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Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a "Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

After updating WordPress to version 5.0, I can no longer edit my pages in WPBakery Page Builder. How to fix it?

TL;DR: Make sure you either:
a) open WPBakery settings and tick “Disable Gutenberg Editor” (if you have WPBakery Page Builder versions 5.5.5. or a more recent release),
b) download the latest AirPro theme and update just two of the bundled commercial plugins: WPBakery Page Builder and Booked plugin, or
c) completely update AirPro theme, like described in this FAQ article.

A little background:

First announced at the beginning of 2017, and after going through an intense period of development, the new editor (code-named “Gutenberg”) has finally arrived to WordPress core.
Starting from version 5.0, WordPress enforces the new editor as the default editor for posts, pages and other post types.

Bad news is: the new editor will break most of the page builders editing UI, because most of them partially relied on the old WP editor.
Example: Instead of looking like this, the edit form for a page will look like this.

So, since the internals of the new editor are not compatible with the existing page builders, a few updates were needed for most of the page builders out there, including WPBakery Page Builder.

Fortunately, after the latest plugin updates, the editing experience remains almost the same as before. For example, after opening a page for editing, the UI is showing two old familiar buttons (“Classic Mode” and “Frontend Editor”), with one additional button, “Gutenberg Editor”. It can be seen at this screenshot:
So, the editing process should be basically intact.

Note: This UI has been introduced with WPBakery Page Builder v5.6. For a few previous versions (v5.5.5. and it’s immediate predecessors) the buttons won’t be visible. However, even in this scenario it’s possible to revert to the old editing experience by going to WP admin -> WPBakery Page Builder -> General Settings, and ticking “Disable Gutenberg Editor”.


To use our themes, you must be running:
  • WordPress 4.7 or higher
  • PHP 5.6 or higher
  • and MySql 5 or higher
Many issues that you may run into such as: white screen, demo content fails when importing and other similar issues are all related to low PHP configuration limits. The solution is to increase the PHP limits. You can do this on your own, or contact your web host and ask them to increase those limits to a minimum as follows:
  • max_execution_time 180
  • memory_limit 128M
  • post_max_size 32M
  • upload_max_filesize 32M

To quickly check your PHP configuration, you can use a simple plugin like this one.

We have tested it with Mac, Windows and Linux. Below is a list of items you should ensure your host can comply with:
  • Check to ensure that your web host has the minimum requirements to run WordPress.
  • Always make sure they are running the latest version of WordPress.
  • You can download the latest release of WordPress from official WordPress website.
  • Always create secure passwords for FTP and Database.
  • Check official WordPress requirements page here.

How can I add a new column on the demo home page

We have prepared a video which illustrates how to add a new “Savings” column to AirPro home page.

However, the same approach could be used for other segments on pages created using WPBaker Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer).

Steps included are:
  • add new column to the row;
  • change width for all four columns (including the new one);
  • set background to the new column (in video it was a solid color, but could also be an image);
  • clone content from one of the previous columns, and move to the new one;
  • set padding to the new column;
  • reorder columns as desired.

How to change the word “Home” in breadcrumbs, and replace it with a different word or a translation

Changing the word “Home” in breadcrumbs includes adding a few lines of PHP code. It can’t be done using .POT file. Reason: Breadcrumbs are generated using a third-party plugin, so AirPro .POT file doesn’t directly affect it.

The custom code can be added using the default AirPro theme, or using the child theme.

To translate “Home” breadcrumb using the default AirPro theme
  1. open functions.php and add code, so your functions.php includes code from this snippet:
  2. Remember, don’t overwrite entire content of functions.php, just add the new code.
  3. in the code, replace “Home:Translated” with the word in your language (e.g. “Accueil”).
To translate “Home” breadcrumb using the child AirPro theme
  1. activate AirPro Child theme (you already have this child theme, it’s a part of your downloaded AirPro bundle, under name;
  2. upload and install the child theme;
  3. activate child theme;
  4. open functions.php of the child theme, and add code, so your functions.php (in AirPro Child theme) looks like this snippet:
  5. replace “Home:Translated” with the word in your language (e.g. “Accueil”).
Which approach to choose?
The first approach is faster and simpler. But, your change could be lost during a future AirPro upgrade, because functions.php could be overwritten. For this reason, it is advisable to do any customizations in the child theme.

