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just a quick comment. i hope others get to read this. i really love the alamak theme. i have such a professional looking site now. and ridianur is just as professional. i had a few questions and each and every time he got back to me very quickly and with the perfect answer that helped and fixed my issue right away. very happy with my purchase. thank you ridianur for the help and awesome job on the design.

Thank you for your kind words 1120studios :) I’m glad that you like it
regards ,

Very nice template…I’m very happy of it! Juste a few questions… - I want 3 quote parallax (instead of 1 quote, 1 testimonial and 1 twitter feed). Is it possible? How can I do this? - On a project slider, is it possible to add a caption text like “picture by john doe”?


oh, another question…what’s the optimal resolution for pictures on the home section? Thks

Hi there
Im afraid you can add 3 quote parallax without customization.
And for caption text, it possible if you have some knowledge for css, because it need some css to display it properly.
I used 1600×1100px images in slider at home section.
cheers ;)

Hi there – I’m downloading the 21 Jan update to this theme. I got this error message:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi there, You should delete the old theme first, and then upload it again.
but remember all your modification in previous theme will be deleted. Make sure you make the backup first
cheers ;)

oh ok then. I think I will finish adding all my pictures and text then conatct you to help me fix all the little things I can’t manage to get right!

Hi Ridianur,

Please can you check you PM.

Thanks in advance :**

already replied that ;)

Good day! Awesome theme! Thank you very easy and understandable. I have a few questions that are very important to me : 1. I must be configured to map multiple addresses in the contacts . How to do it ? 2 . How to remove a section of twitter with quote ? Or replace it with another link. 3 . In general, I set up the menu, but there is one problem – after the transition to the ” blog” ( I call it “news” ) on the menu I can not go back by clicking on the menu item “home” , ” contact” . Only if the return home through the logo. How do I fix this ? I hope for your help. I do not know you , but I love you and happy. Thanks to you I set up a website in one day ! Thank you! :)

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Excuse me, but how to change so that the item with “News” – “Blog”, he otkryvatsya in a separate window, you can make an active transition back to the main site by clicking on any item on the menu … I did not understand: (already tried all the options suggested by you early

It seems to be set up .. lossless!) Thanks

Another question is whether it is possible to configure the slider in the portfolio, so that when you click on the photo was also moving to the next photo? Because now when accidentally pressed get out “a mistake.” And yet, how to do so from the home page by clicking in any area preview photo portfolio – opened the portfolio, as now it is not convenient aiming to the label “link”

Hi there,
For menus, you need to create 2 different menu. See the documentation about this matter.
I really dont understand what you mean about the slider portfolio matter. Can give me more detail about that?
Open the homepage-setting.php in inc folder. and find this code

slide_interval: 7000, // Length between transitions
Change 7000 into your own value

In the portfolio – gallery of pictures showing slider control with active shooter “forward and backward”but if clicking past arrow and go to the photo area, then I get the error window “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist. ” How to fix it and do all the active picture area to go to the next photo? And how to do so from the home page by clicking in any area preview photo portfolio – opened the portfolio, as now it is not convenient aiming to the label “link”? Now when you click the main page of the site opens one main picture, and I would like to directly transition to a section of this work, such as when you click on the icon links.

Thanks for all the answers! Shall repeat, you are a genius!

Hi there,
Please see description about gallery shortcode below the gallery field when you edit/creating the portfolio post gallery.
You need to edit and add some code inside this theme. You can message me from my profile page about this. But i wont guaranteed if there is a problem because of miss typing or else.

Can you please help, the slider is cutting off on the bottom, and there is a large white space between the homepage slider and the portfolio. http://firestudiodenver.com/

HI there, Try to used the same ratio for slider image to avoid this error.
cheers ;)

I am having issues making the videos display on the portfolio. When you click the icon to watch the video in the portfolio area, the page slides up a little and does not reveal the actual video post. http://allyouneedcreative.com

Thanks, Aaron

Hi Aaron :)
Try to refresh your permalink first. Go to Settings->Permalinks. Change the “Common Settings” into “Post name”(checklist). And Save that. After that you can revert it back to your own permalinks settings.

The video does not seem to be posting. I put the link in the portfolio field but the video does not show up! What am I doing wrong?

I tried to refresh the permalinks and that does not work.

Hi there, already replied your email
cheers ;)

Hi, I need help creating the tabs for the About Us section. I’ve made the different About Us posts but the tabs do not appear. Could you give me DETAILED instructions on how to do this?

Great theme btw.


