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Safari problems 1 header background are not show! In the IOS apparatus. 2 Safari blog has the dislocation display equipment. 3 of the overall code to run some cotton, need to optimize the code.

Hello Thanks for waiting in the next update will be fixed.

Hello, how to modify and customize with different way, what tools to use?


this is HTML Template, you must have knowledge in HTML and CSS for modify this template, if you ask what the IDE i use Sublime Text 2

Nice theme…one thing, though:

In regards to the galleries, there doesn’t seem to be a way to close them once they are open…

Any advice?


This can be done, but the theme is designed so that would be one of the galleries has always been open … open a new one, the old closed.

hello nice theme many compliment! I love it! just a question: could I delete opacity effect over images in the home slider? thanks


Yes, you can. Open custom.script.js, find ”$(’#home .slider-text-wrapper, #home .flex-control-nav, #home .flex-next, #home .flex-prev’).css(‘opacity’, 1-($(window).scrollTop()/($(window).height()-120)) );” on the 229 line and delete this.

I am about to buy this template because it is really good. Great job but there is something that I need to know before I purchase. For the galleries can I use video instead of photos and is this in the code already? If not what is the line of code I need to change and what is that code for video integration?


I think you can feel free with adding video in gallery

Is that code built in already or no?

yes, this code already in this template

Hello. Is it possible to insert videos inside the galleries instead of photos? For example.. where it says view photos, and then the gallery appears, after i click on any photo it displays a popup with the photo. I need to display a video instead. Is that possible? Thanks.

hello Walpap, yes you can add video content to this gallery, just add video tag

Realy nice design! 5 stars…. :-)

Thanks ronflash)

Hello, i purchased the Aliboba | One Page Creative Portfolio Template and I tried to register for the support forum using my purchase code but i never received any email with the password that was said to be sent. Can you help with this issue? I emailed you but never got a response.

i’m trying to access your support forum but i need a username and password. I didn’t receive it with the purchase code i used.

We check our forum, all must be nice, please try again

i cant get into your forum, i need a password.

Please, tell me…the contact form don’t works! Why? I need it!

Hello. why not work? you did everything correctly? we have it working. Thanks.

First of all, great work on the theme. It looks fantastic! I’ve got it looking how I want and everything is good except for one little thing. When the site first loads, on the slider version, when the second slide appears, the text is already displayed for a second, and then it transitions into the page. It doesn’t happen on the 3rd slide, and after everything loads at least once, it doesn’t happen again. Is there a way to stop this from happening? It happens on the demo version as well. Thank you.


We apologize for the long delay, we saw what you described, but could not understand what you’re saying. Most likely this is due to the delay and timing in the script.

Thanks for wating!

Is posible images on slider ? and is posible a menu roll on the top??


Maybe those effects that you see, or those that are in the slider .


Hello, In the galeries, I see tht is posible add videos, but is posible that videos are loaded from Vimeo? So, in the galeries change the photos and put videos from Vimeo directly loaded. Is posible?

thank you