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Same here – man, what a bummer this template does not render in Outlook.

Hello Epicera,

Are you stopped with providing service for Airmail. problems with gmail and outlook are not solved.

Bad service if you sell something


I have buy this template yesterday whitout read any comments. This template d’ont work whit Gmail and Outlook 2007. Backgrounds images are unavailable. I want to be refound of my $ 12 paied by paypal. Thank’s

Hey there

Without reading the comments, I’ve blindly purchased this template too. It is not rendering in Gmail or Outlook at all.

Please respond to our comments immediately. We are note happy with the product your sold to us.

Thank you

I too am in the same boat. I’l take responsbility and say that I should have read the comments first – so the $10 is really a learning fee – but it’s not right to display that “all major” email software is supported when it simply does not work in Outlook and GMail – I’d say those are fairly “major.”

I would really love to buy this design … but it seems to be still useless even after 3 years of known issues. I guess there is no plan to update and fix … what a pity. :(

But please drop a message if something good happens here …

I purchased this too and have never been able to get it to work right. Disappointing. Giving up on it for the last time.

Hi -are the email templates compatible with Sendblaster ?


Not working without a loooooot of work. Too many images to embed, and a missing “screen.css” file on the package, that’s not serious??

Support comes to be extremely complicated so I just gave up here.

This work with Constant Contact?

Can i import this templates to Freshmail Email Marketing?

Awesome email, looks nice. Have you tested this on with their 40 email clients?

site is not loading. i guess you abandoned the project? shame