I’ve tried to install the theme, but got error “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

This is a common error, and it usually indicates that a wrong .zip file was selected for upload during the theme installation.

To upload correct .zip archive, please do the following:
  1. Save the downloaded ThemeForest .zip archive (e.g. to your disk
  2. unpack the archive
  3. in WordPress admin dashboard, go to Appearance => Themes => “Add New” dialog
  4. browse to the unpacked archive and select

This should now correctly install the theme.

The process has been illustrated in our VIDEO instruction:

How can I add a new icon font?

New icon fonts can be referenced from an online resource, or loaded locally (downloaded to your server).

If the icon font will be referenced from an online resource (e.g.

  • install and activate AirPro child theme;
  • in child theme, open functions.php and enter the following lines of code: add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_airpro_scripts', 100 ); function my_airpro_scripts() { wp_enqueue_style( 'my-theme-icons', '', false ); }
  • create the styling for the desired element on page, using an appropriate selector. The styling can be created in Theme Options (WP admin -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS) or in style.css of the child theme. Example: .sf-menu.wh-menu-main ul li a { font-family: 'Zocial', sans-serif; font-size:22px; }

If the icon font has been already downloaded, and will be loaded locally:

  • install and activate AirPro child theme;
  • create a new folder under the child theme folder, e.g. “wp-content\themes\airpro-child\fonts”;
  • save the downloaded files into this folder;
  • in the new folder, create file “my-theme-icons.css”
  • open the file and enter content similar to this (replace “zocial” with the name of your icon font, and also make sure directory paths are correct): @charset "UTF-8"; @font-face { font-family: 'zocial'; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; src: url('../zocial/zocial-regular-webfont.eot'); src: url('../zocial/zocial-regular-webfont.eot?#iefix') format('eot'), url('../zocial/zocial-regular-webfont.woff') format('woff'), url('../zocial/zocial-regular-webfont.ttf') format('truetype'), url('../zocial/zocial-regular-webfont.svg#zocialregular') format('svg'); } .zocial-acrobat:before{content:"\00E3"}/* some classes removed for brevity */.zocial-youtube:before{content:"U"}
  • open functions.php for the child theme, and add the following lines of code: add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_airpro_scripts', 100 ); function my_airpro_scripts() { wp_enqueue_style( 'my-theme-icons', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/fonts/my-theme-icons.css', false ); }
  • again, the styling can be created in Theme Options (WP admin -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS) or in style.css of the child theme. Example: .sf-menu.wh-menu-main ul li a { font-family: 'Zocial', sans-serif; font-size:22px; }

When I try to save changes done in LayerSlider, I get an error message. How to proceed?

What the error looks like
The error will probably contain phrase “It seems there is a server issue that prevented LayerSlider from saving your work.” and look like this:
The reason for this error
This error is probably related to security infrastructure of your hosting provider. For example, tools like ModSecurity could block suspicious actions, related to your website. Generally, this is a good thing and it keeps your site safe. Unfortunately, a legitimate requests, like saving LayerSlider changes, are sometimes also blocked.
What can I do to solve this?
These steps can be done:
  • contact your hosting provider, explaining the symptoms
  • ask them to check logs, and to see what exactly was the reason for the blocked action (saving LayerSlider change)
  • if necesary, ask them to create a security exception, and allow this particular action for the future.

XML import not working

Many issues that you may run into such as: white screen, demo content fails when importing and other similar issues are all related to low PHP configuration limits. The solution is to increase the PHP limits. Check our requirements.

If you are not able to increase server limits you can try to switch temporarily to a default WP theme which is much simpler and switch back afterwords. Repeat the import process several times until you get the pages imported.

Don’t worry, media and the content already imported won’t be duplicated. Duplicated may be only menu items but you can quickly sort that out manually.

