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Nice simple theme, but I’m having trouble with the custom page sidebars. New pages with sidebars are properly creating the new custom sidebars which appear in the widget area ready for me to customize for each page. But, the pages all just keep showing the blog sidebar, even though I’m adding different widgets to the custom page sidebars. I have your latest 1.4 theme and latest WordPress 3.5.1. I thought this was to be fixed in 1.4?

Answered on E-Mail.

Our staging site is at:

if you want to take a look. Maybe we’re doing something else wrong, but sidebars do not seem to be customizable.

Answered on E-Mail.

I know this request is not something that is expected to be supported… but do you know if I can make a large image that shows up on a category filtered page like this, with smaller thumbnails?

This is the page that I would like to modify: http://vinoequipment.com/?gallery-category=valley-road

My client is asking to have some of the same functionality that their current website offers, as is on their gallery: http://www.rivierabronze.com/lilacdrive.html

Thanks in advance!

Hi, It can be done. I suggest you to find jQuery plugin with that functionality and alter gallery code.

As I can see this is same thing like you have in theme. Thumbnails that are opening in lightbox. Maybe something like this.

Hi, nice theme. What country are you from?

Thanks! We are from Croatia/Europe.

Is there any way to link to a tab. I have 4 tabs on a page. I want (from another page) to link to information in the third tab.

I tried using this link:

But it only displays the main page with Tab 01 showing.

Unfortunately no but you can customize tabs script in include.js. You would need to verify if current url have hash and according to that, set active one.

I am having a difficult time with the contact shortcodes. I want to override the email address that it is sending emails too. but even when I fill out the area to do that with a different address it is still sending all emails to the original account. Is there something in the .PHP file that I need to change? Any help you could pass along would be very appreciated.

Hi, We updated contact form in recent updates and it seems that bug occurred. Contact me through contact form and I will send you fixed files, or wait for update next week where it will be fixed.

On the edge of purchasing here, had a quick question. In the menu, am I able to edit the stars out easily? I am familiar with CSS and feel that I can probably pull them out but am wondering if maybe the menu was built in such a way that would make this very difficult. Also is it possible to remove the bar that goes across the slider? Again if this is a theme file edit I’m ok with doing that, just want to check to see how possible these are.


Hi, Menu icons can be easily changed (200+ icons) or completely removed in Theme options (one click). Slider caption can be hidden too, you can set for each slide when you create it that you want to hide it.

I can’t seem to remove icons completely. I can change them, but removing them completely seems to default back to the star..

Ah it’s ok, I found it. Thanks

How do I add social networks? How do I get the rollover icon functionality?

Hi, You need to generate Social Icons shortcode and put it in post or widget.

Is there a way to get LinkedIn? Or GooglePlus?

Yes, Google plus and LinkedIn are both existing. You just need to generate shortcode for them.

When I resize the page and make it very small for mobile phones, the slider doesn’t resize properly. All else works fine.

It seems that there is some kind of glitch. I will check it and let you know.

Hi, There is small CSS problem with slider. Contact me through contact form and I will send you fixed file. Or wait few days until we release update.

Is there any way to go to a page with a Toggl or an Accordion and have all sections closed?

You can set to all sections to be closed by default in Alexx/js/include.js file. Comment line 79 for accordion and 84 for toggle, like below: Accordion
//$('.accordion .active').next().slideDown('normal');
//$(".vertical-toggle .title").eq(0).addClass('active').next().slideDown();
This will close sections on all accordions and toggles on your website. If you wish to open only specific accordion, you will need to select only that with jQuery.

We are having problems with the Portfolio single page.

According to a recent question, we changed the code in functions.php to read as follows: // Used as portfolio thumb image. add_image_size(‘portfolio-three’, 294, 9999,true);

// Used as portfolio thumb image.
add_image_size('portfolio-four', 214, 9999,true);
// Used in portfolio single page.
add_image_size('portfolio-single', 607, 9999, true);

Then we reimported the images. But when we go to the Porfolio page, the image is still cropped to about 269 high.

we must be missing some step of the process.

