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Akihabara Wordpress Theme

Akihabara Wordpress Theme

Full Wordpress 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.2.1, 3.3.1, 3.3.2, 3.4 and 3.4.2 Compatibility!

Named after the famed electronics shopping district in central Tokyo, Akihabara is a premium WordPress theme with a sleek, modern design.

Akihabara’s custom theme options simplify the process of creating and editing key elements of the Web site, including banner ads and the jQuery slider on the homepage. The theme also provides three page templates, including a Contact Us page with a built-in contact form and a Gallery page that uses FancyBox.

As you add content to your Web site, you may want to display text in a format other than a one-column layout. Akihabara provides easy-to-use shortcodes to break your text down into quarter, half, one-third, one-fifth or three-quarter columns.

Theme Features:
  • 5 accent color options for buttons and links
  • Homepage with jQuery slider
  • 3 page templates:
    • Blog
    • Contact Us with a built-in contact form
    • Gallery with free Lightbox gallery integration
  • Placement of up to 8 banner ads on the Blog and Gallery pages
  • Subpage menu in the sidebar
  • Custom theme options to help you easily set up:
    • A custom logo
    • Color options
    • The homepage slider
    • Social links
    • Banner ads
    • The footer
    • Google analytics
  • Navigation menu
  • Simple shortcodes for creating five different columns:
    • Quarter
    • Half
    • One-third
    • One-fifth
    • Three-quarter
  • Detailed documentation with screenshots

Release History

Version 1.2 – 07/18/2011 – updated to Wordpress 3.2
Version 1.1 – 07/01/2011 – updated to Wordpress 3.1
Version 1.0 – 2010/08/31 – inception!