Discussion on Alegra - Portfolio Muse Theme

Discussion on Alegra - Portfolio Muse Theme

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Great Idea with Resume on Home Page! Good Luck with Sales! ;)

Nice item mate… :)

Theme looks great! Good luck, friend! :)

Really great! I wish you many sales :)

Really nice Muse template!

Great theme. However I’m having a couple of issues with the contact form on an ipad. Your preview demo works fine on an iPad, but when published through Muse, it bumps the view to the top of the page and doesn’t stay in form view. Is there any way of getting around this issue without creating a new “Contact” page or a responsive layout?

If anyone knows a workaround or if there’s something I’m missing, please let me know. Thanks :)

Hi nickpkelly, can you send me a screenshot to eduardo(@)eamejia (.)com :)

Hi Eduardo.. Did you receive my email?

Yes, I have received it, I have checked it and everything seems to be ok, Can you check this link? I just generate it again

Hey, great theme. I’m having trouble with replacing the placeholder of Home Layer with my image. I replaced it, but it doesn’t appear on preview. Can you help me out?

Hi, have you tried it in a web browser? Or are you using the preview option inside Adobe Muse?

Yes, I tried both. It just looks like a blank space, no matter what I do. :(

Excellent!! Great work Eduardo!! ;)

Can the heading image be a video? Will it work on mobile? Thanks.

Hi, 2 quick questions as I am new to Muse and Muse templates:

- how difficult is it to rearrange the order of various section - how difficult is it to alter the logo area at the top to be square instead of circle?


Hi, by default, the logo is square, you should only replace it with a new one. Alegra is organized into groups, each group is a section, you can order them as you want dragging it to the desired location.

I bought this – it is great, thanks. Just a question…

In the ‘Our Work’ Gallery – where the template has all the squares that say 285×285. How do I populate content? Is there an easy way to drag pictures into these boxes? (when I try they are simply placed as new items, not placed inside the box as might happen in InDesign). Also not sure how to place the images in the corresponding ‘pop-up’ area. I tried turning on ‘show lightbox parts while editing’. I can’t figure out how to work with that pop-up area – everything seems to be grouped, not sure how to get images inside those boxes.

Thank you for your help, I am new to Muse. Everything else with the template has gone well for me.

You are right all is grouped, the easiest way to build your portfolio is replacing the images in the “assets” folder, make sure, thumb images size (285×285) and for the pop-up width: 600px :)

Hi there. I just updated to Muse 2014.1.

I tweaked a few cosmetic things on my site and re-uplaoded.

It is working fine on desktop, but on iOS I am getting pop-up errors that say: MuseJSAssert: Error calling selector function:TypeError: undefined is not a function etc. etc.

Any ideas?

Hi, i purchased the theme yesterday. I wanted to convert it to a wordpress theme.unfortunately cant do it with muse.There is no style.css file in html_site folder. Thanks in advance