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Discussion on Portfolio Theme | Air

Discussion on Portfolio Theme | Air

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I’m considering this theme for a small creative studio website. Is it possible to make it into a one page website with the following sections displayed: header image, portfolio preview, about section, blog preview, process section ?

Basically I’d like the page to have these sections, plus some info lists of my services, a subscription call to action/fill in form and if possible an Instagram widget somewhere.

I’m worried that this theme might be more of a showcase only.. so advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for your interest in our theme.

The portfolio template(portfolio preview) can be set with PageBuilder(about section, process section). The thing is that the “Blog” is a “template” also. It can not be set with portfolio.

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Thanks for the answer. Could you just clarify what you mean by ’’the blog can not be set with portfolio’’? Do you mean that there is no shortcode to make a one-page website with a blog preview included?


Hi, welcome

The “Portfolio” and “blog” is not shortcode. It is template:

Hello- I can’t seem to turn off the social sharing icons in the posts even when unchecking the “Show Sharing Buttons” option. Can you let me know how to remove them from my portfolio pages? Thank you!


We’ll check the option(Appearance > Theme Options > Layout: Enable Share Buttons for Project(Gallery Post) / Enable Share Buttons for Other Post Format)

Plz use the custom css(Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings : Custom Css) to force disable it:
.social-bar { display: none;}

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The theme option worked! Thank you so much for your help.

Hello Bwsm.

My website have updated recently version. But new version file have a bug, especially footer height. Will this bug fix soon?

I don’t wanna fixed a footer element position.

Hi, could you give more tips about the bug? (better leave your page url)


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To disable the fixed position of footer, please paste the style code to Custom Css (Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings : Custom Css):

#footer { 
    position: relative!important;
#wrap { 
    margin-bottom: inherit!important;

p.s. There has been the fixed position of footer from theme released. Did you change some theme file to custom?

Hi there,

Felt I absolutely had to leave feedback as quite simply this is hands down the best theme that I have tried (been making sites on Wordpress for over 9 years)!!

Super slick and highly customisable. Plus, a really thorough help page is provided too, which will be most helpful if you are new to messing about with themes/sites.

Great work guys! Thanks.

Hi davidmfraser,

Thank you very much for the review!

I appreciate your positive feedback about our theme. We do take pride in catering to our clients’ needs the best way we can.

Best Regards!


Hi bwsm! Love your themes, couple of questions in first …

Tried AIR with some older browsers (Safari Mac 5.1, iPad and iPhone iOS 6). The ‘more’/’+’ link doesn’t load the portfolio-list-images, there are clickable links, however, no images. There’s also no images at all visable on some pages: themes.uiueux.com/air3/portfolio/ or lightsaberarchive.dcmjs.com … so is there a Safari version support cut-off and which releases are still compatible?

The masking text fix for Firefox somehow doesn’t work for me either, it’s just a text-sized-box, without visible text; is there an easy way to disable those masking/parallax effects for non webkit browsers, so we don’t have to worry about emulating them? imgur.com/a/52DsR

Thanks for your time!

Try to use the custom css:
.Safari10.header-scrolled #logo {
  display: block;

Thanks, will try asap. You think we can get the MOBILE-2-tap/mouseover portfolio-grid function you recently added, to work with the gallery-post-+-portfolio as well? You know, so one can read the title before clicking the link on touchscreens … Thank you!

Yes, off course, will update.
If you have a new question, could you please open a new ticket? This topic is too long to affect the checking. Thanks!

Hello, many thanks for your WordPress Theme, it is awesome!

Could you please help me to figure out how to change font settings in headers (h1 – h3) – the font is too big, I tried to change settings in “appearance – theme options” area but i cant see any difference.

Also all video settings give me this result http://mycytruslife.com/2017/01/14/trip-cuba-introduction/?lang=ru (video is too big for the page). Thank you in advance!