After importing demo content, visiting the blog page (“Tips & Tricks”) is giving me a 404 Not Found error. What should I do?

To fix the issue, login to your site back-end, go to Admin > Settings > Permalinks, and click “Save Changes” once. After this, the blog page (“Tips & Tricks”) should open as expected.

The theme gives option to select two colors, primary and secondary. What is affected?

Primary and secondary colors affect a number of visual color styles throughout the site: menu items, hover effects of elements, icons… Purpose of this feature is to quickly and easily change overall color scheme, enabling you to customize site colors according to your visual identity.

To change the primary color:
  1. go to Theme Options -> Styling
  2. select different value for “Primary Styling Color”.

Note: After this change, sometimes it’s necessary to refresh browser cache (“hard reload” the page):

The steps are illustrated by this video:

Is it possible to change website background color?

Yes. To change background color, login to your site back-end, and go to Admin > Theme Options > Body. Open the Body item, and select desired background color through the Background control.

While importing demo content, the page displayed “500 Internal Server Error” message. What should I do?

The problem is probably due to insufficient requirements. Check our online technical requirements list which will ensure smooth demo import.
Note: demo importing process can be resumed multiple times. If it fails once, just click the “Import Demo Data” button again, until the importing process is successfully finished.

Is it necessary to install demo content, supplied with the theme?

No. Your site will function corectly without imported demo content. Demo content has been provided simply as a quick and easy way to replicate site appearance and styling found on AirPro theme demo site.

Uploading my theme is giving me “Are you sure you want to continue” message, and upload stops. What should I do?

This is a symptom of insufficient server environment settings. After changing these settings, the error message shouldn’t appear anymore, and theme upload should continue as usual. For more information on changing server environment settings, refer to the corresponding FAQ item.

The automated demo import is broken. Is there an alternative way to import demo content?

Yes. In case the automated import fails, or seems broken, there is a set of manual steps which will recreated demo content on your site.

  1. Install required plugins

    Go to page Admin > Appearance > Theme Activation and install required plugins. To install plugins, click “Install required plugins” and follow instructions. After plugin installation is finished, return to the same page to enable installed plugins.

  2. Import demo site content

    Open Tools -> Import, find WordPress and click “Run Importer”. Browse to folder airpro/demo-content/site-content from the theme installable package, and open the .xml file (e.g. airprotest20170725.wordpress.2017-10-02.xml). Select the file and click Open.

  3. Import theme options

    Go to Admin > Theme Options > Import / Export and click “Import from File”. This will open a text area below. Browse to folder demo-content\redux from the theme installable package, and open the .json file (e.g. redux_options_airpro_options_backup_02-02-2017) and paste it to the text field. Finally, click “Import”.

  4. Import Layer Slider demo slider

    Go to Admin > LayerSlider WP and click “Import Sliders”. Navigate to demo-content\layer-slider and select the .zip archive (e.g. LayerSlider_Export_2017-02-24_at_20.23.16).

  5. Set menu locations

    Go to Admin > Appearance > Menus and select the “Manage Locations” tab. For “Primary Menu”, select “Main Menu”.

  6. Select front- and posts page

    Go to Admin > Settings > Reading. For “Front Page Displays”, select “A static page (select below)”. For “Front Page”, choose “AirPro Home”. For “Posts page”, select “Tips & Tricks”.

  7. Import demo widgets

    Go to Admin > Tools > Widgets Importer and Exporter and click “Choose File”. Navigate to demo-content\widgets and select the .wie archive (e.g.

  8. Configure settings for the events and promotions page

    Go to Admin > Special Offers > Settings. For “Events URL slug, enter “promotions” (without quotation marks). For “Single event URL slug”, enter “special-offer”.

Note: Demo content is optional, but has been proved useful to quickly get freshly installed WordPress websites up and running using AirPro theme.

How to hide the +Export button on special-offers page

Recommended way of removing this button is through a specialized plugin. This recomendation is given by ModernTribe, creators of The Events Calendar. More information, together with the link to the plugin itself, can be found here.

