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Could you please confirm if the theme includes PSD´s of each section?

Thank you!!


Hi Janmi :)
There is no PSD files included in this theme :(


Thanks for your fast answer ridianur!

you’re welcome Janmi :)

I seen someone ask the same question. I would like it as well.

In the portfolio area, I would like the title and image clickable so it behaves like the “View Detail” link and opens the details of a project.


hi jayare ,
Just message me from my profile so i can tell you there.

Hi, I like this theme, very elegant. I just like to know if it’s possible to have menu and submenu on this one ?

Hi sylvio64 :)
Im glad you like it, yes you can have menu and submenu for this theme. You can check submenu sample in here http://theme.ridianur.com/alamak/blog/


so that’s very cool, this theme is awesome. I’ll show it to my client and I’ll bought it if he likes it. Congrat for your work

thanks :)

Hi ridianur,

Thank you for this awesome theme! Looks really good. Quick question. On the homepage, i would like to set the section about before portfolio. Do you have an option for that in the theme?

Kind regards,


Hi Robin :) There is no option for that right now, but i will try to add that for next update. If you really want to do that right now, just message me through my profile. I’ll help you there


Thank you for your response. I moved the whole about section code above the portfolio section, so now its fine :)

ok great! :)

Hola de nuevo. Esta vez me gustaría saber cómo has conseguido que en tu página. Que los enlaces tales como portfalio, about, service, etc al pinchar te bajen o suban a la parte de la plantilla que tiene que ir.

Hi again. How is the weekend going? Mine its being pretty stressed as Im having trouble again :P I´d really appreciate if you could please tell me how did you manage in your web to make those anchor links, such as “Portfolio”, “about”, “Services”, etc work that way. I mean i want to do the same in my web www.sanfeliceslapelicula.com “Dosier” “Sobre Nosotros” “Contacta” I would love when pressed they took you at the bottom of the page and so. Is it possible, if so how?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there; How are you doing this morning? We are currently creating a gallery as a post inside “portfolio”, but our pictures seem to appear pixelated. Your pictures inside portfolio-no one knows look terrific! What size did you use to upload your pictures?

Thanks in advance! :)

Yeah! we just got it! thanks anyway :)

ok great :)

Hiya – me again! I am doing my “About Us” section and I can see my first post but the second post I made is published but not showing as a second tab to click like it does on your example one. Can you help please?


Don’t worry I figured it out!

Thank you – got it! It’s coming along…

Ok great :D

Hi Ridianur,

I’m very new to Wordpress and I got few questions to ask:

1. Even though I’ve read through your documentation file, I can’t seems to found any way to add any content to the Home Page’s section (e.g. About, Services, etc..) except for the big and small titles from Theme-Options panel. Is there something wrong in the panel that it doesn’t show any content addition function?

2. I’ve made some modification on the homepage-video.php file (change the order of the section and remove testimonial & twitter parallax). I need three quote parallax instead of testimonial & twitter, is it possible to create three different quote parallax? For now it seems all three are the exact same quote with same background pics.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi there,
1. Try to install “Alamak Plugin Bundle” first. And after that you can add content for each section in custom post in your wp admin.
2. You can email me about this. But i wont responsible if anything change after you updated this theme :P


Hi Ridianur,

Thanks for all your help! I finally completed my website and it’s good to go! :D Your template is awesome and the support you provided also fabulous! Definitely high recommended! ^^

Regards, MMI Group

thank you MMI Group :)

Hi guy, question about google fonts, How does it handle google fonts? I just tested in the backoffice (which is very clear, good), there’s a lot of fonts that do not pass, is this normal? as in the HEADING MAKE LINK, I put ”<link href=’http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto+Condensed:300italic' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>” and it does not refreshes, and this is not a history of cache, I tried on another browser …

Hi there have you input the “Heading Font Family” ?

font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;

yes I already tried, not work… When I look with google developer precisely, it specifies that Roboto is good but I can not take a specific style, I have to use the custom field css for bold or italic?

Yes, exactly :) the style above only for general rules. If you want to bold/italic you should add that styles in custom box css. Or only load the spesific font with italic/bold style.

Hey! Man! nice Theme,

Soon i will buy it.

Question: do this Theme has dummy import?


Hi jricciardulli ,thanks for your kind words :)
Yes, this theme has the dummy data to import.

you’re welcome :)

Hello, first of all i really like your theme and your documentation. Still there are a few things im missing. I tried to turn on and off some sections and realized its just possible through the css. Now i got the problem that the twitter section wont hide. i tried <.twitter-feed{display:none;} but i wont work, can u help me?


ah ok, i see it,try to change to size=”full” rather than size=”large” . its look like its cropped into 1024px thats why its not high quality.
cheers :)

woooooorked WOOPWOOP gracias!

