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Hi, all pages contact footer doesn’t work! I’m needing a fast solution!


Please open a support ticket in our forum ->

Hi, the field “get our newsleeter” doesn’t work too!

Where’s the solutions!!!

Please open a support ticket in our forum ->

Nice design and layout theme. Congratulations! This demo page is not showing on the demo. It gives a ”... a 404 Not Found error”.

The menu is kind of shy visually compared to other stand out elements of the theme. Is it possible to make (at least the first level of) the menu more appealing visually, maybe something like your MetroFun theme with an icon integrated into each button ( )?

What a wonderful & clean design! Are the sass / scss files included? Thanks

Thanks for ur comment, nope , they are not included.

Would pay few bucks more if they were. Thanks

Hi, How i can center the body background image?

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

Throughout development I’ve noticed that the page just crashes (I get an “Aw Snap” Error in Google Chrome…I do not encounter this with any of my other sites, local or otherwise. Happens at least once an hour…..anybody else have this problem?

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

Hi, the dropdown menu doesn’t work on Mac (Safari and Chrome), also not in the live preview here. Can you provide a fix please. Thanks, Stefan

hello and thanks for purchashing “Alcatron”

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).


The navigation drop-down does not work in Chrome (iOS)

Have you got any fix for this?


hi and thank u so much for purchasing Alcatron.

please forward your details to this email: cuz the dev is on vacation but i hope he’ll find some time to answer your question.


Does it have the PSD files?

hi Rafel, yes it does. 2×11psd’s (light & dark)


The code quality could be better; tags are wildly mixed self-closing or standalone, tag attributes are sometimes suddenly in single quotes (Google Fonts), trailing tabs on some lines. This is just a statement, not a critics ;)

Thank u very much for bringing this out, we really appreaciate it :)

:( IE7, IE8, theme does not work, Can you help me?

I read that IE8 is a compatible broswer. :(

How can I fix with IE8?

Please open a ticket in our support forum and describe the issue. Also, I don’t see your purchase badge so please make sure to provide your purchase code by putting it in corresponding field when registering.

Hi, i just bought template and love it..but i want to change yellow colours with an another colour.Which css file i have to change ? or Have you got ready css file for it ? Thanks

Please open a support ticket in our forum ->

Love the theme, Main reason i bought it was the fact that it was based on the Foundation Framework. Thanks for the great effort friends..

hi Raven and thank you so much for purchasing our work.

I just purchased this theme and realized the last update was a year ago. Is it worth it to update fgx-foundation.css to current versions?

Please open a support ticket in our official forum to get help from our devs:


Hello. I am interested in purchasing your theme for a new project that I am starting, but noticed that the content is based on an old Foundation version, so was wondering do you plan on updating the Foundation to latest version (6 as far as I know) as quite a few things has been changed and the styling appears to be more nowadays compliant?


Thanks for your interest , we really didn’t test it with newer versions and in short period we can’t make any update for that, please feel free to ask if you have further questions , Thanks