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Installed Aight Shop and modified home.tpl a couple of months ago, edited the Welcome message in home.tpl and everything good. Now I want to make some minor text changes to the same Welcome area of home.tpl. I make the changes and and save the home.tpl file but changes do not appear on the website now. I did the exact same thing when I first installed, or so I think. What might I be missing, I restarted apache just in case but no change.?

Do you use cPanel? Try to edit home.tpl via cPanel’s files manager.

hi i see your theme and i like it. but when i click add to Compare, i can not see any option to go too compare page. ?!!


There is a link on the pop-up window – http://imm.io/NkWN

yes but when this popup window is close customer dont see compare page

Well, you can put direct link to the product comparison page into header, footer or the single product page.


How I could set a background image to the template is possible?


Yes, it’s very easy. If you buy this theme then I’ll tell you how to do it.

Yes, I acquire the template paying the bundle from Envato a couple months ago.

There is no support for bundles, sorry.

Dear Diabolique, I installed the theme for our site (www.3sproutsopbergmanden.nl) but unfortunately I cannot pass the checkout. Any idea how come? I stay on the same page after trying to create account…. Hope you can help out?

Can you install another opencart for testing? Also does Logout link work when Default theme is active?

No not sure how that works with my hosting partner (I just have 1 url). Can you please help me with re-installing OC 1541 and your theme so it works?

Install it in child directory like www.3sproutsopbergmanden.nl/test

Hi! I setup the images sizing fine I think but the images would not display right at all now. They show cut off at the top on products pages , same on productlisting pages and the frontend module repeat the images even when they are big enough…. Any clue?

Increase height of container for this thumbnails. Check in the documentation – “Where to change product’s BIG thumbnail size on the single product page?” and other tutorials

how to install wordpress in opencart?

how to combine wordpress with opencart I still confiuse?

You have to install wordpress in child directory like www.yourdomain.com/blog

install wordpress on child directory is ok, make 2 database 1 for opencart , 1 for wordpress or combine the database.

You can install it in 1 database (use a different prefix for WP and opencart tables).

ok good, there is 2 wp php file , where to store it?

You have everything explained in documentation.

ok I will try, thank u , I am in makassar, south sulawesi Indonesia , sorry make you engry, my english not so god.

I got error says Undefined offset: 1 , Undefined offset: 0,Undefined variable: n ,Undefined variable: link in

for wp-comments.php and wp-posts.php

all error is undefined index

If you want to display recent posts then you have to modify php.ini. Check documentation – “If you have some errors with require_once then you have to enable…”

wp-posts.php and wp-comments.php can not display together?

No, you have to paste following code lines (don’t forget to replace my domain name):

<?php require_once 'http://www.diaboliquedesign.com/demo/11/wp-posts.php'; >
<?php require_once 'http://www.diaboliquedesign.com/demo/11/wp-comments.php'; >

Dear Diabolique, dont give up man, the costumer is very important, he or she our features , our life. be patient , be kindly man. Or you can say how about my order product maybe you like? be smart man.

Thank You ,are smart man, we can solve think if we share together

it’s works man, thanks for patiens, good lock , when done I will send u the link .

good luck , happy new year

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and good look with your business.

Dear Freind some hosting dont allow (allow_url_include = On) because sucurity reason he give me this link http://phpsec.org/projects/phpsecinfo/tests/allow_url_include.html .

what should I do ?


Interested in buying your theme but I have some questions: Is it possible to make the WordPress Homepage look like the demo? Basically we want to have a custom WP homepage that shows the slider or gallery and link the store on the menu with an “All Products” page. Is there any way to have featured products from the store display on the WP pages?


You can insert slider, but no products – too much work.