Please paste the style code to Custom Css (Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings : Custom Css):

.entry h1 {font-size: 56px;}
.entry h2  {font-size: 46px;}
.entry h3  {font-size: 36px;}

It works, thank you!


The theme is great, but I don’t know where to go to change the homepage title.. It is set as ‘Air Design’ by default, but when I go to the Home page, I don’t see this text anywhere.

Also, how can I change the picture behind the title, and how can I put a logo instead of some text in the top right section?

Thank you :)

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme.

The section what you talked is built by BM Slider(Text Slider).

Please go to BM Slider, you’ll see the slider list. You could change the text and image.

ps. the doc: http://www.uiueux.com/documentation/air/index.html#!/bmslider

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Where do I go to edits the title, sub-title and image behind it that’s on the home page?

The Title: Air. Design.
The Subtitle: A creative design agency based in NewYork. We do live art, illustration, web design, App design and everything in between.

I figured out where to fix it.

Good for you :)

I do have another question. I’m home using the home1 design and I have my categories at the bottom of the screen but they go to the very bottom edge instead of having a space like there is in the sample.

My Design:

Your Design (what I want mine to look like):

I’m not sure why mine is doing that but if someone could help me out that would be great!!!

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

Please leave your page url(or send via my profile contact form). I need check this page


Bwsm – uiueux.comTwitterFacebookpage. Thanks!

Hi, It is the “standard” format post layout.

Bwsm – uiueux.comTwitterFacebook

Hi, how can I change the “Mouseover Effect” on images of “Post (Previous/Next) Navigation” on Project Item Page? Thank you.

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme. I don’t understand your question. Did you mean that to disable the Mouseover Effect of Post (Previous/Next) Navigation?

Bwsm – uiueux.comTwitterFacebook

I would like to change the kind of “mouseover effect” of Post (Previous / Next) Navigation, from “bordered mask (text left)” to “filled mask (text left)”. Thank you.


There is NOT mouseover effect option for Post (Previous / Next) Navigation. It’s possible by coding job, but it’s not included in our Free Support scope.

There is mouseover effect option for portfolio, please set it here(edit the portfolio page):

mouseover effect

Hi there, i keep coming back to air! i love the design, and the informative documentation/video tutorials as i am a bit of a novice when it comes to web design. a question: i cant see in the documentation any recommended dimensions for the thumbnails or gallery post images in order for the overall layout to aesthetically nice, and correct as such, when there are some landscape or portrait, or square images etc. any recommendations in respect to this? thanks

Hi, Thanks for your interest in our theme!

It depends what’s portfolio type(metro, masonry or standard grid) and columns.

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if it was a masonry grid, where there landscape, and portrait images together. is it a matter of just doubling the height or width of images so they align proportionally? any recommendations?

Hi, there are 3 kinds of image ratio for masonry grid(metro). The recommended dimensions: 2000 * 2000, 2000 * 750 and 1000 * 1500

Hi. Thanks for the wonderful theme. I tried to build the contact page, but I couldn’t activate google map on it. There occurs a problem with Javascript or something like that. How could I solve this problem?

Best regards, Sejin

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

1. Please go to Google to get a ApiKey: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/

2. Enter the Apikey here:


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Help I create the child theme ” air” but I have two problems 1. I cant not activate static page, she disappears the Menu and 2. I cant not imported demo data, I have this message Not successfully !

thanks See you !

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

1. I don’t understand this question. What’s the “static page” you talked? Better paste a screenshot or url. Thanks!

2. Try to use Import My Saved Data:
Demo data import

Click “choose file”, Demo data, pick up xml Pick up the default-demo.xml file, you could find the xml in /functions/theme/ folder. Click “Upload file and import”

The page will be shown, set author and attachment, click submit: Demo data

If it doesn’t work, please send your wp-admin(url/user/pass) via
my profile contact form , I’ll log in to check it.

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Hi, thanks for the wonderful theme

I built two websites with your theme, one for my portfolio and the other for temporal test.

