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I am trying to use the footer columns, but even though I put everything in separate column fields in the options menu, everything is being shoved to the left side and it is a big jumbled mess, is there a special way to get them all lined up nice and neat like the rest of the column areas on my blog?

the items that I want to put in the columns are buttons, such as Alexa, Page Rank, and Feed Counter if that makes a difference.


Here’s how to get support:

Come on over to the support forum, and I’m sure we can get you all sorted out. ;-) And make sure when you post, that you provide a link to the website you’re working on.

Twitter Functionality

As of June 2013, Twitter has completely cut of v1 of their API along with all RSS feeds, and so the Twitter widget included in the theme will no longer work.

However, since this, we’ve created Tweeple, a free WordPress plugin you can incorporate with your Theme Blvd theme to harness the power of the latest Twitter API.

After you’ve setup your Twitter Authentication settings and configured a Twitter feed, you can use the plugin’s “Tweeple Twitter Feed” widget. —This will give you a similar visual result as the theme’s “Theme Blvd Twitter” widget once did.

Is there an easy way to remove the TB button on the editor?

I have a question before I buy the theme, is it possible to use a footer with a different background color? I see that the footer is transparent and uses a same color as the website background. I would like to have a footer and background having different colors, is it possible?


There’s no option for this, unfortunately, but this would just be a CSS customization you’d want to make from your Child theme.

This has actually come up before in our support forum, where CSS snippets have been provided.

Excellent. One last question, I have seen that the navigation bar has alight effect when people however on the link. Is it possible to change the background color of the link when people hover on them?

Thanks a lot, I know CSS the issue is that for instance when I added the navigation bar sometimes it changes the # name. As long as I have the element name I will be fine. I’ll buy it and post within the forum. Thanks a lot,

I have bought it and added the license number but still I can’t access to the forum and see your replies to people’s comments.

Actually, I can now. I’ll contact you there. Thanks for your help and this wonderful theme.

Hi- presales question. Am considering between Akita & Stealth; I like the blog page better in Akita, but the functionality of Stealth seems better – true? Can the blog page in Stealth be set up like it is in Akita (meaning small pics, standard post excerpt size, etc)? thks.

You definitely want Akita. Akita’s functionality is immensely better, a hundred times over. All of our responsive themes run on a shared theme framework that keeps getting better and better. Stealth is an older theme that does not run on this framework at all. It will most likely inevitably get removed from ThemeForest as we push more products.

Out of curiosity, can I ask what makes you think Stealth has better functionality? Is it marketing materials on the product pages or how features are worded? Or something about the live demos?

Oh, thanks for telling me this! Yep, the marketing (including videos, etc) on Stealth is what made me think so.

Hi – I’m thinking of purchasing Akita- does it support Woocommerce? I also noticed there have been no updates since Aug 2012 and was wondering if its OK with latest version of Wordpress


Yup, you can get basic WooCommerce support by installing this plugin:

And yes, the theme definitely works with the latest version of WordPress. Also, we’ve got a huge update coming hopefully just after WP 3.6 gets released in the next couple weeks.

Thats great – thanks for your help!

Must be real nice to be include the “Featured Image Link” in the “Theme Options / Content” for the post, it will be very useful.

I LOVE this theme!!! Have been trying to get this website done for 3 months and have finally found a theme that works all the way thru, not completely done yet but will be by end of month. The support and tutorials are AWESOME. I’m just an “ordinary” WP user, not a developer. If I ever need another theme, am coming back to Theme Blvd for that reason alone! (Jason – will you please tell me again where to rate the theme – I can’t ever remember. :-) )

Hey there, thanks for that! That’s great to hear. I’m glad it’s working out for you.

Ratings are great, can’t have enough good ratings! :-) ... Here on ThemeForest, go to My Account > Downloads, and where you download the Akita theme, you’ll see some stars to the right side where you can rate the product you’re downloading.

Yep, that’s right, remember now…done! :-)

I purchased this theme and registered on your support forum, but when I go to the Akita Responsive Theme forum, I get a 404 Page Not Found Error. If I log out, then click on the forum, I can see the questions but not your responses. Couldn’t figure out how to contact you over there, so thought I’d try here. Can you help me get access to the forum?


I apologize. I’ve had some issues updating bbPress today. All should be working now.

Now that WordPress 3.6 is released, do you have a time frame on akita update? Thanks.

We’re just working on a time frame of my FTP program and the ThemeForest reviewers at this point. ;-)

is it possible that the change logs and version changes mentioned here and on the complete-change-log page can be updated ! I find it very confusing! The main page only goes up to 1.X versions and the full changelog page says 2.0.0 coming soon ! Such a great theme is let down a bit by sloppy documentation! Cheers, Dave

These updates were approved by ThemeForest review staff in another part of the world literally moments before you posted this comment. And now that the sun has come up where I live and I am at the helm, all changelogs are up to date. ;-)

Hi I am using Akita version 1.0 and noticed some problems with the responsiveness as far as resizing images. Instead of the images scaling down they are just squeezed down in size without keeping the proportion. Just wondering if this has been corrected in any of your latest updates or if there is anything else I can do. Thanks.


