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you always creating theme. one day u ll be number on e bro ( i hope :) )

Thats my ultimate aim.. I am trying hard and just focusing on it…rest is our fate…...Thanks

This is an outstanding design. I like it ! GLWS!

Another nice theme , GLWS ;)

Hi great theme – premium design :-)

some pre-sale questions: More shortcodes like toogle, accordiion and page slider possible. Work this theme with the revolution slider?


best greetings from berlin


We don’t have shortcodes with the themes. Yes, you can have revolution slider in the theme.

As it comes with the shortcode and widget. So with the SpyroBuilder you can use both anywhere on the page.

Thanks for your answer

Looks really really nice.


1. How flexible is the parallax teaser area? Can the height be increased?

The text that goes in it, is the wordpress text editor, correct?
We can do h1,h2,h3 ... ect?
As well as images?

Thanks much and congrats on a beautiful looking theme.

Yes, parallax height can be increase from css files.

The text and images also.


Just Purchased this Theme – but where is the theme located to upload to Wordpress?

Sir activate the builder and if you have regular license you can use it only on one domain.

It is on same domain, how do you activate the ‘Builder’ ?

just use your tf username and purchase code.

Great Theme bro ;) GLWS

Ahhhh Yeahhhhhh the Minute I saw you created a WP Version I was running for my debit card #SpyroPressROCKS!!

Thanks Sterling…...

Nice work mate! Good luck :)

Gorgeous theme.

Can we have a white ( light ) version ? Would be great.

Oh and small detail that would add a lot : the same rollover effect on blog images, just like the work ones.

Hi, Nice theme, do you have dropdown menu?

No, they are not there.. we will if you need.

Hi ! Is this theme translate ready ?

Also, it could be great to have the video stops when scrolling down

Ok thanks for your suggestions…You can buy it and we will update meanwhile.


Your theme looks really good!

I was wondering if it is possile to have different image sizes in the isotope gallery?

Right Now No…But let me know if you are interested mail me at info@spyropress.com

Doesn’t float. Each click on menu reloads the page and shows home page instead of desired title page. Any help please?

Open a ticket on Support with link of your website.

Hi there

Such a great theme to work with and having installed it looks great and is really easy to use. I can highly recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing.

One question I have which might be something really obvious is that the image on the blog main page is really pixelated even if I add a really large image and I can’t work out how to either remove the image from the blog page but keep on the home page summary or improve the quality of the image.

Do you have any tips or advice?

Many thanks


Ok thanks though this link appears to be a link to a different question only and without a reply?

In fact I’ve just noticed that you can’t change the size of an image in a blog. Whatever size you make the image it stretches across the full screen

Can you open the ticket at support. With details as it seems you can’t make it work.

I have activated theme however SpyroPress Builder is not active in my installation as seen in this video “http://vimeo.com/69378691?. What do I need to do to active this feature?

Can you open the ticket at our support and pass us the details.

Already created ticket

hi, mind to know how many layer parallax effect we can create? like this >> http://hotdot.pro/en/

thanks a lot.

We are supporting vertical at the moment.

Hi, can we create sub menu or drop down menu at the menu bar? thanks a lot.

At the moment sub menu are not supported

Beautiful theme great job. I recommend this masterpiece to everyone thumbs up to developer. Drop down menus would make it even greater in next update.

WILCO.. :)

Hi your theme is just perfect! But I have a problem when you click “View Post” in the blog. The picture appears with pixelated. How to solve the problem? Thank you in advance, I do not know if my english is correct … I’m French :)

You have to use high res images like 1000px+

Hiya! Before I purchase, do you know if it’s possible to integrate with Woo-Commerce?

PS: Beautiful Theme!

You can integrate woocommerce but you need to give them the styles.