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Discussion on Alea - Business Multipurpose WordPress Theme

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i have a problem with the theme and php 8.* I think the wp-bakery plugin did not support this PHP Version.

Please provide us a solution, last update was in 2020

Hi there, did you update your plugin in our support forum? What errors are you getting?

I have the theme version from 12 April 2020. Please just try your product on php 8 and enjoy in debuging :) as i say i assume that the wp-bakery is too old

Sure thing, actually the theme has only several notices that we’ll release with the new version that fix the php 8 issues, along with it you will find the new plugin versions! LMK if you need it in advance, TF approval sometimes takes awhile…

I bought this theme a while ago, now no updates anymore?

Hi there,

We do support the theme and update our themes if something requires that, you can find the plugin updates in our support forum! :)

ok thanks, it is because here it appears that the last update was in April 2020 and I had that doubt


I would like to know how to classify woocommerce products by date please? Where is it managed?

Thank you.

Hi there, Your URL please? Are you speaking of the default Shop page or one of the shortcodes that lists the products?

Check this out: https://rudrastyh.com/woocommerce/change-defaut-product-sorting.html

How do you add your own icons?


Custom icon format is .png element is the last one on the following page name Leap options– http://levantastandingdesks.com/

So you mean for the side-icon element? Pls use the contact form on our profile page: https://themeforest.net/user/blueowlcreative to send us credentials to your site as well as the icon and we’ll set it up for you with the corresponding CSS! :)

Brilliant thanks, email sent :)

Hello, is there an update to WP 5.6? Thanks.

We’ll have an update soon, so far no issues have been found with 5.6 though.

Done, thank you.
Another question: how can I set the second thumbnail over effect on this page? http://blueowlcreative.com/wp/alea/shop/

Hi, Like gamezornelas2018, I can’t change the “Read More” + “By” + “Filter” text from the theme. I tried to change it with Polylang, Loco, Poedit and even in the plugin file (boc-shortcode-and-widgets.pot” but nothing works… Any ideas please ? Thank you

Hi there,

Which “Read More”? The one in blog listing, found in this file: \alea\templates\loop-post.php? You can test by temporarily replacing it.

The “Filter” string is in this file and is part of the plugin, did you translate the plugin? \plugins\boc_shortcodes_and_widgets\includes\vc\boc_portfolio_grid.php

“By” – in blog posts or?


I used this theme for www.padelfactory.nl and i would like to use the theme again for padelfactory.de. Can i upload it again on wordpress?

Or do i need to buy another license?

Kind regards,

Edgar Walterbos

Hi Edgar, as per Envato’s terms and conditions it’s one license per website/domain, so you would get another license. Thanks for choosing our theme!

Hi I want to now is it RTL support? I used furtuna for years and I’m really happy with this them. So I want to buy your new theme as well. But RTL support is very important for me.

Hi there, Yes, it is RTL supported! :)

Dear Alea,

I really like your theme so far and my client is very happy with his new website. There are 2 things that i still cannot figure out.

1. The top row of my page contains a background image that’s set as ‘cover full width’. When i check it on the mobile version the width of the image does not adjust to the mobile width size.. i know i should upload a more zoomed out picture, but that’s not looking very nice on the desktop screen. How can i set a responsive top row with a full size background that is more responsive to the mobile screen size? Maybe any CSS code that can do the job?

2. Is there any way to make the contact information on the absolute top of the page (the ones you can set in theme options under header) clickable? With CSS of HTML would be great.

Thank you! Looking forward to your reply

Hi there!

Need to see your URL to know what’s going on. As for the header, sure, let me see your URL again and I could give you some guides on what to do! :)

Hi again,

The image on mobile looks just fine to me, it adjusts fine and this is the expected behavior, you simply have the row cover the screen and the background image covers the row. The height of the image is dictating the image size so it’s only normal that the width is cut out. Can you please tell me what you expect to see? I hope you don’t expect to have a squished image :)

As for your header contact info, which one of them do you want to add a link to?

Hello! I bought this item last year. I know my support has ended, but I have only one question. I have searched many files and I cannot change the word “read more” in the publications, I need them to appear in Spanish and I have already translated the files wp content / languages and Wp-content / themes / alea / languages / using poedit and it doesn’t work. I hope you can help me as it is the only thing that has not worked for me. Outside of that the template is great Thank you!