Here’s how you can get support, and we’ll get you all squared away:

Hi there,

This may have been asked before and if so, I apologize for the duplicate question. Is it possible to have a slider in one of the side bar widgets? Or if not, can we set the page to full width and have two columns; one with text and the other with a slider, side by side? Thank you for your time. My client had chosen a different theme initially, but having worked with another of your themes before, I know the quality and functionality and am steering them this way. Thanks for you time.


You cannot have a slider in a widget, but you can definitely setup a full width page with colums and have a slider in one of the colums. There is a [slider] shortcode; so you can essentially put it anywhere that allows shortcodes. And then sliders are responsive in order for them to scale down where ever you place them.

I just wanted to stop by here this morning and rave about what a great theme developer that ThemeBlvd is!!! If you are thinking of buying a WordPress theme just narrow your search to something from ThemeBlvd and I know you will be thrilled with the theme!

We bought Akita from ThemeBlvd and Jason has been so helpful every time we have needed support. And he really knows his stuff! Here is a funny story to illustrate…

We recently bought a new theme from a different theme developer because it had certain features we thought we needed. But when we need support we always get a friendly, “Sorry, but we cannot help but you can hire a consultant to help!” So earlier today we were running into a crazy problem on that other theme and a certain plugin that we really love. When we started researching it, the plugin developer had identified problems with the theme that was causing this behavior!!

So now we were stuck, right? Well, as I’m reading through posts about this problem I happened to see Jason’s name pop up in one of the discussions. And even though this was not his theme or his plugin, he offered a fix for the problem. So I thought, “I got nothing to lose” so I tried it and…IT WORKED!

Thank you Jason for helping me over this hurdle and I promise we are a ThemeBlvd customer for life!!


Thanks for posting and the kind words! Usually people don’t post or rate unless they have an issue. And great story!

Hi there, I have a presales question… I’m interested in purchasing Akita… Nice Theme I think…Is there a extended license too? Thanks for your effort and answer Wolfy

I am no lawyer; so if you’d like to read up on GPL Licensing, here is the full breakdown ;-)

And I’ve never tested any of these plugins, unfortunately. So, I couldn’t tell you.

Hi, is it possible to insert raw html code e.g. autoresponder or anything else…?

Sure, why not ;-)

Hi there, Really clean theme, Ive bought it long time ago. But just started using it. Nice work ;)

But somehow ive got a black/dark line just as the same height as the footer. A just cannot remove it.

Was wondering, is there perhaps a quick fix for this?

Hope you can help me out.

Regards jeff

Sorry but your support is terrible!

I understand you’re frustrated, but please be patient and you will receive a response to your question. It is a holiday weekend, and I am still going through and answering everyone’s questions that are posting through the proper channels. I will get to yours very soon.

Hi Jason, sorry for my behavior! That was idd rude.

I’m very interested in your themes based on the strong rating of your framework and support (two things that have been lacking in a previous theme I purchased). I’m looking at Akita and Alyeska. Other than the aesthetic differences, are there any primary differences in capability or options?

I am working on a site for a film festival, so it will have a lot of entries for individual films and I will need to be able to display galleries with film synopses for a variety of film categories. Also will be playing video either from videopress, youtube/vimeo or self hosted. I like how well your responsive themes work as we want a very mobile friendly site.

Finally, I also came across your theme “Breakout” but don’t see that on your portfolio. Is that an older theme that has been retired?

Thanks for any assistance you can give. Ron


Thanks for your interest and kind words!

No, other than aesthetic differences and the specific style options that accompany those aesthetics, there’s not a whole lot that is different. We do our best to keep everything working mostly consistent from theme to theme.

So, with both themes, once you get past the Theme Options page, you’re looking at pretty much all of the same features that you get with our exclusive plugins, like custom layouts, sliders, shortcodes, widgets, etc.

For an exact breakdown of theme options on each product (if you want to really compare), you’ll find screenshots on the Item Details page for each product.

The way our themes handle videos is essentially by allowing WordPress to do its thing (more info and remember self hosted videos support starting with WP 3.6). Our themes then just add a little bit of extra to make the videos scale responsively with the theme.

Over on the Mojo-Themes marketplace, we’ve got Breakout and Prime Time. These are by no means retired. We still fully support these themes and they work perfectly with the latest version of WordPress. It’s just that around ThemeForest they do their best to not let us link to them anywhere.

However, here on ThemeForest, we’ve recently released huge updates to Alyeska, Akita, Swagger, and Barely Corporate. These updates are just a few months away from making it to Breakout and Prime Time (and Arcadian here on ThemeForest).

So I want to add custom code in the footer—Google Analytics with custom categories. There is no footer.php in the child theme. Shall I copy the footer.php from the parent theme and add this code to it?

_gaq.push([‘_setCustomVar’, 1, // This custom var is set to slot #1. Required parameter. ‘Category’, // The top-level name <?php $category = get_the_category(); echo ”$category0->cat_name”; ?>, // Sets the value of “Category” to the page category. 3 // Sets the scope to page-level ]);