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i like it – do you have a WP version coming?

Thanks, mate. I think WordPress version is definitely great idea.

awesome work man! :bigwink:

Thanks, mate :)

Way to go Palvle! Good luck with sales!

Thanks, mate. I really appreciate that :)

Finally, you have done it. Good luck with sales :)

Yep, finally got approved. I hope that sales will get better :)

Absolutely love the template. One question, is there a way to remove required fields from the form? Or for instance, change Telephone to Server Name or something of the sort?

First of all, thank you for purchasing my item :)

To make a field non-required and to skip data check, go to HTML /contact/sendmail.php, about line 100 you will find a lot of ‘if’ and ‘elseif’ statements, find one that you are looking for (in your case for Telephone its ‘tele’) and set both variables $pass = 0; instead of default $pass = 1;

I think this solves both of your problems, if not, feel free to contact me again.

Don’ forget to rate my item :)

hey there…looking to use this template to sell some webhosting i would like to sell. I am curious to know how hard this will be to integrate so users can easily pay through paypal. i understand this is a landing page, but i’m trying to figure out what else i will need to set up in order to have this landing page functional and ready for sales.

thanks for any input you can provide, looks like a great landing page!

Thank you very much for your kind words.

Honestly, I have no expirience in PayPal integration, one of main reason is that it’s currently not available here in Serbia. I guess this could help you:

I think my answer was what were you looking for, if not, reply to me.

Hope you will be up and running with PayPal very soon :)

Good to see you got it approved, nice work :)

Srecno sa prodajama!!

Thanks, mate :)

Kako ide sa tvojom temom?

Super! Preporucujem da krenes sa wordpressom jer tu ima mnogo vise para :)

15 godina tek? Do 20te Plutonijumska sapa ;)

‘Ladno mi mocarg ostavio komentar :D

Hvala puno, druže, korak po korak, valjda ce i ta Plutonijumska šapa doci :)

Love the template. Excellent support, needed a modification Pavle modified it and emailed the modification within minutes. Recommend 100%

Thank you very much :)

Hey pavle, love the template.

I’m having trouble with the ajax on the contact form, it isn’t working at all and it doesn’t look well when it takes you to a blank page with text on it :(

Thank you for purchasing and your kind words. :)

Could you send me message via my marketplace profile with your site details, so I can help you further?

Kind Regards, Pavle

Hi pavle! Beautiful template, I must say. Is it possible for you to add another pricing table under the one that’s already there? Im selling both shared & reseller hosting and therefore I want to list both on the website.

Hi! I’m sorry for responding this late. With some minor code tweaks you could easily add another table to this template.

Kind Regards, Pavle