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Could I get a link to the documentation? I want to purchase but I’m want to see how wp and opencart intergrate.

I’m getting the following error after adding <?php require_once ‘wp-posts.php’; ?> to columright.tpl

This is my home page.

LatestProducts: Bestsellers


Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in /home/roger43/public_html/wp-posts.php on line 33

Try direct path like:

<?php require_once 'http://www.yordomain.com/wp-posts.php'; ?>

I’m getting the follwoing error on my home page

===================================== Notice: Undefined index: value in /home/roger43/public_html/wp-posts.php on line 39Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/roger43/public_html/wp-posts.php on line 32Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /home/roger43/public_html/wp-posts.php on line 32 On the Blog!

Notice: Undefined variable: n in /home/roger43/public_html/wp-posts.php on line 56Notice: Undefined variable: link in /home/roger43/public_html/wp-posts.php on line 57
Hello world!
Sat, 16 Jun 2012
Notice: Undefined variable: n in /home/roger43/public_html/wp-posts.php on line 61

1. You can go to System -> Settings -> Edit -> Server -> and make Display Errors: No and Log Errors:No

2. You can just use direct URL like I said in the previous comment.


Where do I change the right column default “Hello! Welcome to Aight Shop”?

Where do I change the default “Ready To Buy Sets”?

Where do I change “News”?

Where do I change “What we sell”?

All these are not in the Help documentation


Please take a look at chapter called:

IX. How to edit Welcome message, “Customer Reviews & Testimonials”, “Ready to Buy Sets”, “News” on the Frontpage?


XI. Where to edit content visible on the footer?

After copy Catalog to main OC directory. www.vampbazaar.com

I get this error for all the category link.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ‘)’ in /home/jintree/public_html/catalog/controller/product/category.php on line 191

Reupload following file again:


I have checked this file and there is no problems.


My “Ready to Buy Set” image overlapped by the featured products.

What should be the Featured product image size? Documentation suggest 275×275. By look of it, the height should be longer than the width.


Did you select POSITION : BOTTOM for featured module?

The proper size is height:220px, width:180px

The Featured product image display in tiles of 9 small images. I’ve changed it to size 275×275

Please advise www.vampbazaar.com

Have you changed it under store setting or module settings? Inside documentation you will find a screenshot of featured module, just setup every single detail just like on the screenshot.

Where to change the Take a Tour url?

Indeed the parse error was cause by incomplete file when ftp. Fixed it with re-ftp.

Layout of Featured change to Home Bottom and image size change. It worked now! thanks!!!

It’s here


Hello, I would like to know why product image options and reward points are not being showed on product page? On default theme they’re working.


Please download purchased theme once again after 24 hours and reupload following files:

Updated version is online now.

Thank you, it’s working now! Nice!

It’s a wordpress, not module. File contains theme for Wordpress.

Hi Diabolique,

Would like to purchase this theme and was wondering if you offer an installation service. Not hugely experienced with Opencart when it throws up errors etc. Great work on the template and look forward to using it. Many thanks Mark


I can install Opencart for $20 or opencart+my theme for $25

Hi Diabolique,

I don`t know wp-comments & wp-posts have to install where?! please help me TKS .


Upload it into main folder of your store. It should be reachable when you enter such url http://www.diaboliquedesign.com/demo/11/wp-posts.php

More informations you will find in the theme’s documentation.

Can I buy your theme and use a different eCart with it?

If you can use it with Default theme then you can use it with my theme too.

Do you know if BigCommerce works with Default theme? or, how do I determine that with another eCart? Thank You for your quick response above!!

All Opencart themes work with Opencart only.

I have bought the theme as a part of the Envato Birthday Bundle 2012. I have followed the installation instructions, however the theme doesn’t show up correctly on the site, the result is quite strange – http://oc.fotogev.com/.

I am using opencart The datestamp from the Envato Bundle shows the AightShop theme version is quite old, the newest file is dated 07/04/2012. Also, the folder with the newest theme is named as ‘Theme for the latest OpenCart – v1.5.3-’, so I am wondering whether the Envato bundle does not contain outdated version of your theme?

There is no support for Envato Bundle items. You have to change each module settings like in documentation.

I released new version on late Saturday so if you don’t see folder “Theme for the latest OpenCart – v1.5.4-” then it looks like Envato didn’t include the latest version of my theme. Anyway if you installed 1.5.4.x version of opencart then just reupload regular:

catalog/controller/product/product.php ...and everything should work fine.

hi why is there no support for birthday bundle, just curious

Because I earn $0.50 per sale.

So than you already have 3000$ for your efforts, kind and upto date responses.. , right? So my question to you after reading recent comment is: does the Birthday Bundle include upto date Aight Shop opencart version? thanks again

So than you already have 3000$ for your efforts, kind and upto date responses.. , right?

6000 customers x 10 minutes support = 1000 hours of support

$3000 / 1000 hours = $3 per hour

Now do you understant why I can’t offer free support?

does the Birthday Bundle include upto date Aight Shop opencart version?

No, but 1.5.3.x version of opencart works perfect.

Does birthday bundle include updates?

No updates.

hello I installed the template as a guide, but I have this problem can you help me? see the link http://www.estore.trendymodaecasa.it

Select content position bottom for featured module.