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Hi, thanks for the theme. Purchased and not dissapointed. Now at the footer, widget 1 and widget 4. Widget 1 has the sliding text article and i can’t find the widget, can you provide me with the code. Widget 4 has the social media icons too and i cant find a widget, can you provide me with the code too. Thanks

Hi, Glad you like it! You need to generate shortcode and place it in Text widget. go to Pages-> Add new, click on orange “Plus” and find Sliding text and Social Networks shortcodes. Generate shortcode and place it in Text widget.

Hi there! Great template. Any idea to have team members opened/closed on start on demand? Whe use just two on homepage, it looks bad when one is closed and one opened…

Hi!, Team members are based on Toggle so if you disable this all toggles in theme will have closed all sections by default. If you don’t mind changing to this, open Alexx/js/include.js file and comment line 84:
//$(".vertical-toggle .title").eq(0).addClass('active').next().slideDown();

Thank you for such a quick answer and help to find a part where to edit. I decided to use more unique selector as I don’t have there any other toggles:

$("body.home .vertical-toggle .title").eq(0).addClass('active').next().slideDown();
    $("body.home .vertical-toggle .title").eq(1).addClass('active').next().slideDown();

I hope it could help someone else. This let both team members opened but just on homepage.

Thank you for sharing it, maybe someone will find it useful :)

Hi, how do I change the fonts so it does not have cap locks for all the Header fonts?


Add code below in Custom styles (Theme options->Appearance) and headings won’t be capitalized.
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6{
text-transform: none;

theme options appearance brings me to logo and favicon upload?

You need to update to latest version v1.1 to enable Custom styles otherwise you will need to add that CSS in style.css file. But i recommend you to update theme because all known bugs are fixed.

Nice simple theme, but I’m having trouble with the custom page sidebars. New pages with sidebars are properly creating the new custom sidebars which appear in the widget area ready for me to customize for each page. But, the pages all just keep showing the blog sidebar, even though I’m adding different widgets to the custom page sidebars. I have your latest 1.3 theme and latest WordPress 3.5.1.

Hi, There is a bug with creating sidebars for pages. Theme will be updated next week and this will be fixed but if you can’t wait, contact me through contact form on our profile page and i will send you fixed file.

Hi, I am adding photographs to my website,


I am using the filters; food, commercial etc but it does not work very well, if I click on food, none of the pics appear because they are on page 5 and the filter only works on the page you are on.

Can I remove the pages so that all the photos appear on one page and the filter works correctly?

Hi, Filter above images are used for filtering only images on that page. Go to Theme options -> Portfolio and “Number of items to show for 3 COLUMN STYLE.” or “Number of items to show for 4 COLUMN STYLE.” set to Zero. Now all images will be rendered on one page.

Perfect, got it, thank you!

Hi, great work again. 1. I would like my Service pages to be full-width and not with the side-bar not unless I can have side widgets specific for each service. 2. Below each service title, we have the meta: posted by author and comments which is more relevant for blog posts and not this. How/where can I get rid of these. Regards

Thanks! You can easily modify theme to present you services as regular page (no sidebar and without meta). Duplicate page.php from theme’s root directory and name it “single-services.php”. That’s it!

Great, and which php file template is the services currently picking from incase I would like to edit the meta?

content-single.php..but note that this file is used for blogs posts too.

Hi guys,

I have a problem with your Alexx theme that I’m sure you’ll be able to help me with.

When I add a photo to a portfolio single page, that same photo will be stretched in each of the 4 boxes underneath where Similar Projects heading is in your theme.

I’m happy to give you a screen print on what I’m talking about though this form doesn’t allow attachments. This problem is the only thing that’s stopping me from making my website live.

Hope you can help :)

I’ve now realised I still have Version 1.0 of your theme. What would be the easiest way to upgrade your theme to the latest version?! (I am familiar with FTP and use FileZilla to access the Root directory of the WP site)

Hi, Yes you can create portfolio page that will show only one category. First create “video library” category and add items you want into it. Go to Appearance -> Menus and find “video library” under “Portfolio categories” (if you don’t see that box, check it in Screen Options). Add “video library” to menu and you are done.
Easiest way to update the theme is just to replace the files using FTP. Other way is to install it again from wordpress but previous version needs to be deleted first and in that way you will lose theme’s options you have been set.

Thank you very much, you have been a great help :) Appreciate it!!

I really love this theme, purchased not long ago. But I’m confused about creating portfolios. Could you help me with the following problems: 1) the images in the slider are squished, is there a size i need to upload them as? 2). when you click on the magnifying lens once a portfolio item is on the home page it says it can’t find the images, where do I need to upload images too? 3). I’m just generally confused about setting up a portfolio item. I create a page first, but what do I do with it? where do I upload the photos and why can’t I upload more than five?

Truth be told I’m having similar issues with the gallery section, is there anyway you could help me out on this?

Hi, Thank you purchasing theme.
1) There isn’t standard size because theme is cropping uploaded images to different size, depending on how are you using them. Hopepage slider images are 926×402px.
To create portfolio page/item, first create a page and set it’s template to “Portfolio”.
Now go to Portfolio->Add new and create new portfolio item. Give it a name and upload an image(one or more).
Add “Portfolio” page you created to menu and you are done. This page will render all your portfolio items. If you wish to add some portfolio items to homepage, generate “Portfolio_box” shortcode and it will render latest portfolio items. Hope this helps.

