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Hello, I have a problem with buttons and its’ url. even if I set external url, the link is always ”#”.

Did any one solved it ?

Hi, Did you update theme to latest version (v1.2)?

Just updated, that solved the problem.

You have added nice feature to open url in a new tab/windows for buttons, but why didn’t ou ade this feature for all the schorcodes? For example when I am creating a note, that has a button, I want to have an option to open it in a new window.

I have fixed this shortcode for my self, but maybe other guys want to have in preinstalled :)

You are right, that would be nice feature. I will include it in update for sure. Thanks for idea :)

So far, I’m happy with my purchase of the Alexx theme. In the documentation you wrote about customizing the logo size, would you be so kind as to elaborate on this topic. Also, when viewing my website on iphone 4, the logo appears left justified.. how to center the logo?

working on a clean install, latest version, no plugins.

Many thanks.

Hi, To center logo on smartphones, open style.css and go to line 6647. You will find this line:
@media only screen and (min-width: 320px) and (max-width: 479px){
below that line add this:
#logo {
float: none;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
When you upload your logo, it might need some tweaking to fit nicely in header. You can edit it’s size and margins in style.css on line 406.

Worked like a charm. 5 stars

Is there a way to create a gallery with more than 5 pictures ? Currently it doesn’t allow me tod o that.

Thank you!

You can set number of images per page in Theme options under Gallery section.

One more question. Is it possible to turn of the hover effect in the gallery ? I want the pictures to stay the same color.

Thank you!

Hello, thank you for the support. I was asking about the other effect. This one (red) I have turned off already. But now there is another effect. It makes photo look lighter. I want to turn that effect off.

Never mind, I have found it:

.portfolio:hover img{
    /*opacity: 0.7;*/

Glad you solve it.

Hi, Having a problem with sidebars becoming: Inactive Sidebar (not used) I cannot create a new sidebar (using the page sidebar option) beyond 4 or 5 sidebars that show up on the widget page. I thought we could create an unlimited amount of sidebars (on pages) with this theme. I have deleted pages and then re-created theme to try to restore their sidebars, but they eventually end up in the “Inactive Sidebar (not used)” section of the Widgets page. How can I fix this??? thanks Jim

Just tried to create 6 new pages and the widget area is still dumping 2 or 3 of them into the INACTIVE WIDGETS area. I will stay logged out for 1 hour so you can hopefully fix this. Please advise.

Please check your E-Mail.

Thank you so much for your help. My issue is completely gone. Great theme and great support!

Hello Just wanted to say Thx for your good work on this theme.

Thank you :) Glad you like it.

Does the theme allow multiple portfolios? Specifically, I would like to create 2 pages with different portfolio items on each.

Hi, Yes it has that option.

Hello, I am managing the customization of this theme for my client, so I will be missing the “purchased” icon. Nevertheless, I was wondering the easiest way to go about changing the size of the slider? Is it just to dig through the CSS and alter each responsive size? Thanks!

Yes, you will need to change the whole grid in css to accomplish what you want.

Ok, can you point me in the right direction?

Hi, Sorry but colleague answered on wrong question. You don’t need to change whole grid. Slider styles are in Alexx/css/nivo-slider.css and code in “content-slider.php” file. You will also need to change default image size, file “functions.php” on line 212 if you decide to alter image size.

where are the menu icons located? I’m trying to change their color and re-upload. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, how to change font-color in twitter widget. Please see http://digitallinkny.com/BYSTANDER/

Thank you for the quick response. Any idea on the twitter widget font color? Cant seem to find it

Add code below to style.css (somewhere around line 1000):
.pi_tweet_scroll .tweet-list li p{
color: white;
.pi_tweet_scroll .tweet-list li a{
color: white;

thanks a lot!

I want to change the height of the image on the portfolio page from 269 to 469. I’ve changed the CSS and the function call:

add_image_size('portfolio-single', 607, 469, true);

The CSS change changed the dimensions of the image, but the image is still just 269 pixels tall. The CSS is just stretching the image. Any suggestions?


You need to upload image again, because wordpress is cropping images on upload.

Trying to set gallery and it will not allow more than 5 images per Gallery upload. I have set “Gallery” to ZERO for both 3 and 4 column layouts. But i cannot upload more than 5.

Hi, One gallery item can contain only one image. That means that you need to create new Gallery post, upload one image and assign a category if you wish so you can filter gallery images.

I just want one gallery page with all my pictures (30 images) in a 3 column layout. How can I do this with your theme?

Upload images to Media Library and then create new Gallery post for every image and assign one image per post. After that create new page and assign Gallery template to it and add page to Menu. You can find how to work with Gallery in Documentation (Section: Managing Content -> Adding Gallery Images)

Dear, please this theme not possible install.

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-3951507-alexx-multipurpose-wordpress-theme.zip Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed. ... ? Thank you Jane

Hi Jane,

you didn’t upload the theme correctly. You can check the instructions on how to upload a WP theme here: http://themeforest.net/item/alexx-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/3951507/faqs

Dear, please installation is finish, demo is upload bad home poage not working and slider also not working. How is possible set Home page and slider ? thank you Jane

Hi, Did you go through all steps in Documentation, section Getting Started? Probably the problem is with step “Setup theme options”

How can you turn off slider captions? The “display:block” css is embedded in one of the php files and not css.

What file turns captions off?

Please wait for theme update that will be approved probably tomorrow where this feature will be available by default.

Can you tell me how to disable the Nivo caption? I do not want to upgrade as I have many customizations already. I just need to turn off the Nivo Caption.

Can you please contact us with email(use contact form on our profile page) and I will give you details what files you need to change.

Great theme – thanks. One question though – my site didn’t work responsively on ipad. Especially when turned horizontally and vertically.

Hi, Did you update to latest version? There was bug in previous versions but it’s fixed in v1.3

One of my customers purchased this template and asked me to install it and customize some things. After installing a SEO plugin, a little problem arised and there was a thing working no more as expected. I dropped a line to pixel-industry and in about 24 hours Vladimir sent me the fix. Great support and great template!

Thank you for your kind words!

Hi. I purchased Allexx and it keeps causing errors to my site. For instance, my site keeps disappearing and rejecting the password to access the Dashboard. FatCow my host says they found the errors originating with Allexx theme. Is there a way to reinstall it? Is my version corrupted? When I first installed it was missing a bunch of pages and features. Several days later they reappeared, but still seems to be missing things. I’m also very new to WordPress. Please help.

Hi again. How do I remove the permalink from the titles of my products?

Thanks for all your help!

Hi, You want to disable links for each product in products page? If that’s a case, open cpt-products.php and edit line 98:
<h3><?php the_title() ?></h3>

dropcaps are appearing in individual posts, but not on the main blog page.. any ideas?

Hi, Can you give the link to website?

Hello, two little issues with Alexx theme: 1- divider shortcode not braking text and divider line not showing 2- how can I change the Portfolio Carousel title “Similar Projects” and subtitle? I need to translate them in Italian but I cannot find where these texts are, they miss in the .po file

Anyway, great theme! Thank you very much Federico

Did you setup MAMP to allow sending e-mail locally. WAMP requires some configuration before this is enabled.

thank you, there was an error in the postfix configuration of MAMP, now it’s all ok!

Glad you solve it!

Nice theme. I’m really interested buying it. But before I buy I need to know if it supports Greek language. Fonts etc.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately some of fonts don’t support Green letters. Theme headings can be change from back-end but everything else must be changed in CSS.

*Greek letters, I misspelled.