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Great theme WPBOX :)

Could you do a web hosting company version of this theme?

Thanks for ur comment, really sorry but no, we can’t

Great theme! Good luck :)

Thank u so much :)

Love the theme!

One thing: the submenu’s don’t work on most pages, in at least Chrome and Safari on a Mac. Safari is fine. Don’t know how it is with Windows.

Otherwise, great work! Tom

Yes, I think it’s a Mac problem. I am testing on a Mac and here I have it. Can you find a Mac to check it on?

I checked a bit more. THis is what I get in Chrome:

“Blocked a frame with origin “” from accessing a frame with origin “”. Protocols, domains, and ports must match.” (2x)

Also, the menu doesn’t load. That’s the problem. The loading hangs and it keeps displaying the ‘loading’ wheel.

If the blog pages are the only pages with the vimeo widget, that might be it. Hope this helps!

Actually, this vimeo error throws in every version and it’s connected with browser policy regarding matching origins so that can’t be affect anything. Could you please check it directly without the TF iframe? It’s

Nice organization of information – good use of space and color.

Thank you so much :)

Thanks alot mate :D

Why are you flagging my comment bro? You need to stop breaking the law and sending spam emails to people who didn’t opt in to receive offer emails.

im really sorry about this,what i wanted to do was : to inform my friends about my release but it seems i forgot to untick some of the e-mails.

im really sorry, hope u accept my apologise.

Just wanted to see if the issue on chrome, with the menu, has been fixed yet. I just tried the demo with Chrome / Windows and I still see the issue with the menu / sub-menu not working after going into the blog.


I like how you first spammed my email address, then you have the nerves to report my comment. It’s unfortunate to see authors such as yourself on such a wonderful site like ThemeForest.

I see someone else has also complained about you sending spam to them…so I guess I’m not the only one that found that terribly annoying.

Mate, thanks for understanding me. u’re totally right, my mistake i didnt do it more professional as u said but believe i really didn’t know this would hurt someone, this might sound stupid but im 0% familiar with this stuff. BTW, good lesson for another time :).

Sure thing. Good luck with your projects ;)

Thanks alot Jclarke :)

Excellent theme, good luck with sales!

Thanks for ur comment Statusprinting :)

I love the yellow, but it’s a hard sell. Says unlimited colors. Any chance of a color selector or a couple screenshots in a blue or more corporate cool color scheme?


Sure, here u have the Green Skin, i’ve change it fro you, please check it out, once u see this u can ask for another color, blue or whatever and i’ll change it for u to check.

Regards Faton

I’ve had issues changing the color on the html version, is there an option the WP version to change colors with ease ?

hi Dubshoy and thanks for purchasing both versions of Alcatron :)

Sure, that’s very easy to do. please check the screenshot belowe to get the idea.

if you need further help, please let me know.

Kind Regards


Hi there,

Is there somewhere I can see the dark version of this theme please? Also is it easy to swap between light and dark?

Is there a colour picker?


ho Whisper, please check the theme screenshots to see the dark version.

here’s the admin panel options where u can change the skin to light or dark.

Vibrant & Creative Work. Good luck with sales.

Hello, could you tell me where in the code do I change the SLUG:

/portfolio_category/ (


/categoria/ (


Please open a support ticket in our forum

Hi, does this work ok with Yoast SEO plugin?

Hi, while it’s not tested with that specific plugin, SEO Yoast is quite a good one and you shouldn’t have issues with the integration.

Hi there,

I just purchased your theme :)

Can you send me the colour settings to replicate the dark theme please or if you have the dummy content for the dark theme even better.


hi and thanks for purchasing Alcatron.

You don’t need any dummy content for dark version. All you have to do is go to admin panel and switch from light to dark skin.

Check the screenshot:

AWESOME.. thanks for the quick response, I am really looking forward to using this theme :)

You are always welcome :)

please feel free to ask any further question in our dedicated forum ->

wondering if you have this template in joomla version

Joomla version will be released within 2-5 days :)

I’d like to change a few things in the portfolio hover effect. Can you let me know 1.) where I can change the coding so that when someone hovers over a portfolio item it doesn’t zoom in (I just want the yellow overlay to happen) and 2.) where I can change the coding so that the description (in the yellow overlay) allows for
in the text so that it doesn’t all run in the same line? I have two lines in the portfolio content that I would like to be on separate lines. Thanks.

hi Sarah, please post your question in our dedicated support froum :

Question: Is it possible to change the icons that are in the four rectangular boxes? One is a lightbulb, one is a computer, one is gears etc.


hi, yes that’s possible and very easy to do.

if u purchase our work, please use our dedicated forum if u have further questions.

For your reference, here’s the list of icons you could use in those boxes –