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Great theme, good luck with sales ! ;)

Thank you holobest :)

Beautifull theme, like this

Thank you, glad you like it :)

Its simple but stunning, very very good

Thank you for your kind words :)

lovely & already bookmarked

Good Job Nice Design.Good Luck with sales & Keep it Up !!

Great theme. Only suggestion is to update the Theme Options so we can change the standard “RED” color theme without changing the CSS file. Just a suggestion..but overall I LIKE IT!!!

Thank you for your suggestion. We might do it in future updates.

Where can I slow down the testimonial rotation speed?

Open “shortcodes.php” file and edit line: 1259 to this:
auto: {play: true, timeoutDuration: 5000},
Modify “timeoutDuration” value to one that is best for you. Value is in miliseconds.

Is it possible or easy to change the color from Red? Very interested in buying?

ALso can I put my own logo in the header?

Hi Changing logo is very simple. You can’t change color from Backend but you can change it easily in CSS. We will help you if you get stuck.

Hello, I like this theme very much but I require that it be able to have the CU3BER 3D slideshow plugin included (at my expense of course), will this be able to be done? Is it simply a matter of installing a plug-in like any other? Thankyou, Jim

Hi Jim, Yes it really easy to replace it. Check how it looks here. You will need to tweak some CSS so it fits nicely but that’s piece of cake. Vladimir

Hi It’s a awesome Theme, but I think I found a few bugs, in Adminarea it is not possible for me to upload new images over the Button ‘Upload images’ in the new categories Services, Portfolio, Gallery etc., also the wordpress own Media Upload Button is not working, furthermore it is not possible to change the Permalinks, only in quick edit is it possible to change Permalinks.

All back, it was an bug from a plugin

Glad you solve it!

I have a suggestion for the next version, in Germany the biggest Socialnetwork for Businessmen is Xing.com. Could you please so kind and add this in the next Version for the Team Member Details?

Thank you for your suggestion. We will include it, it’s not a problem.

Hi there,

A quick pre-sales question. I want to have a full-screen rotating image instead of the framed image you have at the moment. How easy is it for me to do this in the current theme? I’m to play and customise but need to know if it’s doable.


It doable. You will need to customize some CSS but it won’t be a problem.


Is it possible to change the color red in another ?

Can we remove the stars in the main menu ?

Thank you

Color can be change in CSS (you can replace all color values very easy). There are many different icons for menu, check Font Awesome. If you want to remove it completely, that can be done only in code, but that isn’t a problem to do. We will help you if you find something hard to change.

great, thank you for quick answer.

Great job, is it possible to add video in portfolio (page) and Homepage?

Currently this isn’t available but we will consider to add in update.

Hi, great theme! Is it possible to change colour from red to green?

Thanks! Currently there isn’t way to do this automatically, only change in CSS (which is easy too) but we will consider to add this feature in update.


The theme looks great!. I started adding the contents..How do I add a contact or a request form in the footer (widgets)

Thanks in advance.!

Hi You need to generate shortcode for Contact form:
and copy/paste it in basic Text widget in footer.

Hi I do not understand but when I created a gallery and I clicked it sends me to a 404.

You can see it : http://www.mesamiesmontdit.com login alexx and pass alexx

Menu > Collection >

Conflict with another plugin ?

thank you

I do not understand. I disabled all plugins. Do you have an email address that I give you access to the admin backoffice wordpress?

Thank you.

Please contact us through contact form on our profile page.

ok, email sent via profile’s page.

How do I add the pages along the top? That on your live preview show Home, Pages, Portfolio, Blog, etc.

I assumed it would be under “add new page” but nothing seems to happen why I try that.

Hi When you add new page (using Add New Page) you need to create menu. Go to appearance -> Menus and create new Menu if it isn’t already created. Find box with title “Pages” on the left side among boxes and check pages you want to add to menu. After that click button Add to Menu. Last thing is to set menu you just created in “Theme Locations” (first box on the left) as Primary Menu and click Save. That should be it.