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hi I want to know how to change the link icons of social media to point them directly on my pages and I would like to also enter the social icons to my youtube channel. thanks

Hi, You should go to http://www.addthis.com/ and generate own code. Paste generated code here:
hi, i purchased this theme through the birthday bundle pack. i am new to wordpress and just installed the theme. Can u just guide me as to how do i make a page similar to your page http://www.diaboliquedesign.com/demo/11/accessories then add few images and would be able to have rollover effect… and then finally a single post page on click of above image.


This theme works with opencart, not wordpress, there is only blog theme for WP.

also kindly let me know, if where do i put the CATLOG folder given and then start editing or adding images (as mentioned in your help files)

Install Opencart first. Inside documentation is a lot very useful images.

I just bought this theme that included in the Birthday 2012 bundle, but that’s outdated version, how do I get the latest version of theme?

You have to buy it paying $30. Anyway old version for opencart 1.5.3.x works perfect.

Hi Diabolique,

Thanks for your reply, but then why the bundle not including latest version? There is no any terms written down there bout this before I made purchase?

Even if I’ll send you the latest version of my theme then Opencart developers will release another version within next 2 months. I don’t have time to send each uptade to about 8000 customers.

Hi Diabolique, By right, themeforest should update my download area for your latest theme updates, right? Like wordpress theme that I have.

Well, as I know the bundle doesn’t include any updates.

Sad to hear that man, as they didn’t mention it clearly before I purchase.

Hello, Considering your nice theme, but would like to use Cloud Zoom for image display on product page. Is this an option with the theme? Thank you.


There is no Cloud Zoom but if you have some basic knowledge about html then you can integrate it with my theme.

I am getting this error catalog/controller/product/product.php on line 347 what can I do to fix this???

What this error says?

i had just bought and uploaded there are lots of error in the membership user is unable to register

Did you upload “controller” folder?

obviously I m a programmer experienced on opencart

Just upload whole “catalog” folder, that’s all. If you have own website then you should know how to use files manager.

I’m getting the same error as ergib when I try and click on a products page. Fatal error: Call to undefined method ModelCatalogProduct::getProductTags() in D:\hshome\paddyt7\iclickprint.com\catalog\controller\product\product.php on line 347

I haven’t made any changes to the original files.

Theme from bundle pack doesn’t support 1.5.4.x version of opencart.

Hi Diabolique!

I want to add links near the product rating block like this: http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/6611/22241183.3/0_915a6_c9e1a75a_XXL.jpg

It will be two links. The first link – “Read reviews”. The second link – “Write a review”.

Clicking on the link, the user must go to the appropriate place on the page.

What should be these links? I ask you to bring the code of these links.

There will be too much work and my theme doesn’t support it.

Well, I’ll do it myself :)

Good luck, keep in mind that my theme doesn’t use default opencart tabs so, like I said, there will be more work.

Yeah, I got it. Thank you.

sorry to say but the theme is too slow and membership functions and many other system i have to redesign due to this delay i loose order and client disputes

My theme uses default opencart membership functions. On the live demo page loading is very fast (less than 1 second on 2 mb/s connection) and you saw what you’re buying.

How to ON the breadcrumbs in this theme?

I commented the class
.breadcrumb { display:none;}
in stylesheet.css but breadcrumbs was not appears.
Breadcrumbs were removed. You can paste following code into each tpl file:
  <div class="breadcrumb">
    <?php foreach ($breadcrumbs as $breadcrumb) { ?>
    <?php echo $breadcrumb['separator']; ?><a href="<?php echo $breadcrumb['href']; ?>"><?php echo $breadcrumb['text']; ?></a>
    <?php } ?>

HEllo. I have a problem. The product image tumb is not showing. The area where it shall be is just empty. I have tried with many different pictures. The Additional images and everything else seems to work.

But not the tumb…


It doesn’t look like a theme issue. Does it work when Default theme is active? I can’t help you if I don’t see any code. Try reupload my theme or whole opencart installation excluding config.php files.

Hello again. I found the problem. It was not the Theme, It was a misstake from me.

Thanx anyway. I will look at more of youre themes :)

I would like to buy the wordpress theme but still not sure on how the template looks like. Does it have exactly the same layout as the opencart one?

There is included a Wordpress theme for blog only.

Hi, I purchased the theme and I installed both the wordpress theme and the opencart theme sucessfully. Just had a question about a slider for the wordpress theme. Is there one included? I thought there might be. If not, which one do you recommend? Where should I put the code for it? How big should the slider image settings be? Thanks for your help.


No slider for WP. You can try to insert slider into index.php just after [div id=”content”]

You can try Nivolider – http://nivo.dev7studios.com/pricing/ Instructions you’ll find in the downloaded file.

Update. Dynamic Content Gallery works perfectly with the theme and the latest version of WordPress. I just have 2 more questions. #1. I need to edit the logo, specifically the size, when I change the size it makes the logo float to the right side near the shopping cart button, I need to center it as well as make it bigger. #2, If you go to my blog, http://blog.loretees.com you will see that the first post is directly beneath the slider images, I need to insert a line break in between. Its too close together, where would I do this? Thanks again for your help.

1. Open style.css and decrease margin (100px)

#logo img { margin:16px 0 0 100px; }
2. Use
<br />


I find one very strange thing in this template: IF I go for instance to the shopping cart page of the shop with an empty or not shopping cart It does not use full width but always shows a righ column even when there is no module set for it. Normally it would not do that I think so the content can use full 100% width…

<!-header ends->

<!-right-column ends->

same for checkout page et cetera….

How can we solve that?


Strange; re-uploaded theme and still see the same problem. Any idea?

Do you use the latest version for opencart 1.5.4.x?