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Hi there,

I love this theme, pretty much ready to purchase. Just wanted to ask 3 quick questions.

1. Can I change the Main Page Ajax Link just 3 links (maybe commenting out 2 of them)?

2. How easy is it to change the background image of those Ajax Links?

3. I’d like to change the blog layout to traditional style. How difficult is this? (I’m pretty handy with theme creation).

Cheers, Rody


I purchased and am currently using this theme. I am having an issue with the Contact page. The messages from that page do not seem to go anywhere (ie. not going to my email, though my email is set). How can I ensure that messages are sent to my email?

Thanks in advance.

Are you receiving an error? Please send your demo address via mail.

Wonderful Theme!! Can you please let me know if the theme supports the following ?
  • Google Ad-Sense?
  • Wordpress code formatter plugin?
  • Facebook social plugin?

  • Thanks in advance!

Hello, I bought this package to make my website in wordpress. I can not make the inside pages (works, services, contact, about us, our team). I need help to do this. Can you help me? Is there a tutorial? Where are the plugins for these pages? I want to make my site like this -> http://themeforest.net/item/agt-noname-ajax-wordpress-template/full_screen_preview/1831099

It is very important to me!

Hi. Thanks for your brilliant theme. now, I’m have some qustions. 1. the number of work post limited 28 maybe. is it right? i need some more. 2. using filter of Ajax on front page, it seems operate just on same page. how can i make it apply whole pages? Plz. give me your help.

i’m sorry My mistake.

But now i have one more qustion. how can I change some text on contact page.

I solve this problem too. haha

Hi! icycool When I use button shrotcord, I wanna linked contents open in a new window. I put this cord {target=”_blank”} almost possible positions but It doesn’t work. I’ll look forward your answer.

Please edit the ‘shortcode_button’ function such as the following shortcode-options.php file

function shortcode_button($atts, $content =''){
        'href' => '#',
        'target' => '_self'    
    ), $atts));
    return '<a href="'. $href .'" class="button" title="'. $content .'" target="'.$target.'">'. $content .'</a>';

Brilliant!!! thank U so~~ much!!!

Hi, Icycool! I have One more question now. I sent a contact form to me as for test, but I was given just this message in Red warning box “There was a problem and the message was probably not sent.” Plz~ help me again.

please give me solution!


I have purchased the theme a while back and I love it. Just a few quick things I need answers to,

1. http://prntscr.com/209wnx – Why does my site show russian language on google search results?

2. Also why are so many pages automatically created under blog posts? like part 65,part95 etc.. http://prntscr.com/209wnx

3. If you see the blog post here http://www.addlocalbusinesslisting.com/choosing-the-top-local-business-directory-submission-service-provider/, the navigation is messed up. http://prntscr.com/209x0k


Can you please respond to my questions?

I can’t upload thumbnail image (portfolio preview item) in Work Infos/Add Image

It doesn’t work. How fix it?

Please help me with this issue I have loaded a plug in named Auto Grid Responsive Gallery and everything is working fine but I have found a little problem which I’m not able to solve.

If I click on the menu bar the label named “FOTOGRAFIA” is working perfectly but if I click on the big round button nothing happen even if I have linked the name of the page I want to load in the MAIN PAGE OPTIONS …

Is there anything I can do?

Here you find my web site www.vialemilano.it

hey~ icycool! I purchased your theme. and now I need help. but U don’t answer people’s asks for a long time. Plz give us solutions.

please send your demo address via mail!

thank you. I send you a mail.

After my update of wordpress, I cannot insert image in works section, I can upload but i cannot insert, shows me 404 error, plz could we solve it?

Can you please respond to my questions. It has been over 15 days. I have sent you email, posted comment and nothing has been addressed. My website has lost ranking on google because of this delay. Please reply and address the issue immediately.

Hi, I purchased the theme “noname” for wordpress some time ago, I would like to know if the new version of the theme (1.7) is compatible with wordpress 3.7.1?

In addition, is it possibile put in the theme font special characters, like è, é, à … even for the blog?

I’m waiting for an urgent reply, thanks in ad advace.

Off late, you have not been able to answer the questions posted on time and fix the issues. Due to this delay, my site has lost the rank on google. Very disappointed with your customer service.

there seems to be something wrong, the website is not working please check www.nawarnohra.com

Waiting your reply,

please enter a value in the zoom parameter from contact page options. Sorry for that!


DO NOT BUY THIS THEME. I have repeatedly sent them theme related issue which they are not able to fix. See the screen shots below.


Here is my site: http://prntscr.com/2cwgx3

It has fallen from google’s ranking because of the theme and their delayed response and customer service.

If you see the google result (http://prntscr.com/2cwh89), the theme will automatically create posts of several hundreds. I have emailed them several times and gave my FTP details, but they are still not able to fix this. Also, the theme automatically creates pages in Russian langauage. Because of their theme mess up, my site has lost google ranking. Their design is good but the customer service and coding is terrible. Stay away from them. I am going to remove their theme from my site.

Hello. I am having conflict using tabs shortcode on page. It works fine when you use page link in main navigation, but the jquery on homepage when you click the web design circle doesnt allow the shortcode and messes the page up. Is there a fix? -Or can I make the circles just link to the page directly? I was Add

//Run shortcode





in custom.js but it isnt work ! :( Thanks

I would like to be able to have social media buttons to share works – if it could be integrated into a theme update that would be great. For now, I’ve tried various plugins, adding template tags directly into the theme, etc and nothing is working on the works pages. They show on blog posts but not works.

How can I get social sharing buttons to show on works pages?

My site is: www.shekinah-arts.com I can give you more info if you need it