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Hi – Great theme, I installed alcatron, and I created a folder in the theme folder called alcatron-child. I copied the style.css from the downloaded folder you provided. I also followed your instructions to import the content. The problem I’m having is I can’t switch between light and dark color scheme when I’m running the child theme. It works when I switch over and use the parent theme as the default theme, but not when i use the child theme, it stays the dark color scheme. Can you help provide a solution? Thanks

Hi, please make sure to include the dark.css file in the child theme as well. If you are still experiencing any problems after this, make sure to open a ticket via our support forum –

Whenever I go to “order” the portfolio slides to show up on the homepage, the move icon to sort them (on the backend) is missing. Also whenever I rearrange them, theres no way to save so I reloaded the page and they retained their order. The problem is when i go back to my homepage under “recent works” they’re not in the order I put them in.

Hi, arranging doesn’t affect the [list_portfolio /] shortcode which you are using in the homepage, it’s only for dedicated portfolio pages. The shortcode uses the regular behaviour – newest post first.

It still has issues on ipad. Topnav dropdowns don’t seem to work.

Could you please e-mail us at We’ll send you a modified version of the theme. Thanks.


I just bought the theme, and i want to buy the revolution slider, how do i do that.?

Best regards from iceland

never mind :D

Hi and thanks for the purchase. Just a small note, the theme comes paced with revolution slider so there’s no need to buy a license for that.


I made a installation. But its wrong.

Help me please!


Hi and thanks for the purchase. All you need to do to make the theme look like in the demo is following the screencast on “Setup guide” section of the documentation.


thank you for creating an awesome theme :)

May I ask you to provide the dummy content also for the revolution slider? It would really speed up the configuration of your theme.

Best regards

Thank you so much for Purchasing Alcatron :)

Here u have it :

Thank you very much :)

Looking to purchase soon, how hard it is to alter the front page slider to a smaller width to place text next to it?

Hi James, the slider is created through Revolution slider’s WYSIWYG editor and is totally flexible, thus you can have any number and any type of sliders (in terms of dimensions and style) and put those in any page of the theme.

Hello, i am dealing an issue with using greek character in menu. When i try to change the size of the menu and submenu from Alcatron->Styles->Menu styles-> Menu font size (Top elements) the size does not apply

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).


I’m having problems with Blog Template. Could you have a look on this: ?

I suppose that loop is working in a wrong way, but I can be wrong.

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

Dear I am interested in purchasing the template wp. I have a question? The template comes with all the accessories as shown in advertising: Sliders, Banner main carousel of images etc.

once u click the purchase button u’ll be able to download it of course.

After purchased u’ll find it in

I am encouraged to buy the template, but I have some doubts: 1. – It is compatible with all browsers. 2. – Fits pluggins for sending emails. 3.-Whenever I have problems sending emails when the page is hosted on a subdomain, I want to change the sender eg, mostly the templates will not let me do it and by default are sent to another address eg

Lastly what are the steps to buy the template, I have mastercard cart

I recently purchased this theme for my works website. It’s a great theme! But I am having several issues that I can’t seem to figure out. On the Portfolio page, how do I change the hover color over the pictures? And on the home page, how do I change the color of the slide bar on the Slider?

Hi i am having problems with the portfolio page, i have posts and categories…the portfolio page displays the categories and the thumbnails for each post but it doesn’t sort the thumbnails when i click the link…they appear to be linked to javascript:void(0)

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

its been 8 days and still no response…i need this problem fixed

Could you please confirm it has been handled by support?

Hey there, Very cool theme – thank you for creating.

Stupid question … the “header” which displays the name of the page … I’d like to remove it on the homepage:

How can I do? Also, would like to add wp login box, which will sit under the navigation (where the white space is). How do I get it to align right?

Many thanks!

Hi mceballe. Plz open a support ticket in our forum and assign it to Levon Manucharyan and u will get respond asap.


I should probably know, but where (link) do I open a ticket?

Hi WPBOX Nice Theme. Looks great. The link you supplied. slider demo content : Can you explain what type of file this is and how I would use it. Would this be imported using the revolution slider import feature. Or do I paste this onto a file in the theme folder. Thanks!!

Its ok. I sorted it. I saved the file to my desktop and imported the file using the revolution slide import feature. Looks even better now. Thanks

Hi Yadiyada, glad you figured it out :)

Hi I changed the theme color from yellow to red – however, the our projects slideshow..when you mouse over an image is still displaying yellow? Please let me know where in the style.css file I should go to change this to my red color: #ed2027

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

Hi, also purchased your theme. If there are still issues with topnav dropdowns on iPad, please send me the modified version you mentioned, thanks.

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).


i cant get the arrows of slider navigation to show, if i put the mouse on the corner and click it changes image, but the arrows are not there

when i use boxed theme and open from mobile, the whole thing gets messy

please help

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

Quick Question which i didnt think was big enough for the forum…

How do i add a new slide using the slider?

Cant find it anywhere? Ive installed the plugin

hey ctay, it’s okay :)

plz check This video and start from 0:42 duration