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The Twitter widget update doesn’t seem to work. I’ve followed the guide in the ‘Tweetscroll widget Note.txt’ file.

Should ‘username’ be edited in Tweets.php?

I have changed and uploaded. http://ow.ly/m8o8y

I tried to send a request to tweets.php file and there isn’t any response. That is really strange because it should return something, even error if keys are wrong. Can you send me tweets.php file to email, or if you can give me access to FTP and I will check by myself.

I’ve emailed the Tweets.php file to you.

Hello, Great Theme!! I just have three questions: 1. How can I remove the date from the portfolio items?

2. I can’t seem to get the caption on the homepage slider to change font. It just keeps showing the standard font on the Alexx preview.

3. I would like to create a portfolio page without an image. Is that possible? I tried just not uploading one and the box is still there.

Thank you so much!


if you’d like to remove date on portfolio single image, just open porftolio-single.html file and remove that field. The caption for homepage slider is placed in nico.css file. Just search for ”.nivo-caption-title” nad change the font there. I don’t understand third question… Where did you tried to upload it?

Thank you for the quick response! For the third question: I have a portfolio item that I don’t want to have an image for. Is that possible? I posted a link to show you what happens when i just don’t upload an image in the “Portfolio Image” area. http://dev.dngllc.com/?pi_portfolio=high-desert-middle-school

Oh, well for start you are using WP theme and you have posted on HTML Theme Comments… Didn’t realise that. Please submit your quiestion here:http://themeforest.net/item/alexx-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/discussion/3951507 so my partner who is handling WP can help you.

P.S. That way other people that has the same problem can see the solution :)

Greetings – this is a beautiful theme! My questions (might be dumb, but …):

1. I want to use this theme strictly for mobile devices – phones, tablets, etc. in my m.*.com directory. Will this work for me? I want to recreate my site in a mobile version to slim it down a bit.

2. One of the most important things I need is the accordion feature – how easily are they configurable and are each capable of accepting a large amount of text?

Very very nice design, I gotta look at your profile for other things you’ve got – maybe you have something that will work even better for me?

All the best, Ron


glad you like our template. Alexx is responsive. You can see how it looks on mobile devices by resizing your browser (just remove TF frame and our frame at the top). There are accordion elements in theme and they can work with a lot od text – you can test this with “Inspect element” feautre in Google Chrome to see hot it will look. Hope this answers your questions. If you’ll have any more questions feel free to contact us through contact form on our profile page.

Best regards


Can i use php and mysql with your template?

Regards, FeFilipe

Hi, I want to use php and mysql to show data from a database.

Regards, FeFilipe

You can do this if you know what are you doing :) I suppose that you would fetch data from database and and replace static content with that data. Most buyers are purchasing HTML template so they can use itfor their CMS. I suggest you to do same, find simple CMS that allows creating a theme and create it using this template.

Hi there. Can’t seem to get the instagram feed to show only 15. for some reason it is duplicating the

    any thoughts?

or do i need to get the access token from the client to make it work right

ok resolved it. for some reason it was instagram js scripted was also in the include.js file. I removed it and added it to the page manually like the documentation said and it all works swimmingly now

Hi, Glad you solve it!

Hi there

How do I get all the team vertical toggle to be open by default and not just the first one. Can;t seem to find the code anywhere to do that in js

Ok, add line below to include.js, at the end of the file, just after “PLACEHOLDER PLUGIN” script:
$(".team .vertical-toggle .title").addClass('active').next().slideDown();

thank you!!!!! you guys are the best

No problem :)

it dosent shows accented characters??? ” è ò ì “

Hi, Two fonts are used in template: Droid Sans and Lobster. If those doesn’t fit you you can replace them with other fonts (or Google Fonts).

thx!, i never did before, there is a explanation on how to doit in the documantation?

Answered on E-Mail.

also the menu it dosnt clicks on “red” area,clicks just if u point exactly in the “written” string..mmmm

This can be changed very easy. Add CSS below:
#nav li ul li{
padding: 0 !important;

#nav li ul li a{
padding: 12px 20px !important;

perfect it’s working thx u!

Support Forum Opening

Dear buyers,

After two years of selling on ThemeForest we decided to improve customer support experience.

First step is opening support forum to help buyers with resolving issues faster.

Support for our premium themes will be available only to buyers with valid Purchase Code so please before registering obtain Code from ThemeForest. You can read HERE how to get the Code. If you have trouble registering please contact us through contact form and we will get back you to as soon as possible.

Vladimir, Pixel Industry Team

Hi, how I can change everything that is another red corporate color I choose?

Than you very much!


To change the current red color to any other one, you will have to edit the theme’s style.css located in css/ folder.


I’m trying to us the twitter feed, it works perfectly with the widget code I got from my twitter account in the side bar, but it wont work when included in the footer. On local I see both OK


A link to your website would be preferable.

We might need your login details so we can check it out, so please register on our support forum and open up a topic in appropriate section with those details so we can solve your problems.

Thank you, Robert

Hello, it is my first comment in English and my first question in Wordpress. My English is´t so good, but I hope you understand what I meen. I use the Theme “Alexx – Multipurpose Wordpress Theme” by “pixel-industry”. There´s a shortcode “Sliding Text” sliding_text/slide_text. I put many “Sliding Textes” on different pages. But the speed is so fast. How or where can I slow down the speed? Thank you for you help!


This is a HTML version, the Wordpress version is at http://themeforest.net/item/alexx-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/3951507.

To change the duration, go to wp-content/themes/alexx/inc/ and open the file shortcodes.php. Go to about line 1458 where it’s written:

scroll: 1,

and replace this line with the following code:

scroll: {
    items            : 1,
    duration        : 20000,
    pauseOnHover    : true

Change the number 20000 to a number which suits you.

Also, for all the future questions, we recommend you registering on our support forum.