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v1.6 – 27/6/2015
-PrettyPhoto Plugin updated.
-Help docs updated

v1.5 – 11/11/2013
Mayor update with jquery version upgrade (v.1.9.1) and improved jquery dependencies.
Solved an issue on latest Safari versions with the fullscreen slideshows (home & gallery).
New Twitter widget included, only js driven.
Several improvements on the whole site code.
Help docs updated

v1.4 – 5/11/2013
Re-uploaded sample files, there was an issue on Serif sample > horizontal gallery, related with the 1.3 update.

v1.3 – 30/9/2013
Fixed issue on Horizontal gallery on Chrome, with href images not scrolling properly.
Fixed small issue on news.html – with date/permalink while navigating news.
Help docs updated

v1.2 – 5/3/2013
Added IE8 fix on news/offices for mobile swipe event.
Fixed issue on Android 4+ default browser.
Fullscreen gallery functionality optimized to fix small issues on controller.
Fix on team page to prevent scroll down while clicking name buttons.
Help docs updated.

v1.1 – 5/8/2012
-Small fix/addition on Grid Gallery page, to control the height of thumbnails.
-Help docs updated.

v1.0 – 31/7/2012
Release version