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Hey Guys, i´m trying to import the demo content but get always the message” failed to import”. Can you please me help me.

Hi there
1. you need to create homepage custom layout.
2. you can create that inside portfolio post
you can check the detailed explanation and video inside documentation

Thx again!

you’re welcome :)

Hello, I’m having trouble accessing the admin panel, as if the whole site was being viewed by reading html, preventing multiple actions such as loading new images in the portfolios. I thought the problem was the wordpress but display this error only happens when I enter the admin panel of the theme of you. Can know what is this error and help me urgently? Thank you

hi there :)
can you send me your wp admin info from my profile page?

Hi again! How are u today? I’m writing to you again because i don’t know why but pricing tables have been misplaced again. If put what you told me in my CC box :

.pricing-table { margin: auto auto 30px; min-height:400px; } .pricing-table .view-more {display:none;}

But as you can see (www.sanfeliceslapelicula.com -> MICROMECENAZGO) when adding information they get misplaced.

Is there anyway to manage to get them straight????


Hi there, Like i said before. Try to make all the pricing tables in the same height. Try to add this in custom css box

.pricing-table { margin: auto auto 30px; min-height:430px; }

Ok, it is already fixed. Know i know how this thing works! Sorry to bother you ;)

Sure no problem :)

Hi! This time I’d like to ask you about the website’s menu.

I currently have six options but I would like to have up to seven or eight. The problem occurs when I add one extra option to the menu, as it turns into a two line menu, instead of one. (www.sanfeliceslapelicula.com)

Could be possible for me to leave all as a one line or row menu?

I also have observed that if I see the webpage in a smaller screen the menu turns again into a two line menu? why does this happen?

My last question is about testimonies. what is the maximum amount of testimonies I can place? I already have three but I would love to add a few more.

Thanks once more for your help and patience. ;)

Hi there, Try to add this in custom box css
.menu ul li a, .navigation li a {
    padding: 35px 10px;
There is no limitation for testimonial. You can add as many as you wanted.
cheer ;)

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

you’re welcome :)

This is a message for all the viwers of this forum for those who already purchased the theme, but especially for those thinking or planning to buy it

I´ve worked on my website using this theme and i am very happy whit the outcome of my web. It´s very nice looking, very cool and easy to work whith Even for those less confortable whit wordrpress and precisely i would like to point out and thank the great help and support of the owner. Who has helped me whenever i have i has any issue whit my web. The owner responds really fast (usually 5 mins after submiting muy qestion) and whit a very comprehensive language. For those non wordpress saavy do not hesitate, buy a template from these people, you will not regret!!!!

I will definitely be recommending these themes to my colleagues, family and friends.


wow, thank you for your kind words Pat :)
I’m glad you’re happy with this theme
cheers ;)

Hey there ridianur!

I would like to add a call to action button to the image slider right above the last horizontal rule.

Any tips on how to accomplish that?


Hi there thomaswrench :)
You can add html tag inside the slider caption and than styling it in custom box css.
here some example code for the button:
<a class="view-more">More</a>
You can change the class with some button class from bootstrap default button style.
cheers ;)

Thanks! Could you be kind enough to tell me where the Testimonial slider duration is hiding? It moves pretty fast for my use. Thanks!

HI there,
Try to open testimonial.js in js folder and find this code

speed: 5000,
you can change that in your own value(in milisecond)
cheers ;)

Pre purchase question. Do you supply the psd files?


Hi Louiemac :)
unfortunately there is no PSD included in this theme.
cheers ;)

Shame as per elmargu below it would save a lot of time and I would be able to show the client before building commenced.

If I were to buy this theme would you be kind enough to send me the PSD files? It would save me a great amount of time :)

Hi elmargu :)
Unfortunately there is no PSD files for it :(

Hello again – still working on my site. Can I ask how I can add pricing tables in the portfolio entiries that will link to a shopping cart? How can I add shopping cart to this template?

What is the maximum webslider images I can have – I have 12 at the moment and it seems to be stuck with just the circle going round and round int the middle of the screen

How can I make it so the menu will scroll to the correct part of the page once I click?

Finally I need to add a picture gallery and Youtube video area to the website – very important.

Hi there :)
1. You can send me a message to my profile page later, to tell me what is your requirement for this and see if i can do that.
2. Here some notes from envato to optimizing images http://notes.envato.com/general/image-performance-tips-for-authors/ You can see some tool for optimizing images there.
3. You can see how i creating menu for homepage here http://www.screenr.com/SWsN so you can understand what i meant by that.
4. No its already in Wordpress Default function. You can view for gallery for wordpress here http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/gallery/ and for youtube video in here http://codex.wordpress.org/Embed_Shortcode


Thank you!

youre welcome, and btw i already fixed the slider. Its look like when you input “quotes” inside the slider title it will make some error.
cheers ;)

Hi. The demo isn’t really working… I might like to purchase the theme but I can’t seem to see it in action.

