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I like this one. Great job!

Thanks Jorre. :)

This is really pretty. But I just want the background image… :)

:) Hi WP, thanks. If you send your email address to me, i can send it to you

I am not sure I understand this template. Where is the page content?

Hi, if you mean that from source code, i encrypted it. :)

Of course when you buy it that you are going to download full version without encrypted

Irony:) The demo is 404

nice, please advise if it has instruction on how to use. Just checking to get 404 error page to work do we just use template and upload to server or are their server side edit we must do to get it to work?

Just wanted to know before we purchase template. Thanks

hi of course you should firstly edit to work like search panel in this theme, then you can upload your server and you can use it easly this is just a template for 404 error pages. thanks.

Nice work AK,
cant wait till i bind it to my database. Probably will contact you soon. :-)

Hope you get it soon thanks :)

wat sup, good work.I have only 1 question…Why you are selling this,if everybody can download for free how i was?)

Thanks, if you check source code of that clone template you will see that is already encrypted by me so you can not edit that clone 404 theme. If you buy ak-404 error page, you are going to download unencrypted one.

Live Preview is not working anymore

lol just a little bit ironic the live preview is missing.

I think its time you do a little updating like fixing your live preview.