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FYI the child theme has some issues, when removed the overall theme works like a champ! :) I love it and so does my client!

Hi there,

Just wondering how I make my logo bigger than;

“Upload a logo from your hard drive or specify an existing url (Recommended size: 200×46)”

I need it much wider :)


Hi there, I still need to know how I can resize my logo – I have placed this on your ticksy support forum yesterday. thanks!

Also just getting this error during setup of the revolution slider plugin:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/websitea/public_html/excavator/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php on line 566 The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

I found the problem to this, there is a zip within a zip :( the documentation just says select the plugin and upload, at least this is working now ty.

hello, i’m glad u fixed the problem, i’m sorry i could’t respond quickly cuz i was on vacation

Thanks for you patience.

Hi there,

Just wondering if there is any support still for this theme, I have had a question on your support forum (tiksy) for 2 days now, I would really like to use this theme but may have to use another as my work has been delayed for 2 days now :(

Any response is greatly appreciated

Hi Whisper, We were on weekend vacation. All your questions will be handled in 24 hours. Thanks for your patience.

I am encouraged to buy the template, but I have some doubts: 1. – It is compatible with all browsers. 2. – Fits pluggins for sending emails. 3.-Whenever I have problems sending emails when the page is hosted on a subdomain, I want to change the sender eg, mostly the templates will not let me do it and by default are sent to another address eg

Lastly what are the steps to buy the template, I have mastercard cart my email is jean.guzman @, urgently need the template as I have bought it mastercart card

Okay, I am trying to add lists, and in your documentation I should have the short code options, but I do not. Please advise.

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

Thank you for the excellent customer service & support! I am VERY pleased with the theme :)

Rated: 5 stars!

Woow, Thank you very much for the kind words and 5 star rating, i really appreaciate it :)

I am need of making the logo larger, significantly larger please. Mainly in height, could you please help me out. Thank you.

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

Hello :)

i like them and thinking about purchase them, but few question before:

1) is possible to change color to another? 2) why slider no 3 do not work correctly in “submenus” when saw “Features” slide no cover menu :(( is a little bug only in demo?

3) Is possible to change “recent work” for “services” when click -> it’s a link which leads to specific service?? I would not want to use “portfolio”

theme support this option?

did you know what i mean? Maybe easier way, now recent have a nice effect with describe, but when click you can “zoom image” i want to change destination to landing page, is possible? :)

Best regards Peter

Hi Peter and thanks for your interest.

  1. Yes, you can change it to any color with 1 click via admin panel.
  2. We will check it and update as necessary, thanks for pointing it oit.
  3. You can set your items as portfolio items and name anything other than portfolio. Then you can set to go to custom url for those items, it will show the corresponding icon then instead of showing the zoom image.

Let me know if any further questions.

Whisper, Not sure if you got an answer yet to the question about using a larger logo … If not … you need to edit the “foundation.min” in the css folder (using ftp). Search for “img,object,embed”. There are percentages used. I swapped out the percentages with the hard image numbers (see below) and it worked like a charm. Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for bringing this out mceballo :)

Absolutely awesome theme! I purchased two copies and my clients are really happy with it. Colors can be changed in seconds and the sample content makes the learning curve much easier. Every piece is flexible – I recommend it highly.

Thank you very much for the kind words mceballo :) i really appreaciate it

When you get a moment, I have a couple of tickets I now need help with:) The primary is: Ticket #89580. Thanks!!!

Any clues to why the fullwidth layout doesn’t work in a child theme? It’s frustrating the hell out of me.

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

Hi.. Interest this theme. 1. Alcatron Theme is Supoort V.3.6? 2. I Used WP3.6 on Miscrosoft Server + MS SQL will have problems after installing theme this.

i will buy soon

Hi Ekarindoti, The theme is fully compatible with Wordpress 3.6. We’d highly recommend Apache Server (PHP+MySQL) for Wordpress-based websites.

Hi there, is this theme compatible with woocommerce?

Are you able to assist? Or can you recommend anyone

im sorry but no, i cannot assist, you can use microlancer to hire devs :

btw, if u are interested in Alcatron Joomla version, that has the ecommerce feature :

And also, is there any compatibility with buddypress?

hi Webvudu, no it’s not compatible with BuddyPress

Hi There, I cannot get the contact form working – please can you tell me if there is a problem – very urgent – I have my demo with customer tomorrow morning.

hello, Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

When I list blog page categories – and I say read more – it does not open the blog listing. Please can you advise urgently?

hello, Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

Posted a Question on the support page 3 or 4 days ago… No Answer whatsoever!

No point in answering “hello, Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer)." because that’s what I did in first place.

Hi Francisco, sorry you were on the support queue. An answer is sent, please check the suppport forum.

Ok, Thanks. Question answered.

Hello! Nice Theme. I have few questions before buying.

Can I make all this changes in wordpress system without any kind of coding?

- Can I change the 4 boxes colors from home page? - Can I turn the animation off when the arrow is over the images “recent works”? - At portfolio menu, can I click on the image and be forwarded to the “blog” layout? In my case, I have to show all the creative construction of each job, so the enlarging image function isn’t my priority.

Thanks for your attention.

hi Eduard and thanks for your interest in Alcatron.

Yes of course. you can make all the changes through admin panel.

4 boxed colors can be changed easily. there’s an option in our Powerful Admin which lets u change the whole skin in one click.

Turning off the animation is not possible in this version but if needed we can do that for you, np.

Yes u can give a link to portfolio items instead of lightbox.

Kind Regards