Hi, great thank you for the help, one more question if I could. I have created 4 portfolio categories (I’m a photographer and I shoot four styles) on the home page I would like my most recent work from each of the four categories to show up.) How do I arange the shortcode to pull up the most recent portfolio item in each of the four categories?

Unfortunately that’s impossible though theme can be customized to manage portfolio in that way. Now you can only enter manually latest posts from each category in “Include” field when generating shortcode and only these posts will be shown.

Really love this theme, website is looking great. I have a question: I have inserted your custom recent posts widget onto my sidebar. But when I use a drop cap on a post the widget sucks in the drop cap shortcode and displays it instead of the first sentence. Is there a way to fix this?

www.crownphotography.ca is my website and you can see what I am talking about

File isn’t visible from Wordpress editor because it’s located deeply in theme’s directory structure. Please use ftp to find it and edit.

Perfect, went in and made the change and it looks great! thank’s for the quick help. One more question about this. Is there any chance I could alter that code to include a thumbnail image with the title in the recent posts widget?

Yes you can. Change it in same file (widget-recentposts.php)

My website is coming along great and just stuck on an area that I havn’t been able to fix where you guys might be able to assist.

It’s probably best explained by going to the following page on my website: http://www.changeunlimited.co.nz/portfolio-category/video-library/

The icons are overlapping in a huge way, and wish to have them smaller, like the preview pictures on the front page under ‘Our Videos’.

Is this edited in the coding? Or is there another area where this can be changed?!

Your help would indeed be appreciated :)

Hi I really don’t understand what do you mean :) I check link you gave and everything seems fine. Can you explain better or send screenshot of part you want to change.

My apologies, my WebDev managed to fix the problem not long after I posted this question :)

Glad you sort it out :)

Can’t figure out where to change the font of the novo-caption-title (which is the headline on the slider)

Seems to be Lobster. But where can I change?

Hi, You can change it in nivo-slider.css but use Custom styles in Theme options rather then change it in code. Add code like this:
font: 16px 'arial', cursive;

Hello, great theme. A quick question about the icons….

The Font Awesome icons font used in this theme has been updated to include many new icons. How can a user update the icon set included with the theme? I tried replacing/updating the icon files from Font Awesome with no success. Currently I’m trying to get the coffee cup icon to show up in the nav bar but can’t for the life of me figure out how. I even tried editing the glyps and reuploadng with no success. Help adding the new icon set would be greatly appreciated or where to go to change one icon to another?

Thanks in advance! :)

Hi, We are working on theme update where will be included latest version of Font Awesome. Update should be released tomorrow :)

Fabulous, you guys are awesome! I’ll be looking forward to it. Thanks for the quick reply :)

When I switched to Alexx theme my google page rank dropped significantly. I love the theme and plan to keep it, but I have a question I am hoping you can help me with to improve SEO. When I google my business (Google: “Crown Photography”) the text used to refference my site (the description I think) is elements from the footer (the calander numbers, recent tweets and archives). I have a SEO plugin installed that should be directing the site to have a different description. How do i change it so that Google isnt using my footer widgets as the description?

SEO plugin will help you to rank better. Depending which plugin you are using try finding some tutorial how to work with it and I am sure you rank will increase again. Also some time needs to pass for Google bots to index your website again.

This is a great theme, I have just one small bug to address. When I create a portfolio item and add multiple images, those images show up in a completely random order regardless of any efforts I make (renaming the files, changing the slug, date, reordering via the drag and drop interface etc). I’ve confirmed the sorting order in content-slider.php is: ‘orderby’ => ‘name’, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’). I still can’t get these to show up in the correct order. Can you advise if this bug will be fixed in tomorrow’s release? Or can you let me know what to edit to correct this issue?

Thank you :)

We are aware of that bug and it will be fixed in update :)

Notice to all buyers:
Additional bugs were addressed and because of that update was canceled until all bugs get fixed (day or two).

hi i’m a little begginer :)) i just wanna know how can i create the icon box i find on this page. http://pixel-industry.com/themes/index.php?theme=alexx-wp i can’t do it

Than you

did you check my website? is possible i had same problem during the installation? and that’s the problem?

Working on it. Will inform you with results soon :)

thank you…:)

Where can I find the horizontal twitter widget that you have on the homepage of your demo site?

Hi, That shortcode called “Twitter scroller”.

Theme is updated to v1.4. Checkout new features on Theme’s description.

Hey, me again :)

I have a problem on a page of mine (please see following link): http://www.changeunlimited.co.nz/about-us/

Underneath the photo is all this code that shouldn’t be there. Just wondering if you have come across this error before?!

Many thanks

Hi :), Yes we had that problem already (with Yoast SEO and All In One SEO) and it was fixed in latest update v.1.4, so please update the theme. Also you might need to create Team member again because those values are now stored in database.


I have been working on customizing this theme for a while now, and I am almost done. I have been asked of my client to sort each gallery item by category. Can you tell me if it is possible to make the gallery display with one photo per category on the gallery page?


Thanks in advance

Hi, You will need to customize file that’s generating gallery – content-gallery.php or cpt-gallery.php depending on version of the theme. Check here how it can be done.