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Hi! Great and nice looking theme. I just wonder if it is possible to change the “read more” text on the home page under the services buttons? I would like it to be in my own languages. Thanks!


You can translate that it with PoEdit, we provide you with English language file. You can read in Documentation how to translate with PeEdit. Second option is to install plugin Codestyling localization. Read on their pages how to use plugin, it’s very simple and intuitive.



Been looking for a “one page” portfolio theme and chanced upon yours. Have a few qns before I make a purchase:

1. Can I change the colour scheme like the background colour and the red colour for the selected buttons?

2. For the slider images, I am assuming I can change them and add my own description but can each image be linked to a page?

3. For the menu, is this fixed or can I add or remove items?

4 For the menu, these can be linked to regular wordpress pages?

5 For the home page, can I customise and add more items?

Thank you.

Hi, Thank you for interest.

1. You can change complete Color style from red to other color.

2. Yes every slide can be set to link to url.

3. No menu is not fixed. You can add/remove items. It’s default WordPress menu.

4. Yes, it’s default menu. You can use it in any way WordPress allows.

5. Yes you can. Home page is built using shortcodes. You can modify it how you want.


Support Forum Opening

Dear buyers,

After two years of selling on ThemeForest we decided to improve customer support experience.

First step is opening support forum to help buyers with resolving issues faster.

Support for our premium themes will be available only to buyers with valid Purchase Code so please before registering obtain Code from ThemeForest. You can read HERE how to get the Code. If you have trouble registering please contact us through contact form and we will get back you to as soon as possible.

Vladimir, Pixel Industry Team

Working for WordPress 4.0?


Yes, it should work without a problem. Even a few our customers confirmed compatibility.

If you are having any questions, please register on our forum at http://support.pixel-industry.com/ and open the topic in appropriate section.

Thank you, Robert

Great theme! Perfect for my next client. Purchasing tomorrow. Well done!

Hey guys, great theme! I just have a couple of issues I’d like some help with if you have the time.

1. I’m having an issue with my Nivo Slider on my homepage. I currently have it set to display a single page slideshow, and it displays all the images I want. However, the images of are of varying sizes and aspect ratios and it will stretch images either vertically or horizontally (depending on the images) before transitioning to the next image. It will also crop images oddly, which may be related…?

You can see what I mean here: nahashon.com

You can see in my gallery what I mean by images of various sizes and aspect ratios.

2. I can also see that Posts set to the Gallery template generally have issues on the first image from a set of images in that gallery. The Slider tries to display the image at full resolution, causing the slider to take up a ton of space vertically. Is there any way to address this?


Could you please register at our support forum and open a new topic in appropriate section? Some of those problems have already been solved there so I can point you to those topics.

Thank you, Robert

Hello, i have a little problem. When i make a new page, then i have automaticly a new widget area. for every page i create, i have new widget areas. i install the theme today an make 20 pages. now i have 20 more widget areas. can anyone help my with the problem?

sorry for my bad english. i am from germany.

best regards michael


You can read the solution in the topic which you opened on our support forum.



hi, i like this theme. i have a question about the porfolio widget on homepage and below the single portfolio page as “similar project”, does it has a feature to show all projects by streaming like a slider? thanks.

Hi, Portfolio element on Home page fetches last four portfolio items you added or specific portfolio items you select by id. Unfortunately it can show only four items “Similar projects” can show up to 20 items. Vladimir

Upgrade: Hi How can I upgrade the theme from v1.0 to the latest? please help


Please register on our support forum and post a question there. We will guide you there how to do theme update.



Is it possible to change the icon of the categories on the main menu?

Thank you!


By icon for categories you are probably referring to “star” icon. If that’s a case, yes you can change it.

In case it’s some other icon, it can be changed with some CSS usually.


Hello there,

I maybe want to use this theme for my video portfolio. You say the portfolio support video but i cant seem to find one in the demo. Is it possible to have a look how the video is displayed ? Also which sources are supported ? youtube, vimeo ?? Thx


Theme has support for video. We just didn’t showcase it. You can see how it looks here.

Let me know if you have any other question.



Visionn Purchased

Hi !

I’d like to know before I buy the theme if it’s possible to change the icons in the menu with mine and make them bigger ?

Thank you


Thank you for interest in our theme. Yes, icons can be changed in menu. Size can be adjusted with CSS. If you decide to purchase, register on our support forum and post topic with request for help with adjusting bigger icons and our support will be glad to help you.



Visionn Purchased

So I can them change with an icon I created ?

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately you can’t change with your own icon from WordPress admin but only will predefined icons.Although with some CSS, this can be achieved. We will help you to replace icons with your own, just let us know.