Please send me credentials (in the forum’s private reply or by our contact form in our Profile page here on TF) so I could take a look!

You setup translation files for the plugin?

Yes, I changed the word “read more” to Spanish through the file “boc-shortcodes-and-widgets.pot” in poedit. I send you a message in your profile page. Thank you

Hi. I have registered for the forum but have not received a confirmation email. Would like to contact support

Ok, just tell me when the purchase code and my username are deleted and I will register again. I only have one question in advance. I would like to use the navigation style but with the hover effect of the navigation style stripe. So the currently selected menu item should have the color ## ee0000. But can’t do it. The customer wants it that way

Well, I can login with your account just fine… no idea why you couldn’t, check your email for the pass that I updated.

As for your quesion, no problem, that would be simple, your URL please? You want the currently active item to have the color you want? Not sure I got the part about the ‘navigation style stripe’...

im having problems configurating the blog main page. The main menu doesnt show…what could be happening? Why y cant use the bloeg templates as you show in the preview? y cant put a custom heading (like in the preview) i just can use an image as backgroung. I basically want to replicate this page: http://preview.themeforest.net/item/alea-business-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/22902144?_ga=2.177787685.1897590959.1588014480-721554659.1562690419&_gac=1.156768713.1588014480.Cj0KCQjwhZr1BRCLARIsALjRVQOOb6hDOkFrVuzQsSIPhZTiaX6UnxxZlLw2W1SvX4hUMCkO7z-mQ6QaAr39EALw_wcB

but when i set the page as Blog Page the heading and menu desapear.

Hi there,

Please remove the Themeforest frame on top of the Demo website as otherwise the url you copy always shows the home page (check your link). :)

Hi! I am currently considering buying this theme but I see it hasn’t been updated in almost a year. Are you guys stil maintaining this theme? If yes, for how long will you be doing this?

Hi there,

Sure we are, we’ll be launching an update pretty soon. Other than that the plugins are updated via our support forum. :)


How to and where can i put custom fields in loop shop please ?

Thank you.

Hi there,

What’s a loop shop? :)

Hello, is there an update to WP 5.3? Thanks.

Hi there,

It works fine with it so far, should you find any issues let us know and we’ll address them asap. :)

Done, thank you.
Another question: how can I set the second thumbnail over effect on this page? http://blueowlcreative.com/wp/alea/shop/

Hi! We have used a few of your older themes (and love them) but we’re needing to update. What is the latest PHP version this is compatible with right now? Thanks!

Hi there,

Thanks for being a loyal user, means a lot to us! It supports PHP 7+ so you are good to go with the latest one out there. Cheers! :)


Hi! A question about two plug-in: 1) Parallax & Video Backgrounds for WPBakery Page Builder 2) WPBakery Page Builder. In order to update them, I have to activate (purchase) the license? Is it right, or how can I update them?

Can you try to login now, I enabled your account manually. :)

Thanks, so with the next theme update I will have the plugin updated as well, right? When do you thing to release the next theme update?Thank you very much!

Hi again, you will get notified once an update is up, not sure about the upcoming date yet, cheers! :)

Hi, I have a problem with the mobile menu: how to manage/eliminate the contact information and social icons under the list of the pages? I don’t see anything in the widget page that allow me to manage this!

Sure, www.foodtechaccelerator.io/home

Hi again,

I think what you are looking for is under Theme Options -> Header -> SubHeader -> Show Subheader Contact details in Mobile Menu / Show Social Icons in Mobile Menu. :)

Thanks! :)

Hello, I’d like to use a SVG main logo, but it doesn’t work. I have “Enable SVG File Upload” on ON. Can you help me, please?

Hi again,

You mean the widgets in the header with your current header style? Did you try wrapping the text into an anchor tag, for example:

<a href="LINK_HERE">email@company.com</a>

Yes, I did. But the widget does not appreciate :D

Strange, seems to work for me, send me you credentials please in a new thread in our support forum and add them as a private reply.

Very nice !!!

I would like to put a margin above and below the logo. How to do it?

Thank you.

May i see you url please?

i work in local. I find it on css. Thx :)

Ok great, you could also add some padding into the image itself… :)


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