HI there musicwell :)
Its working fine in here. Can you tell me what do you mean by that?


I am trying to make submenus on the main menu at the top. Is there a way to have a submenu (example-#post-61) item activate when clicked on and show the content on the main page? In other wordsd, can I toggle the anchor links from the submenu at the top?



Hi there,
Its impossible without customization, and please use your id that bought this theme later if you need helps
cheers ;)

Is it possible to make the “leave message” contact form show as default instead of the google map?

Hi there,
Try to edit the published date for the post. The newer post will be displayed at first.

That’s it! Thanks for the help! BTW, best…theme…ever.

you’re welcome :)
Im glad you like it ;)

Hi, thanks Alamak is incredible. I have a problem, I put in the portfolio vimeo link but the video does not play on the iphone itself. thanks

Hi there,
You can input this embed code for your vimeo video http://player.vimeo.com/video/videoID
And the video still doesnt play, im afraid its because of the resolution is to small.

Wow! response and solution in 10 minutes, it works!. thank you very much

You’re welcome rafahell :)

Hi there!

Just a short question: is it easy to change the fonts?



Hi there Ayla :)
There is option to change the font inside. And if you find problem about it feel free to contact me later

Thanks for the fast reply. A client of mine is very interested in your theme and I also tend to like it. The only thing I’m kind of missing is a support forum – for me one of the most important aspects of a theme :)

Hi there,
You can view the Item F.A.Q and you can search comment in here for most common problems. And if you still got problem you can contact me through my profile page or comment here :)
There is no need for support forum if you need my help when you face problems about this theme
cheers ;)

Pre-Purchase Question: Is this theme WPML compatible? Are the .PO and .MO files accessible? I really need to put this into 2 languages without having to create 2 separate websites if possible. Thanks.

Hi KCallwood :)
unfortunately this theme doenst support WPML, and it doesnt have .po and .mo files too :(

Hey – is it possible to use a parallax section instead of the slider? Even in custom homepage layout slider is the first option and I cannot delete it. I’d rather not have the page take so long to load/animate. Otherwise I am loving this theme.

Hi there,
the loader is for the slider. If you dont want to used it, you can add this code too in custom box css

Thanks again. Sorry for all the questions but I cannot find the answers in the Doc. How do you get team to display a different image than the featured image? I see you have a team 768×768 and after you click it goes to a larger 1486 × 800 item.

Hi there,
Those team post is using slider/gallery post type. You can create that. There is video about setting up slider/gallery(the video is example creating portfolio)
cheers ;)


I want to input an image gallery with lightbox capability into the the portfolio section of my site. When I add rel=”lightbox” to my wordpress gallery the lightbox does not work. Is there a special shortcode or what? I know the functionality is there because the lightbox works for the images on the main page under portfolio but I do not know which code to use.


http://dyenamix.com/wp/ – click fashion link to see image gallery [gallery columns=”6” rel=”lightbox” link=”file” group=”fashion” ids=”115,60,59,46,44,43”]

Im sorry, i just need to confirmed it. Im only providing support only for buyer, thats why im asking about that and this is not the place to give the purchased id.
And if its easy, why dont you try it? This is just simple adding the rel/some code inside the gallery.
cheers ;)

I already gave you the purchase id. And yes, I did try it. I even installed another lightbox plugin but it did not work. What I find most amusing is the fact that you keep telling me you sent me an email which you obviously did not. Is this how you treat your customers?

I can give you screenshot that i sent it. And the purchased code you sent is wrong. Please check your spam box to check my email. I always replied email as soon as possible.


Great looking theme!, quick pre-sales question… When I view the demo on mobile (iPhone) the menu still remains as desktop version – does not use a native/custom mobile menu.

is this the way the site function all the time on mobiles???


Hi there
This theme using different menu for mobile layout. Is not the same with desktop version
cheers ;)

Sorry – do you mean the theme will run with different menu on mobile? – thanks

Yes, it is. You can view it by dragging the browser width or view in mobile to see what i mean by that.
cheers ;)

Hi! Is there a way to integrate Twitter on my portfolio items, i want to have a tweet button linking to my different works.

Hi there,
You can use the twitter shortcode inside the post.
cheers ;)

sorry dont know why it posted twice…u mean this one? https://about.twitter.com/resources/buttons#tweet

or do u got an own shortcode?

Ok its look like im miss understanding what you want. Yes, you can add that inside the post, but remember to input those HTML code in “Text” mode not “Visual” mode in post editor.
cheers ;)

Hi! Is there a way to integrate Twitter on my portfolio items, i want to have a tweet button linking to my different works.

replied above :)