Discussion on Alfa - Responsive Parallax Template

Discussion on Alfa - Responsive Parallax Template

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How can I lose the Map and keep the video? I have tried just about everything. I just don’t get it. When I remove the “map” from the index page the video does not work. Can you please help? I need his ASAP I sent a email a few days ago and no answer… http://moncrief1team.com/index.html

I asked a question over email a few days ago… How do I get a answer here?

I see that there’s some additions for tweet inclusion but no details in the help. Can you give me some details of how these can be added please. Thanks in advance Les

How to remove the “cracks4free.info”, it delays too much before showing the video background. Or sometimes it stock on a white page while scanning something?

Disregard the question, it is meant to your other theme ‘Magician’.

Good morning, I would buy this template, but I wanted to know if I can remove some pages that do not interest me. I would like to remove the Blog page, and the page services. You can also add more galleries in the Gallery section? thanks


Just remove blog and services div and thats it. Yes, you can add more galleries very easy.

I will NEVER purchase another item from the AUTHOR again. I have emailed him several times and I posted a question on this site 18 days ago but STILL NO RESPONSE.

Hi, Everyone: Can someone help me. I’m trying to figure out why doesn’t the website features work properly in Internet Explorer, but works perfect in Google Chrome?

For instance, the team photos do not move in Internet Explorer, the background photos in “Our Services” and “Contact” sections do not appear in internet explorer and etc.

Can someone please help me solve this problem. The author usually replies to me quickly, but it’s been 4 days and I haven’t heard from him.

I contacted the author early morning yesterday, haven’t got a reply yet. Can someone tell me how/where I can change the size of the team photographs and the length of the column that the photo is within?

mail sent

figured out the problem for the form redirecting to mail-it.php. Don’t remove the <map>, there seems to be a conflict when removing this. just hide it and move it out of the way. If the map is still available under index.html, the form should work properly. hope this helps. I’m not tech support. I just tested the file all day to get it to work. This was what I found to work for me. Any other solutions would be great. thanks!


If you remove map id then you need to remove and:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=true”></script>

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/gmaps.js”></script>

and to edit template.js and remove code for gmap.

Regards! Ivan

Beautiful template. Is it fairly easy for users to modify the code and have the menu fixed to the bottom (rather than sliding to the top)? Thanks for your work and time. Cheers, Mik

Mail sent!

Support staff monitor the community forum and email 12:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Please be patient when posting an issue as staff may not be in the same timezone as you. thanks

RESOLVED! Thank you for resolving this problem. MY MISTAKE re: support hours, but the first page of comments had ‘24/7’ support noted.

For other buyers interested, this template does support fixing the menu to the bottom of the page. While you may miss out on the cool menu slide to the top after the opening section, it is also useful to have a site that provides consistent navigation locations throughout.


The WordPress version is now available @


Thanks IG for such great design and patience from him.

Hello Boys, good job with this template.

Just a quick one. Can I use VIMEO video instead of Youtube ? as a HOMPEAGE ? I am checking your demo and I saw that the Twitter is not working, did you manage to change the twitter API ?



Hi there! Another question. Could you tell me how and where I can change the gmaps marker icon? I would like to put a logo instead.. Thanks!


Image version: layout.css line 1361. Slider version: layout.css line 1403. Video version: layout.css line 1378.

So easy! :)

Amazing template! I love it! Now I’m trying to use it with Wordpress but I’m facing problems certainly due to my lack of knowledge.. I read that you were working on a WP version. Are you going to publish it soon? I would be VERY interested! Thanks!

Great. Thanks to let me know!

Hi, any news about the WP version?

@teenhype90210 / anyone who is willing to help. The contact form isn’t working, as said here before I get ‘true’ in a white page. How do i correct it? What line should i remove from contact.js?

@ teenhype90210 I thanked you for your help. Why the long face? :( I was just pointing out the fact that user davinci314 had not purchased the item for which you had commented on.

@platinumstudiodesigns – really? this is why i mind my own business instead of trying to help – because i end up being attacked for doing so as evidenced by your comment.

When an email is sent through the contract form, the user is redirected to a page reading YourURL.com/mail-it.php with just plain text saying “true”. Anyone else having this issue? The email does send, and I get it, but this is annoying.

@ teenhype90210 Thanks for your help, but I figure it out already; NO THANKS TO THE AUTHOR. This file, although as nice as it initially seemed, was POORLY documented. :( As for your contact form advice to davinci314, wouldn’t it be wise to offer help providing that they ask the question from an account that would provided the highly coveted “purchased” button? Otherwise it would be safe to assume that regardless of your good intentions that your’re helping someone who most likely ripped the site, or acquired it from an illegal third party download link and is needing help to further prevent from actually purchasing it. THANKS AGAIN for your advice…however late. It was the thought that counted. :)

platinumstudiodesigns, you should just need to update the meta tags. i had no trouble with it. look for where it breaks down in the example as ‘photography’ and ‘webdesign’ etc.


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