Hi, I test it locally and both are working fine. Portfolio single image is squashed because CSS is resizing it. You need to set image and slider height to “auto”:
.nivoSlider.portfolio-slider img{
height: auto;
height: auto;
Let me know if you succeded :)

Didn’t work.

If you go to:

No matter what size image I upload to the portfolio, when I click on the page to go to: (for example), the image is cropped and squashed. I set both the main style sheet and the child theme style sheet heights to auto in three places .

No effect. I must be missing something.

I added CSS in Custom styles and uploaded new image and it’s working fine (check it).

Hi, I have recently purchased this theme and am having problems with the portfolio pages. The site URL is


When you click the link it take you to a 404 error page? Any help would be great. Many thanks

Can you try to refresh Permalinks. Change to default value and then again to one you want. Try to Save multiple times.

Thank you very much for this, it fixed the issue. Having an issue with the twitter widget. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t? Any idea?

Hi, Twitter widget is broken due to recent Twitter API changes. We are in process of updating all our themes. Hope that update for Alexx will be out tomorrow.

Hi there. I just purchased this theme and installed WPML. All translations work, except for the services.

After creating a translation using the WPML +-icon, instead of creating a a hidden, linked service in a different language, it creates a whole new, separate service.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Do you have any news on this from WPML?

Stuff member contacted me today so it should be fixed soon. As soon it’s fixed update will be released.

WPML team reviewed the problem and discover that this is bug in WPML and it will be solved in next update of the plugin. There is a solution though and you can read it here.

The Twitter widget stopped working. Is that because of a plug-in conflict?

Or do you already know about it having a problem?

Widget stopped working because of recent changes in Twitter API. New version of the widget is finished and will be released with new version of the theme in a day or two.

Time flies. Do you have a new version of this widget? new theme version?

Updates are finished but we are waiting WPML support because of bug in theme (some post types can’t be translated). If you can’t wait more, contact us through contact form and I will send you theme.

Hello, Great Theme!! I just have three questions: 1. How can I remove the date from the portfolio items?

2. I can’t seem to get the caption on the homepage slider to change font. It just keeps showing the standard font on the Alexx preview.

3. I would like to create a portfolio page without an image. Is that possible? I tried just not uploading one and the box is still there.

Thank you so much!

Hi, 1. If you want to remove it on Portfolio single, delete line 94 in file “single-pi_portfolio.php”:

<li><?php _e('Date:', 'pi_framework') ?> <span class="text-light"><?php the_date(); ?></span></li>
2. Easiest way to do this is to add custom styles in Theme options->Appearance->Custom styles. Copy/paste below code and change to font of your choice:
font: 16px 'arial', cursive;
3. Well if you don’t use images whole idea of portfolio doesn’t make sense. You can maybe create regular page? It depends why do you want to use portfolio.

Love the theme! Figured out my problems.

Glad you solve it!

Is there a way to make it so the products are not links and are just listed on the page?

It should work out of the box. Can you give me link to your website so I can check?

Thank you for your assistance. I took it down for now and the customer is ok. I will check and make sure they do not want it. If they do, I will publish it and link you to it.

Another question – What size is the slider image suppose to be? I do not want the image to stretch. Thank you.

Slider image has width of 926px and height of 402px. One of buyers reported problem with slider where images are stretched too much. If that’s that case for you too, contact me through profile page and I will send you new style.css.

I am having a problem with long breadcrumbs. See the following URL:

It shows an extra forward slash in gray. Haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it. Can you help?

Hi, It’s problem in breadcrumbs generation. Can you contact me through contact form and I will send you new functions.php where this problem is fixed.

When I resize the website to see what it looks like for mobile phones, the large red arrows on the slider don’t scale.

You can see this at

As you can see, the red arrows hide the text on the slider. If I disable them, then there is no alternate way to manually scroll through the sliders.

Is there some place where I could control the size of the navigation arrows for mobile display?

Hi, Yes arrows can be styled in style.css. At the bottom of the file there are three media queries for different screen sizes and last one is for mobile devices. You can add styles for arrows in there.
I see that you enabled bullets, and that’s good way to solve this too.