Layer Slider not showing

Layer Slider VC widget tries to display the slider with specific ID. If your slider ID is different than the slider will not show. This usually happen if you already have some sliders installed before you import our demo slider or first import default Layer Slider demo by mistake.

You need to edit Layer Slider widget on the page in question, re-select the slider and save.

Can’t import Layer Slider demos

In order to be able to import Layer Slider demos you need to have ZipArchive enabled on your server. To check if ZipArchive is enabled go to Admin/Layer Slider WP and click on “Import/Export” tab. In the right corner you should see a message “ZipArchive is available to import/export images” if ZipArchive is enabled.

Some plugins tell me I have to buy license. Is it necessary?

No. Commercial plugins, delivered through AirPro theme, have all necessary licenses. Sometimes commercial plugins display an info message, inviting you to upgrade your license or register for additional support or added functionality. But, this is not necessary. All plugins will work without this.

All premium plugins are included and updated with the theme.

Also, you don’t need to have the latest versions of the premium plugins in order for the theme to work properly. We check how premium plugins work together and with the theme before we include them in a theme update.

Some background info:

Each release of AirPro includes versions of premium plugins which are tested and fully compatible with that version of the theme, at the moment of release. Our strategy is to have periodic AirPro releases, focusing on the theme stability.

Additional note:
Commercial plugins are included as “bundled plugins”, according to Envato classification.
Here are some more details about this concept.

Is it possible to translate website to languages other than English?

AirPro theme is delivered with the translation template file, airpro.pot. The file is located in languages folder (/wp-content/themes/{theme}/languages). Edit the .pot file using a program like Eazy Po. During the translation, strings in corresponding language should be typed into translation fields. From the file menu, save file with your language name e.g de_DE.po. It will generate both a .po and .mo file for your translation. Go to Admin/Settings/General and select Site Language. In our example select Deutsch. Make sure to make a copy of the generated files before you update the theme.

Make sure to make a copy of the generated files before you update the theme.

Google Map not showing

Google is making updates to their GMaps API – Read the following article

In order to make your maps working again you need to do the following:
  1. Get your API key here.
  2. Go to Admin/Theme Options/Misc/Google Maps API key and insert your generated API key.

Support Working Hours

Creatopus Themes Support Hub

9:00 – 17:00 Week Days (GMT + 2)

After the latest AirPro update, a textual shortcode appeared around a home page gallery. Is it an error with the theme? If not, how to remove it?

The symptom looks something like this:

This isn’t an error.
Instead, the text around one of the galleries (shortcode text) has probably appeared because recent versions of AirPro removed support for Smart Grid Gallery (SGG) gallery plugin, and moved to Justified Gallery.
Because of this, the old SGG shortcodes have remained, but they’re not used anymore.

To fix this:
  • open the home page for editing;
  • locate the gallery on the page. It will be an instance of WPBakery Text Block;
  • open the block for editing, open the “Text” mode and delete everything except the gallery shortcode itself. This image illustrates the necessary change.

Some demo pages (e.g. under “Services” menu) list other pages in the sidebar. Is it possible to rename/reorder/remove these links?

The links in the sidebar are actually sibling pages of the current page.
Such links are displayed on all pages which are using “Sidebar – Left with Child Pages” template (so the exact list depends on the current page).

Each page link on the left side in the “Sidebar – Left with Child Pages” has been generated using the page’s original title.
So, the only way to change the text title in the sidebar is to change the actual page’s title in WordPress:

  1. go to WP admin -> Pages;
  2. open the page for editing, change the title and save changes.
Please note that after that it is possible to continue using the old page title in the main menu:
  1. go to WP admin -> Appearance -> Menus;
  2. locate the menu and the desired page, and change the “Navigation Label” text.
The following short video illustrates the entire process:

If you want to completely remove this list, the easiest way is to use a different page template, like e.g. “Full Width”.
There are other ways, but that one is the quickest.
Please note that page template “Sidebar – Left” is using the “Primary” sidebar, not the “Child Pages” sidebar.
So, switching to that one will replace entire sidebar area.

The following video illustrates the process of reordering/removing:

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