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Hi dude,

First of all, awesome theme, really like it!

Second :).. Is there any “easy” way to add one more section? I would like to add a duplicate of “Services” or “About” and call it something new, “Courses” for instance. At the moment im limited to only Portfolio About Services and Contact.

Best regards

Hi pigmentab :)
Im afraid there is no easy way to do that. You need to create new custom post type and then new loop inside of homepage php files.


Ah ok, was afraid that so was the case :).. Well thanks for fast response!

you’re welcome pigmentab :)

I want to be able to add a new section to list our clients. How do I go about doing that?

Thank you,

Hi there jasondhobbs,
im afraid its not possible without customization :(

cheers ;)

How would I do that with customization then? Where should I begin looking?

Hi there,
Im afraid its gonna be difficult to add that if you really dont know about it. The easiest way is to hardcoded some html inside the homepage file, and add some styling into that. Maybe you can hire someone to do this customization.
cheers ;)

Great work!

The rotating tweets-twitter integration replaces non standard letters such as æøå with question marks. Any idea what’s gone wrong?

can you give me your link for your site?

Hi there,
I really dont know whats the problem there. I already tried to used those twitter in my own site, and the twitter feed still displayed in normal letter. there is “æøå ” too.
Im afraid i really dont know whats the problem there. Its look like the output make the text converted to other letter.


Hi- what is the font you used in the “Alamak” logo?

Hi, Im using Google Fonts Yesteryear for that
cheers :)

Hi, very impressive works, thx for it ;) I made a website for a friend with your template (including some modifications on the index page for the order of items). Just a little question : we have a problem with the portfolio including a Youtube video. When we close the expanding area with the video embed, the video seems to stay on play mode with the sound? How can I fix it please? for information, the address of the website is http://www.franckchastrussecolombier.com Thx for your answer and keep this good work ;) Reagrds

you’re welcome :)

Hi, Sorry to ask for help from you again but, there is a new problem with the code always on video player in the portfolio section! Now when I close the frame with the video, it work but when I click on another video item, the player doesn’t’ appear? So in fact, we can only see the first video on which we’ve clicked! Maybe it’s because you remove the frame with the new part of code you gave me? any solution? Thx

Hi there,
try to replace with this code
        $('.worksajax .video').slideUp().remove();



I have some problem with the menu. As you can see on: http://mockups.se.preview.citynetwork.se/erika/ the link “Bloggen” in the menu doesnt work. It should go to: http://mockups.se.preview.citynetwork.se/erika/bloggen/

But nothing happens when you click the link. Any suggestions?

Hi there, Try add external class for external link in homepage menu. You can view it in this video(at very end) http://www.screenr.com/SWsN
cheers ;)

Cool, thanks :)

you’re welcome :)

Awesome :) Great Work :)

thank you StrokeSaiful :)

Hi! How are you doing? Im working on that “services” part of the web and when placing “Pricing Tables” they get misplaced, I don´t get the placed properly like yours. I´ve got 8, (instead of four as in your page), and instead of being organised, they appear each one in different places. You can check it out here http://sanfeliceslapelicula.com/ (click on “Micromecenazgo” and see “pricing tables) I have set (in theme settings) to appear 4 columns (which is the maximum it allows me)

Why does this happen? Can you help me out (Again ;)) please? Thanks so much!!

Hi there, try to make the pricing tables in same height. Your pricing tables doesnt have the same height. try to add min height in the css like this
.pricing-table {
    margin: auto auto 30px;

Cool!! You´re the best!!!! Thanks!!!!

you’re welcome :)

Hey! Quick question. How can I make a full width page for the internal pages? None of those templates seem to work right now, and I don’t want it to be a blog. Can you help?


I got it figured it out! Thanks!

Ok great ddc123 ;)

how do i remove the date from a page? Thanks!

Hi rlucarelli7, i really dont understand what you mean by that. Can you explained it more about that and please use the id that bought this theme.

cheers ;)

Hi There, that is a very nice theme, congrats! Does it support the plugin form WPML.org?

Thanks, T.

Hi elbnetz :)
Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately this theme doesnt support WPML plugin :(

hi, nice theme

Sometimes the video in the background doesn’t display at all, is there a way to fix that.

Try to reload this page several times: http://produckts.com/?page_id=13

Hi there nenezito and thanks for your kind words :)
The video will not be display because of browser caching. So it really depend on browser setting to used the caching or not.
There is css code in your cutsom css box(on theme option) that make the spacing on top of pricing table hidden. If you want to hide some element try to be more specific about the css rule.

my problem is that there is 2 price tables per row, i want 4


Hi there,
You can set how many columns you wanted for pricing table in theme option

Hi ridianur! Great template I see in the specifications that this template has project filter, http://theme.ridianur.com/alamak/ but in the example doesn’t show it. Where can I see an example? and how does it work the pagination so I can make sure that all my projects can be posted? I’m a producer/director and I need to post lot of videos and filter them :/

Thank you!

Hi ther monich :)
I already replied your email

Quick question,

In my portfolio the paragraph isn’t being hidden and is creating some sizing issues on the whole box. Same problem with the our services section. Do you have a quick fix? Here is a link to the site.


my apologies just got it figured out!

Awesome :D

Is there a way to get rid of the Twitter scroll?

Hi there

You havent updated the themes into version 1.4 if you dont want to updated it because you have change some code, try to replace the modernizr.custom.61080.js files from the newer theme.

I’m confused my updates admin says that my theme is up to date. I haven’t changed the code so i would update it but its says its updated.

Hi there, The update news for this theme always send to your email from themeforest. There is some limitation to create direct update outside themeforest.

Hi ridianur,

Any schedule for the filtered portfolio update? :P


Hi perspectif :)
I already add that feature in new update , you can check it in here http://theme.ridianur.com/alamak/homepage-custom/
cheer ;)

Cool! If I buy it on themeforest, will I receive this new version? The online version on themeforest doesn’t include this feature.


Hi perspectif ,
Yes you will get the new version, those link are the online version on themeforest :) Im just forget not to add in the landing page


the custom css doesn’t change anymore, i set some code save and then erase it and save again, the custom css ui changed but when i look in the browser dev tools the old custom css is here and the new changes doesn’t update.


Hi there ,
have you try to delete your browser cache? Maybe you have installed some plugin like wp supercahce so try to delete your cache first to look at the change/update in your css.
cheers ;)



Thak you for your kind words gazerad :)

Hi again ;)

In “Pricing Tables”, when configuring table details i would like no buttons to appear. I assumed that if i left empty “Input Button text here” no button would appear. What appears is a black square which when is clicked it does not take you anywhere. I am not interested in that button. Is it possible to ger rid of of it? how?

Thanks for your kind support

Hi patgdiaz :)
You can add this in custom css box inside theme options

.pricing-table .view-more {display:none;}

hope this help

yeah! all ok!! wonderfull support! thanks!

you’re welcome ;)

Quick question prior to purchasing, is it possible to alter the header colour (black in the demo)?

Hi there,
Yes you can change that in theme options
cheers ;)