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Is there a way to remove the ‘Portfolio, ‘Services’ and ‘Homepage’ menu from the admin panel for all users except the admin?

Hi, please try this plugin it was created to do what you need.

is it compatible with wordpress v3.5.1 ?


Yes, i updated to the latest version in my local server and had no problems with the theme.

Hi Manuel – I sent you a private message about a month ago regarding some customizations to my portfolio. Did you receive that? Please let me know if I need to resend. Thanks!

Hi tclarise

Please resend it, make sure that you send the message from my profile page :) thank you!

How do I change the email address that the contact form directs the messages to?

Hi mathewasgari

You can find the information in the documentation file included with the theme.

I, can you tell me how to update nivo slider? Needed to upgrade to be able to use a jquery plugin for creating forms, in doing so the slider crashed.

Tks Carlos

Hi everyone

We spend the last couple of weeks working on a custom support forum because it became really hard to provide a good support for everyone with the comments section and emails.

I know that this might be frustrating for some of you but it was necessary, we needed a way to get notifications when an new question or bug is posted, let the users search the forum and have everything in it’s place so we can provide a fast and amazing support.

We created the support forum because it’s the only way for us to provide a better support so please if you have questions or comments, please use the new support forum:

Please note We will not answer support questions through email anymore, only for specific cases. Thank you.

Would love to be one of your many customers. Any plans to make this theme responsive? Thx

Hi deej

Well, we are considering to make it responsive but it’ll take us some time, for now i’m 80% sure that we’ll make it responsive but we need to finish other projects first.

Well, I’ve purchased it then and I’m going to invest some time developing a site around it now, so I sure hope you do. Willing to donate to accelerate. :)

ps… is there a dummy content xml for this theme? That would be most useful. Thx.

Just sent you the xml file :)

One more question: is the black version WordPress (not html)? Thx

Finally got set up in your support forum. Hope I get some answers there. Thx.

Hi your comment was already answered in our support forum :)

I know. Thanks. :)


The question above was based on your own statement in the Item Details section: “If you click in the black version you will be redirected to the html version, is exactly the same well almost (The wordpress version has a dropdown menu)”. I have since bought the theme and I’m clear now on this. Thx.

BTW, the “yet-another-related-posts-plugin” has changed so much that your directions in the help file aren’t applicable any more. We had to disable it. Thx again.

Please delete this post » not needed.

Hey there, I’ve got a question. I’m trying to change the height of the logo placement on the homepage. (I need it about 10 pixels higher than it is now.) Where can I edit that? Thank you!


You can use this code:

  margin-top: -10px !important;

You can add that code at the end of the file style.css, if you need more help please post your question in our support forum here

Thank you!

Why the LIVE PREVIEW doesn’t work anymore? 404 error…

UMM Still not working when i click on the LIVE PREVIEW button?!

Hi, we updated the link in the item description but ThemeForest is still displaying the old one (not sure why), here is the link in the mean time

We’ll contact ThemeForest to check the errors with the preview links.

All rite thant a lot :)

MC Studios has reformatted their support forum, deleted all support posts, and blocked users from logging in and posting new support questions. WTF??? are you guys business people or thugs? And, BTW, where’s the responsive version we’ve been promised. I never would have bought your theme otherwise!!!

Looks like a letter of complaint to Envato and a refund is in order!

OUTSTANDING!!! Exactly right, and now, you will have a solid customer for life my friends. I will be happy to test the new version, offer feedback and even donate additional funds. Cheers!

Hi MC,

I tried to leave feedback on your new support forum but I am unable to re-register with my Envato username and purchase code. Since I have no plans to change my Envato username, how can we solve this?

So, we have been testing the beta responsive version for you as requested and can report the following issues for your consideration:

1. The logo size options are fixed and do not allow for a large logo to appear when viewing on a desktop browser and have it shrink with mobile downsizing like the images and thumbs do in posts. This would be most helpful for those of us who want our logos to pop as much as possible.

2. The BX slider panels seem to overlap and not display correctly on mobile devices.

3. The Lightbox popup overlays are tiny and cramped on mobile devices… it would be nice if they filled the screen as much as possible in response to size and orientation.

4. The appearance of footer widget options seemed exciting (!), but it turns out that no actual widgets will appear in the footer, and the admin area just allows for the copyright info and a logo as before. It would be nice to have actual widget capability in the footer.

All in all, the transition to the responsive version was painless and impressive. A great step forward, and we look forward to some further refinements and hopefully a functional support center. Keep up the great work!

Oh, I forgot one:

5. Top Buttons (admin) work when logged in, but custom Top Button links do not work when logged out.

Is the new responsive version now updated? Saw the video and loved it ;)

Btw, the .po is still there right


Hello, I am trying to add hyperlinks to external websites on my pages, but I cannot seem to get it to work. Every time I try it just adds the URL that I am attempting to link to to the end of my .com address. I’ve looked through the comments, FAQ, documentation and googled this issue, but can’t seem to find the answer. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!


Nevermind, figured it out!


Love the theme! But for some reason my slideshow on the homepage has stopped working. It only shows the first slide and won’t go to the next or any other slide. You can view it here:

Any suggestions?


HI very nice template and very clean. I need to know if I could install a plugin for online auctions like this:

I had downloaded the latest version but the responsive function doesn’t work. Any idea?

Hi is this theme still available?