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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! At last I took it)))

Thank you too :)


Is there an option for usual blog posts grid?

And the second – any option to make at least titles clickable in portfolio item?

it is not possible now, but why not the next update?

Would be definitely great if you’ll add a bit more options. Portfolio page looks cool, but feels like something is missed – no lightbox and no detailed project page :(

Anyway good luck!

Would it be possible to increase the exerpt length on the blog posts grid layout, and have a music player show. I am going to attempt to use this theme for my music blog. Ideally I’d like each grid box to have its own mp3 player, as each of my posts either has a mp3 link or soundcloud player.

Hey nice theme, shame it’s no responsive though!

Nice theme

As it’s using AJAX , is it fully SEO ready / compatible ?

Who needs SEO , this is perfect for my presentation website for services. I whould not see it as a “blog”. It’s great, been waiting for it, count on me buying asap!

5 stars! Good luck with sales

Thank you for purchase and stars.

Great job. Good luck with sales!

Thank you so much.


is it possible to get the blog as homepage?



Yes, Ajax possible.

Did you include the language files (.po/.mo) ? Nice work !

yes included


any chance for responsive version?

woah! so great design! i think i’ll buy it in near future, but maybe you want to update portfolio site for better usuability, i mean adding link to whole thumbnail not only small link in edge ;) but i think its only small change in code so i can do it.

good luck in sales, regards!

Thanks for your comments and your interest. This will be a general request, and the next update. best regards

Love the design, is exactly what I’m after. However the site NEEDS to be responsive. Any chance this would be possible? Great work, looking forward to hearing from you and seeing what you come up with in the future.

work began to be responsive. Thank you for your comment

Hello, I have made a screencast-feedback-user-testing-first-impression video for you. It is private video on youtube, I want just you to see it. Of course, if you are interested in feedback. I honestly think it might be useful for you! :) Thanks and this theme is AWESOOOME ! :ohrly::ohrly::ohrly:

(i have contacted you on twitter also, please follow me there so I can direct message you the link to the youtube video – nick lebaux)

Are the textures, colors and font choices easy editable on the backend admin panel or would it require playing with the code? Any chance you could share some screenshots/images of the backend options

In reference to the question above, I’m talking about both textures (the light background texture, and the dark bars)—are they both easy swapped?

Is there a way to align images to the center of the slideshow on the front page? When I insert images, even when choosing center align, the slider moves it all the way to the left.

You can add your images as a background, just full.

AGT , did you delete my questions?

do not have permission to delete or modify comments like. I did not see what it says, please, send me an email. Sincerely

I would’ve already hit the “buy” button if there was an option for a more traditional blog layout. Would love to see that option!

Thank you for your interest. Will be the next update.

hi there, thanks for this great theme, it’s exactly what i was looking for and i really like it.

i have installed it following your video instructions, works everything but the shortcode button, which returns an internal server error… i’d enter shortcodes manually, but your instructions files it’s missing this info (there’s only one shortcode: postbox).

if the internal server error it’s a bug of my own server (is it?), could you at least provide me the list of shortocodes?

thanks, and great job!

First of all, thank you for your purchase. Please drop me an email that you’re having the problem in which browser.


hi icycool, i sent you an email with browsers versions as you have requested.

Answered, please download the latest version.

Best Regards.