Hi there,
Dont for get to fill the tab title field inside the post editor. cheers ;)

Great theme! I was trying to get this plugin to work in the portfolio areas: http://wordpress.org/plugins/social-comments/ The theme does not seem to have a comments section for the portfolio. Is there a way to add a comments section for the portfolio posts?

You need to used some ajax request so the script from that plugin will be triggered when you open it the portfolio item.

I’m guessing I would need to be experienced in ajax to do this?

Yes, I’m afraid so.

Hi ridianur,

Having a bit of an issue with the testimonials section of the theme at the moment.

When I only have one testimonial in place it keeps trying to rotate to another and ends up displaying blanks. IS there a way to set it to only show one?


Hi there, Try to add this css in custom css box in theme options

.testimonial > li {
    display: block !important;
    opacity: 1 !important;
cheers ;)

Hi, absolutely love this theme. I’m an actor (not a web-designer) in NYC looking for an elegant and flexible theme for his new site and this seems to fit the bill! Before I take the plunge I have some questions:

1. If I choose the Video Homepage for the desktop version, will the mobile version default instead to the photo slider? I noticed when I viewed the Video Homepage on my smartphone, it showed the static photo slider, not the video background. I actually prefer this and want to make sure this is not a bug, but a design choice on you part. I hope so, but please advise.

2. Can I choose to not show post dates and other blog-like info on a blog page? I need a page for displaying multiple audio demos. and I think a Full Width blog page will work for this, but don’t want it to look like a blog page. Basically, can I just have the file/player, a title and a brief description? Or would there be a better option than the blog page?

3. Can I include social icons in the contacts area, in addition to the ones in the footer (if someone doesn’t scroll all the way to the bottom, they might miss them)?

4. Are the colors at all customizable? It seems to be a fairly black and white motif, which is great, but if I wanted to add some pops of color in the text, for example, is that standard customization, or do I need to know coding (I’m don’t know coding)? Not a deal breaker, but a consideration for me.

I’m not asking for specific instructions on how to do these things, just whether or not they are possible and how simple. I can always follow up for specific instructions if I have issues after purchase.

Thanks in advance for any info you can give me. All the best!

Ok great. Hope you can enjoy it.
cheers ;)

Hi, Ridianur,

Having a couple of issues. Just send a detailed message to you through your profile page. Thanks!

hi :) i already replied your email.

I would buy the theme if it has the ability to add an parallax sliding effect to the page (and it’s section) and the slider background images support a ken burns effect – are there any plans for such an integration?

Hi there,
Im afraid there is no planning to add that features for now.
cheers ;)

Hi, How do you add lightbox to wp gallery?

you’re welcome :)

Hi, I am still having issues with the lightbox effect on the wp gallery. Below is my code.

Insert Gallery shortcode here: [gallery columns=”6” size=”large” link=”file” ids=”166,165,164,163,162,161,160,159,158” ] Format: Gallery

For some reason the thumbs to not pop up in a lightbox but link to another page with the image..Do I need to edit the JS file?

Can you give me your link and which post is it?

Hey there, quick question. My testimonials wont scroll from one to the other. They are all posted in one spot. Not sure how to fix it. Could you give me some help? http://sidebysidedance.com/

Hi there, Try to disabled the plugin that minified the js and css. because i can see whats the problem there. Its look like its javascript error

cheers ;)

Great thank you so much!

You’re welcome ;)

Hi there, Having problems using the homepage slider template, I configure everything as said in the tutorial but my slider never works, i’m getting 3 js errors:

SyntaxError: syntax error (?)($=function())www.viplace.pt (line 708) ()www.viplace.pt (line 717) <script type=”text/javascript”>

TypeError: $(...).jflickrfeed is not a function ... ‘

TypeError: $ is not a function $(’#version’).text(this.version);

Can anybody help me???” />

already replied your email ;)

When I login, it sends me to the homepage and not the /wp-admin ??? Do you know why this could be. I have deactivates plugins but it’s still the same.

I have to manually update the URL to www.site.com/wp-admin for it to work.

Kind regards,

Hi there
I really dont know about that problem. Maybe its something similiar like this http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=9543 ?
cheers; )

Hi dude, basically, is what it is possible to add a page from the home? because I just did and can not be accessed, I’m added to the menu … :/

hi there , try to add “external” class inside the external link. You can see that in video inside documentation(at the end) in how to set up menu.

cheers ;)

Hi, Is it possible to change the font colour for the section headings – such as the twitter feed, the portfolio, services, teams headings etc? many thanks

You’re welcome
This is the css for it

#slidecaption h2{yourcsshere}
try to use firebug/chrome dev tool to see the classes & style for some element
cheers ;)


you’re welcome :)