But, here’s the question. I built the temporal site yesterday importing the data from portfolio page and edited them. On computer, everything is working very good, but on my iPhone, it doesn’t work well. When I touch a post once on the list, it became white and shows the title and category of it, and when I touch it once again, It should be open the linked page, but doesn’t work on my temporal site. However, my portfolio site works well both on computer and on iPhone.

What would be the problem?

my portfolio : sejin-lee.de the temporal site : sejin-hyuneum.de

best regards,


found that what the problem was.

When I turn off ‘show filters’, it doesn’t work on my iPhone. The post that is shown on the list is not linked and I cannot click twice to go to the page. Just a one click works in this time.

How should I do? I want to erase Filters in my temporal site

Hi, thanks for reminding.

Please paste the style code to Custom Css (Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings : Custom Css):

 .touchevents .grid-item .grid-item-con.air-hover .grid-item-con-text {
  z-index: 1000;
.touchevents .container-masonry:not(.ux-has-filter) .grid-item-cate,
.touchevents .container-masonry:not(.ux-has-filter) .grid-item-cate-a {
  pointer-events: none;

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Hi there, the template looks gorgeous, but I’m a beginner. Would you recommand it for my skill level ? Otherwise, i’m a photographer, i need my customers to download Hi res galleries. Would you think it’s easy to set up ?

Hi, thanks, glad you like our theme.

It doesn’t needs any coding knowledge. I think you maybe need time to learn how to use it. There is the fully documentation here.

There is the “download image” tab in lightbox(click arrow on right top), see: http://themes.uiueux.com/air/project-with-video/#&gid=1&pid=1 It will download the image what shown, I think maybe you download another image, do you? Maybe you need add link like(website link): http://themes.uiueux.com/air/asis-logos/

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Hi, does your theme support video in lightbox from portfolio pages and password protected portfolio pages? Thanks

Hi, thanks for your interest in our theme.

It doesn’t support video in lightbox. I supports password protected portfolio pages.

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Hi there,

Question with regards to them updates.

What is the easiest way to install the updated them? On Wordpress dashboard, there is no notification when an update is available. Is it a case of just having to check here periodically for updates, or is there a way to turn on ‘automatic’ updates?

Thanks! Fantastic theme.


Hi David,

If you want to want the notification on dashboard, I suggest Please check the post solution 1: http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/how-to-update-theme/

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Hi! Thanks for your fantastic theme :D I’ve a small problem, that seems to be in demo page too. Titles inside grid elements in homepage are unclickable. I’ve seen that you’ve recently solved this issue for mobile devices, but this problem comes out also on desktop.

I’ve istalled your theme’s latest version, and I’m testing it on Chrome/Firefox. How to solve this issue?

Thanks for your support. Cheers

Hi, thanks for reminding, quick fix:

download the file
– login FTP, go to: /wp-content/themes/air-theme/js/
– upload / replace: custom.theme.js

The fixed version will release soon.

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Hello, I am having some trouble with scrolling between the posts within the gallery. It is not properly scrolling between all of the posts, but rather only scrolling between two of the five posts. I updated my theme to the most recent version- 1.5.6. Can you let me know how to fix this issue? Thanks!


Did you talked the “Prev/Next” at bottom of single posts? Did you select the category(Appearacnce > Theme OPtions > Layout: Category for More Project Button On The Bottom of Gallery Post )?

If isn’t “Prev/Next”, which section you talked? Please give more tips. Better pasted a screenshot or url.

Bwsm – uiueux.comTwitterFacebook


Yes I am referring to the Prev/Next buttons which allow you to scroll between posts. I do have a specific category selected for all five posts which I want it to scroll through. My url is portfolio.jb-squared.com. There is a password on it which I can share privately via email if that’s possible.


I need check the wp-admin. Please send your wp-admin(url/user/pass) via
my profile contact form , I’ll log in to check it.


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