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Can you please upgrade this too bootstrap 3?

Hi this is not as easy as it sounds, we have been looking at it, but it will not be within the next update.

The reason why is it basically means making a new theme as most elements are completely different.

Can I ask why you would like to update to 3.2?

I only ask because you actually have more features with this version than you do with the latest version, the only difference is for html users you can use the sm, xs, sm and lg on the elements but as this is WordPress you do not use these functions anyway.




nice theme.. i have designed the home page using short codes. i have one question regarding Portfolio in home page

i dont want to display description below the image in portfolio section in home page

kindly suggest

Is it possible to get support on the Flati theme? The support site won’t take a ticket. I need to upgrade from 2.2.2 to 3.0.

Hi, we no longer have copyright over this theme, us and Spiral Pixel went our separate ways and all copyright was handed to Spiral Pixel and we do not have any Flati files any longer because we do not hold any copyrights over it.

Hi UBL, Here’s part of the response I got from SprialPixel: “I’m really sorry but I don’t have anything! I am only the html designer and UBL developed the WP theme. They went A.W.O.L and never answered any of my emails for months on end. Due to this and the inability to update and improve the theme I had to remove it from sale.” I realize there are 2 sides to every story, but this is bad business. I’m not looking forward to the discussion with my client.

Hi kmshaver,

You are correct there is 2 sides to a story but unlike SpiralPixel we never slander another company to the public.

I can not go into this for legal reasons but we are sorry for not being able to offer support, we are not getting paid from SpiralPixel nor have we any copyright over the item.

I do understand your issue and wish I could help but I have no access to any updated files nor do I have ownership/copyright to do so.



Hi, great theme guys!

How can i change the menu bar color to white and so even the menu font color to Black?


Could you help me please?

Hi you will need to do this using css, simply change the .header class from #252525 to #ffffff



Hi Can you tell me if the theme is compatible with WooCommerce? I see that you were working on it a year ago. Has this now been completed? Many thanks Thomas

Hi we are about to release an update which does include woocommerce, this current version which is for sale was not.



That’s amazing news. Can you tell me when the update will be available? I have a client who uses your theme asking for some work to develop a store, but I may encourage her to wait. Many thanks. Thomas

Hi, i’m using the Alfie theme with WP 4 and i’m experiencing a problem:

when i’m on a mobile device or simply when i resize the browser window the menu disappears but the “mobile menu version button” doesn’t appear.

Can you help me? Thanks

I solved the thing about the menu in mobile display: if you have the child theme activated it doesn’t work. Anyway i still have problem to connect to the support site. Thanks.

Hi, when you activate the child theme you need to activate the menu again within the menu section of the wordpress admin area.



Hi, thanks for the answer.

I think there stil a problem, i installed one more time the child theme, checked the menu navigation option was correctly checked and i can confirm: with the child theme, the mobile theme doesn’t show the menu button on the top right of the site. Once i desactivated the alfie childtheme, and activated the only the alfie theme, the mobile menu button showed.


Hi. How do I customise the colour of an icon?

I mean an intro box

Hi For some reason I can’t remove the “Title” row from the blog at www.theitinerant.co.uk/blog Even though the Page Title field is blank it is pulling through and displaying the page meta title. The other pages of the site are working correctly, i.e. if the Page Title field is blank nothing is displayed. I have disabled the Yeost SEO plugin and nothing changes. Please can you help?

Hi, I am still experiencing trouble not being able to update Revolution Slider from 2.3.91 to anything above 4.2. I have re-downloaded the Alfie theme through Themeforest but the files for the slider are totally different and WP won’t accept the zip file. I have also tried just updating through the plugins area but nothing happens and due to the recent information about the security threat, this needs to be resolved ASAP. Please can you advise? Thank you in advance.


I just installed the theme with a child theme, filled it with content and I don’t have a menu on mobile either. Even after I uncheck and then check ‘Primary Navigation’ and then save the menu. (I assume that’s what you mean by activating the menu). Is there a fix for this?

I can’t ask this on your support forum because somehow I don’t receive a confirmation mail when I sign up to the forum.

Help is much appreciated for it is really important that people can navigate when viewing on a phone.

Regards, sthensen

Well, since i’m on a deadline here I switched to the original theme and decided to not use a child theme. My only question now is how to change the ‘ublalfieportfolios’ in the url when viewing a portfolio item. I searched the comments but did not find a solution.

Can you help me with this?

And as I said. I can’t get in your support forum so asking for your help here is the only option now.

Hi, i would like to show on the portfolio details page the title, description and caption of each portfolio image in my slider. How can this be solved? Thanks

Hello UBL Team,

I just installed this theme and it looks great. The one problem I’ve noticed right away is that the menu does not appear in tablet or mobile viewports. Couldn’t seem to find anything in the documentation about setting up a mobile menu, any suggestions?

Well after reading some of the other comments I see that there are some problems with the mobile menu and the child theme. I switched to the main theme and that works fine. One other problem I am having is the contact form is not showing, I don’t have the map enabled and I have some Contact Details section, but right now the Contact Details is all I see.

It seems to work fine when the map is activated, ideally I would like to not have the map enabled, but for now it works until this is resolved.

Another thing, sorry for having so much in the comments. I have created a Portfolio item, and the portfolio page itself works fine, but when I look at the individual item’s page I get a 404 error.

Hi – This theme is on my short-list for a client (1 of 5 recommendations), but I have 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to change the icon set if I can’t find something that represents the ideas we are presenting in the set that comes with the theme?

2. Is it easy to change the colours of the icons?

Thanks – Carol

Hi, can you tell me how to change link colors?

We’ve purchased this theme and installed. However we can get Twitter, Latest blog widget working properly. Can you please explain how to make it work?