You’re welcome Filicious :)

Hi, just purchased you nice theme and have imported the xml file. I get:

Failed to import Media “slider1” Failed to import Media “slider2” Failed to import Media “slider3” Failed to import Media “slider4”

Any ideas?


For slider caption you can change in slider option(inside slider list) and for video/youtube background you can change in homepage setting->top caption & bottom caption.
for the section title its in “Section title”.
For further detail you can always check the documentation. Its all in there, cheers ;)

sorry. i am being too quick!!!! thanks.

no problem, feel free to contact me if you find some problems ;)

Hi master!

As we were talking about earlier today, we are creating a new gallery with a new post inside: “portfolio”, same as you have in your sample theme page (“portfolio – no one knows”). For a little while it was looking ok, but as I was adding more photos inside the gallery they became pixelated.

The thing is That I don´t understand why they look pixelated as the pictures have the same size (1140px X 600px) as, for instance, those appearing in “Dossier” – “Como Surge” www.sanfeliceslapeilicula.com

So if those doesn´t look pixelated i guess the others shouldn´t.

Two question arises in our minds…

Do you know what could be causing this trouble and the solution for it?

Is there any limit of pictures that i can add into the galleries?

As always we really appreciate your quick and kind Support!


Hi there :)
try to add size=”large” or size=”full” inside the gallery shortcode. So it will display the highest resolution for the gallery images. By default, the WordPress gallery shortcode will display the thumb size, thats why it will be pixelated at bigger container.


Perfect! Thank you so much again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you’re welcome :)

Hellooo it’s me again :D (super annoying isnt it?)

Two questions this time, hope it will be the last time.

How can i change those little icons in one portfolio item? If i set the item on standard it shows the “fa-html5” icon, is there a way to put my own icons in there?

Aaaaand last but not least: The portfolio thumbnail images are not made for retina. the quality sucks on my mobile device but they are huge enough to show them in high quality. How can i double the ppi so they will look awesome on my iphone?

Thank you :)

hi there :) 1. the easy way is to change the css for it. You can download the fontwaesome css in here http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/ and then replace the current icon. eg fa-html5:before{content:”\f035”;}

2.Try to removing the black&white image by adding this css in theme option custom box

@media (max-width:480px) {
.box-40 img {
    z-index: 2;
    position: relative;



JPB Purchased

On the homepage (or portfolio) I would like to show the “excerpt” instead of “the_content” for the description of the portfolio items. ( I then will add a “read more button” that link to the full post page)

Thank you.

Try to add this in portfolio.js inside js folder
        $(".worksajax .col-md-8 .padding").each(function () {
            var excerpt = $(this).text().substr(0, 300).lastIndexOf(" ");
            var eltexTo = $(this).text();
            var title = eltexTo;
            var shortText = title.trim().substring(0, excerpt).split(" ").slice(0, -1).join(" ") + "...";
but it can make all the shortcode or gallery become text.

JPB Purchased

Thank you for your quick answer!

Now, with your code, if i put something in the excerpt part of a portfolio item it shows only ”...” beside the thumbnail, but nothing is change once I click: the descrption is still the full content.

Any ideas ?

Thank you!

can you give me your site link so i can see the problem there?


JPB Purchased

I just sent you an email with the login info. Thank You!

ok already replied it

Hi Ridianur, the theme has .po file to translate it to other language? Thks!

hi novopixel, unfortunately this theme doesnt have .po files

Thank you ridianur! We love this template: www.the-orange-box.com :)

Cheers from Berlin

You’re welcome Orange_Box :)
Awesome works there, i liket it ;)
Im gonna show it in the description


Guys! Listen to me!!

This is amazing theme! also, The support is more amazing than anything else in Themforest!!!! specially for newbies to wordpress or themeforest just go for this theme and you will not regret of the them and the SUPPORT!

Welldone guys! very very impressed of your job.

Thank you so much Amir for your kind words ;)


I want to ask if it is possible to separate the team section from the about ! Is there any way to achieve this !

Hi there, You can move the div with id “team” to any section as long it is inside div with class “container”

I want to make the team section a new one with a separate menu link etc ! Divide it from the About section

Hi there, This is different from the default theme. this is not possible without customization.

Really loving this theme!

Quick question for you, I’m having a problem putting up the slider images. After looking through the documentation, I see a section called “homepage custom layout,” which I do not have in my theme options (see screenshot below).

Is there a way to fix this?

Also, what are your recommended slider dimensions? I made them 1585×536, but it may have something to do with the monitor I’m using.

Thank you!

can you message me through my profile with your wp admin info? so i can check it there?


Hi there, can you sent it into my email (you can look at documentation)? there is still no email from you