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very beautiful theme! my one quick question before i purchase, can i scale down the homepage picture to 3/4 of the page instead of full screen so that I can see the menu right away without scrolling down? thanks!

Well this can be done with the little knowledge of css.

Hi! I have question about multilingual – your theme is supported it? WPML or some similar?


yes, you can use the wpml plugin and if something comes your way we will clear the hurdle.

Great looking. Under “Services” there are View Details buttons, can I build additional interior pages? Also noticed that when you View Post under blog that video controls are layered on top of the content (on Chrome), can those be removed? Thanks

1. We never mention that there are millions of colours supported. 2. We are using BigVideo Plugin which doesn’t support external videos. But we can do the customization. 3. The SpyroBuillder is premium plugin and supported only on one domain and also you bought regular license not extended. This is kind of a check you can say. Themeforest doesn’t take into account so we make sure that we do the check.

Also we are working on getting this that you can deploy it on local and live site simultaneously.

So that I could build the site on the live domain I deactivated the theme on my build-prep site – but it won’t let me activate it on the live domain because it thinks my purchased code has already bee used. I’m trying to show a client something today how can I get the theme to work?

Give us your purchase code and we will reset your code.

I love the them; however, when I went to test it out on my iPhone it did not respond very well. The text was overlapping the video etc.

We have notified the theme creator as we are only the wordpress developer.

How do I change to another color than the orange and brown?

You can do this from the css file and also I am asking the author to send me the accurate details,

Hello, I want to know how to add a ” Favicon ”. Thank you in advance

It is in the theme option panel

Hi there, I’m trying to set the background colour of alternate rows, like the blog/works area, but manually with rows within a bucket. I can see there’s something prepared but commented out in builder/modules/row-options/row-options.php – but uncommenting doesn’t seem to do anything, although the setting can be saved against the row. Any advice appreciated!

The theme designer has nothing for the row alternative color so we have comment it out as this is our cor framework functionality.

Thanks for the reply. Another problem is that the theme uses the smallest version of uploaded images for featured images (e.g. image-140×90.jpg) and then forces it to 100% width, which makes it really pixelated. Any suggestions please?

Hi, how about WP 3.6?

I have tested it and during update to 3.6 (from 3.5.2) got fatal error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in -------/wp-includes/shortcodes.php:153) in -------—/wp-content/themes/alfa/framework/utilities/wp.php on line 81


Please read this post This bug is already solve please refer to. http://support.spyropress.com/topic/wordpress-3-6-update-patch/ Thanks

I have updated it, from patch_3.6.zip – not helps!

Please mail us your wp-admin and ftp info we will do this for you.

I am trying to activate your theme but keep getting this error afterwards:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/glueagen/public_html/wp-includes/shortcodes.php:153) in /home/glueagen/public_html/wp-content/themes/alfa/framework/utilities/wp.php on line 81

Any suggestions?

- Wágner

Support forum has thee patch now. Please check.

Please read this post This bug is already solve please refer to. http://support.spyropress.com/topic/wordpress-3-6-update-patch/ Thanks

the Gallery only can add a picture ? can it as well as Portfolio to add more pictures ?

A picture is not reasonable, I hope you can implement it in the next update. thanks!

yes sure

Please rate the theme.

See how to rate http://goo.gl/GC9Otn


Hi, I installed wordpress (fresh-3.6) And then just uploaded the theme. But when Itried to actived or live preview it, I got error. (error:500). Theme is not competible with wp 3.6? And wordpress doesnt work anmore…

Check the support forum for patch

Why the slider picture of the demo loaded so slow? Localhost site is also the same problem.Because which js?

it still stuck in loading …loading

Maybe this is something else, we are not facing any such issue.

Awesome theme and probably the absolute best support i have gotten on theme forest to date!. Keep it up guys

Hello, Do you know if the new version 3.6 Wordpress is compatible with the theme? Thank you in advance,

Oupssss I had not seen the link provided, thank you. it works !

how to make a page whiteout the top header sliders ?

sorry I can’t find it on the support forum,can you give me the link?

OK…my problem is so simple

1 I need add one new page without the sliders like blog.

2 I need a new purchase code to active the theme.

can you help me to resolve them soon? I have waited too long. thanks!

Sir, goto support forum open a new topic and we will easily collaborate there.


I just buyer the theme, but can’t find the license code in case of installing the spyrobuilder.

Thank you!



I did find it but now i have a problem with scrolling down automatically when clicked on a page like you demo site…The site is not scrolling down!

Please go to link to see image you can see how can you get the license and purchase code.




Can you provide me a CSS code to change all the background colors and colors of the rows instead of edit each CSS rule.

Also the logo is not aligning in center of the screen and i was wondering how to create the moving images like your demosite when hovering with mouse.


Pascal Theune

You can use the web developer tool available in your browser and also please see the documentation and support forum.

The background image is not responsive…Is there a option to make the background image responsive?

Please check the support forum and if not found open a new ticket.

I like to use the theme for another site. It looks like the purchase code can only used ones!?

Is this correct?


Hi Pascal, If you have bought a regular license then yes.

Maybe it’s an idea to place this in the item details !?

Its already there, not our limitations:


I got validation error , I try many times I send and email for your support and i use contact form , but no answer from your side!!!!!!!!!!

why I have validation error , plus I don’t see sypro builder at all

Your problem already solved…


Thank you alot