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Hello, this is a great theme. May I ask how to to reduce the size of the circles in the main menu? And how to change padding size too… Any little hint would be helpful. Thanks a lot for the support, eagerly waiting for a reply.

thank you for the responsive update! love this theme!


I’m planning to purchase the template, just a question, On the homepage ajax item, is its possible to load the page/content of the first item by default so that user will easily know the those items has a content?

Thanks in advance. :)

Blog content is not usable and used page must be defined from settings page.

Hi! I have a problem. I can’t add more than one sidebar in theme options. When I try to add new one, after I press Save and come back in same page it appears just the latest created sidebar. :-(


find the following line from your ‘theme_inc/admincp/js/admin-custom.js’ file

lisize = jQuery('li', sidebarli).length;

change with it :

lisize = jQuery('li', sidebarul).length;


Hi i’ve got the same problem here: http://www.signgraphics.nl/recent-werk/

Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in D:\inetpub\vhosts\signgraphics.nl\httpdocs\wp-content\themes\signgraphics\works-themplate.php on line 91

Would you please help us?

Kind regards, Raoul

Hi there, I’m having trouble with the search field in the sidebar. It looks good in Chrome but in Firefox it is too wide:


Any ideas why?

Sorry, link is not working anymore. Here is a new one: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s81/sh/25510501-2f7c-48c9-b1a2-8981b586c1e3/d3d016b6de7ce3395bc144cb978b7a9e/res/58fbc298-8a58-41e7-8c17-f49aff56d6b9/skitch.png

The problem occurs only in Firefox on a Mac. Any help please?

Please add the following lines your style.css file

#s {
padding: 9px 0;
text-indent: 10px;
width: 100%;


thanks! i got it!

hallo! how to rearrange contact page where are Contact Us details email, phone and address. Id like to change order. First address, then email and last, phone.

how to change order? thank you

hi first thanks for your theme. One question : Is there a way to have different fast link depend on menu link in top. For example my menu at the top : Category1 Category2 Category3 When click Category1 update the fast link with Sub1Category2 Sub2category2 Sub3category2 When click Category2 update the fast link with Sub1category2 Sub2category2 Sub3category2

Thanks in advance

hello. I have contacted you regarding this before. Im not sure what the problem is as soon as I activate the theme the whole page goes blank my admin panel everything and just stays like that. Can you help me out here Im sure its an easy fix on my part. I have used several WP themes from here and they all work fine on my yahoo host. what am I missing? Please let me know asap. Thanks

Here is my site


What did you change the theme? please move the original version to your server via ftp. If still having problems please send your admin & ftp information via email.

i just uploaded the zip file and activated the theme. Tried the other option going directly through ftp no luck. I sent u another email with my FTP please get back to me. I have no problems using other themes


I purchased the theme and set it up using the demo data and it worked fine. I replaced the image on the slider and it also worked fine but when I deleted all the sliders and tried to add new slider and uploaded the same background image that I used previously the slider is not displaying any image and all what I get is “Loading Background Images…” http://sensesuperfoodsinc.com/gooddirt/

very interesting case, please send your admin info via email. Let’s check it for you. Regards

Hi there, I pasted my google analytics code inside the field AGTNoName op. > General : Google Analytics Code

I see the code on my website. Google says it is tracked. But I get 0 hits every day, which cannot be true.

Has anyone the same problem?

hi, i have an issue… the circle buttons in the main page give me an error: Sorry but there was an error: 404 error I enter to the custom.js y change some parameters but im still having the problem.

If you test it on Chrome you would reproduce this issue again on desktop. Please test it on localhost or server. That will be ok. Regards.

“You are here: Home page” section where you will change? Turkish will

you can find in ‘main-inc.php’ line 254 Regards

Project url, page, prev, next.. where

Hi. How set slider for all pages, not just for home?? Thx for infomation

Hello, I am considering buying the theme, is exactly what I need. But before I wonder if the compatibility issues with different browser was fixed in this last update. Thank you and congratulations for the great job!


Can you please advice what my suppose to do with Work ? Because am unable to see the work.




Is there any way I can have the Icon shortcode use more than 35 icons when it calls the icons up through the shortecode? I have additional icons that I would like to use, but if I upload them into the “icon” folder, name it a number greater than 35 and try to use that number in the shortcode, it doesn’t give me an image…?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Please, send an email again same question from my profile page.

Hi there, I’m trying to display the slider on other pages – I currently want to add it to the ‘fullpage-template.php’ but cant work out what code I need to put in, it’s driving me crazy! I’ve got the gallery to appear but it doesnt animate. Please can you help?

Please, send an email again same question from my profile page.

Hey, I have emailed but haven’t received a response – did you get it ok?

after using 1 year I just wanted to come here and say thank you for the very nice theme. thanks.