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hi! Just wanted to ask.. Is the logo, the menu, the footer and the bottom footer customizable? Can I put them in a different order? And also, with which builder comes with the theme? Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your reply. Can at least change the color of the letters and the backgroung color of the footer and of the page? And also, when I check the photos of the portfolio. They have a “category’ with bold black and which category is it. Can I add under category a ‘client’ line and a ‘year’ line?

And perhaps, if you could let me know which parts can be customized..? Thanks!

Yes, you can change the colors of the site title, background, and footer text using the theme customizer. Please see these screenshots:

https://cl.ly/sYhw (Site Title)
https://cl.ly/sZDl (Background)
https://cl.ly/sXzV (Footer)
https://cl.ly/sZGV (All Customization Sections)

Regarding custom ‘client’ and ‘year’ lines under the category title, I am afraid there’s no option for that out of the box. You would need to manually customize the theme code for that.

To everyone who’s considering purchasing this template: Go ahead! You will love it. Got it for a female friend who started who own photography business and asked me to set it up for her.

Literally took me 5 min to figure it out:

1. Design is creative, minimalistic and plain 2. Backend is SO easy to navigate in 3. PHP, HTML and CSS is perfectly organized and structured.

Thanks @UXBARN! Rated full star and favorited you guys and will look in your portfolio first next time I’m getting a new WP template.

Thank you so much for your kind comment and review! I really appreciate it. Happy to know that you and your friend like the theme! :)

Hi there, do you also support background music within your site? Greetings, Tom

Hi UXBARN! Thanks for the quick reply! Your work is also very cool! Its clean and simple! One of my personal favorite. But we (my customer and I) decided to take another template for our work, but keep on the good work. Greetings, Tom

Thank you so much, Tom! :)

My pleasure! ;-)

Hello, i bought your Theme for my Daughter yesterday. I setup it a little bit and now I have an Design Issue: http://srv7000.myds.me:12000/d/f/449759904157147139 That looks not same as the DemoSite… whats going wrong?

I would be grateful if you could help me. Cheers Oliver

Thank you for the URL. As I checked the source code, it looks like both of the portfolio items are currently using the “full-width” mode so they take the full space of a row.

To disable it, please open the edit screen of each portfolio item and select “No” for the full-width view (screenshot: https://cl.ly/301c6b4b1c1b ).

Kindly let me know if this helps.

@UXBARN many thanks. I really appreciate that. It works. Can you remove that Comment (w/ Link) for data protection reasons. Thanks ;-)

I myself could not remove any comments here, but I have already flagged it so the Envato team can review and might help remove it as requested. ;)

Pre Sale question: how easy will it be to implement FluiBox ?


The theme by default only use the Fancybox as a lightbox engine. So in case you would like to use another one, I am afraid you would need to manually customize the theme code.