subject = “Omediaworks’s Contact Form”;

i am trying to sync where i want to receive inquiries through contact page.

below is the error what i am getting.

[07-Aug-2014 14:54:58] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’<’ in /home/omediawo/public_html/contact.php on line 5


From what I see you have made changes in the contact form that generated the error. In the documentation there is detailed description how to configure the form. You need to make just two changes in conact.php

- in line 4 where you need to put your email

- in line 7 where you need to put your contact name