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Fresh and fantastic job. Good luck untuk agan Ridianur :)

thanks juga agan vikcystudio :)

Awesome Onepage Theme ! GLWS :)

thanks metrothemes :)

Good Job, GLWS ;)

thanks ThemeCafe :)

Happy new year and wish you the very best with sales. Congrats.

Kind Regards,

Happy new year and wish you the best too Bedros :)

Hi ridianur, your new theme looks great. I´m a happy customer of your theme SUGAN. Bookmarked for my next projects!

best wishes for 2014 mike

Shorts questions:

1) Does this theme have the same (or similar) theme option panel like SUGAN?

2) Is it possible to set a color for buttons, icons and price tables etc.?

thanks for your answer in advance

greetings mike

Hi Mike,best wish to you too in 2014 ;)
1. Yes it has similiar theme option panel like suganwe, and every section now is created within custom post type, so the data will be in there even if you change the theme.
2. Yes, there is option to change color in theme option, but its only for general. If you need detailed style, you can always input the new style in css box inside the theme option. And you can set your own icon for pricing table. Feel free to contact me later if you find difficulty about this.


Good job!Good luck :)

thanks ThemeRox :)

Very nice design, like it! GLWS :)

thanks GfxPartner :)

thanks louiejie :)

Great Portfolio Theme! GLWS!

thanks Defatch :)

Hi there, I’m interested in purchasing this theme but would like to ask a few questions.

1) For the portfolio/work display, is it possible to show a series of images? 2) Are we also able to provide clients with a separate URL that goes straight to a particular project?



Hi there,
1. This is the example link for single project url http://theme.ridianur.com/alamak/portfolio/no-one-knows/
2. I think you can do that. There is option to used it in gallery slider, and if you dont want it, you can input your images into the post. And you can use shortcode to style it like you wanted.
3. You can turn off the parallax effect by adding some css line in custom box css in the theme option.
Hope this help and thanks for your king word :)

Cool! That is very helpful. Will get the theme :)

Thanks and feel free to contact me if you find some trouble about this theme :)

Looks great to me. GLWS!

Thanks ThemeREX :)

You have something wrong in template files: homepage-video.php and homepage-slider.php have same header /* * Template Name: Alamak Homepage Slider * Description: Alamak Homepage Slider */ Please fix it. Thanks!

You can download the update now :)

Great, thanks!

You’re welcome :)

This will be my first time using themeforest and I thought this was the most proficient template to drive the brand I’m trying to create. I’m trying to establish a blog-post format via wordpress but I’ve created a video header that Alamak seems totally good for.

I was just wondering before I purchased this if I can just reduce this to just a video-header and right below via scrolling the latest daily updates can be published. Would that work?

I plan to publish dailies and content from other social networks with a twitter sidebar. Is this all possible with Amador?

Hi there, Yes it can. I can help you a bit about that, but im not able to provide any modification beyond showing video in blog page.

That’s all I would need. Exciting! If you’re up to make that tiny calibration, I’ll order it and get it working as much as I can (:

Sure :) feel free to contact me via my profile page after that

I love the theme, i’m a photographer and I like the way the theme looks, congratulations.

is it possible to add a photo gallery to the theme? how can i do that if i want to create a space for my customers to see their photos.

I want to by the theme

Thanks for your help

Hi andrestheshark, im glad that you like it :)
What do you mean by photo gallery? I mean do you need new section to display the gallery?
I think you can add gallery in home page slider if you want to display the photos of your customer.

Hi, Is this theme WPML compatible?

Hi keggy :)
Unfortunately, this theme doesn’t support WPML plugin yet. But you can change most of the text in theme option and inside each post.


What version of WP was this built for?

Hi mikehern :) its build for WP 3.6 to WP 3.8

Great job on this template, it’s beautiful. However; removing the “Root Relative URLs” plugin fixed a ton of problems that I was having. Not sure what that was meant for, but maybe it should be removed as a necessary plugin from the next update.

Hi mikehern, thanks for the info.
Do you have problem with the permalink?
Im not really sure what plugin did you mean that causing error.

Awesome theme. Two questions

1. Is it possible to have a client login page?

2. For portfolio section is it possible to have a grid display of just images without the supported text?

Hi GaurangDhebar , thanks for your kind words :)
1. This default theme doesnt have that functionality right now. But i think you can use some plugin for that. But i havent try it yet.
2. I think its possible by some line of css or you can change the code in php. But i think its safer to use css inside css box in theme option.


Hi, this theme doesn’t support WPML plugin :( but I have FR / En / Es on the site, which plugin is compatible? cheers,

Hi Oliverofmars :)
Really sorry for this inconvenience, but this theme doesnt support WPML plugin right now. But you can change most of the text with your own language. But it only can show 1 language at the time. But if you want use some plugin, you can used this http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-translate/


thank you for your quick response but “WP translate” is dynamic with Google so not very accurate. It’s a shame because more and more website are bilingual

You’re welcome :)

A couple questions… I am working with the theme (and I really like it) but I have a couple things to ask:

1) I’m trying to get the menu to work and I can’t seem for the life of me to get it so they go to the different sections of the site.

2) Is it possible to change the order/remove sections that I don’t need? For Example: Homepage Slider > Biography > Portfolio > Content Box > Contact, etc.

Please let me know,


Hi WScottForbes :)
Thanks for buying and your kind words .
1. Do you mean how to put the link in the menu? You can see the example in documentation about how to create menu in homepage. Example, if you want to create menu for contact section, insert #contact for menu url. Remember there are 2 menu location. Main Menu in Homepage and Menu in Blog and Pages. For further information you kind check the documentation
2. Unfortunetly there is no option for change the order of the sections. But you can simply remove the section that you dont need with css. example if you want to remove “About” section, you can add this css in custom css box inside theme option


Hope this help

Alright, I don’t seem to have the option to add a URL into the menu option, that’s the problem.

Hi there, First you should choose “Links” at the left in Menu page, and input your link in there and the title and add to your new menu.
You can view this tutorial for better explanation http://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/
hope this help

Hi I have downloaded the theme etc and it is sitting on my desktop as a zip file. I also joined Wordpress as a blog so how exactly do I get the theme to open up so I can see it and customize etc? Do I need to know programming language to do it? Trying to do as much as I can by myself before calling in the expert web designers! Help!

ok got it. ignore my email :D

Thanks so much for all your help! You are awesome!

You’re welcome alynxx ;)